Well, i thought i’d make a quick video for this android tv box. The story behind this was, i was in tesco earlier in the week and saw an android tv. I think it was a sharp and it was massive. It was 65 inches and it was 500 pounds that sounds like a good buy, but i don’t need a new television, my existing sony, one’s, okay and it’s 32 inches, which is a lot less like massive to fill the room up, um so uh. I then looked on the web when i got home to see what what they did in the smaller android tvs and there are unknown, makes like cello, but also something that came out in the search results which i was quite interested in was android tv boxes. Now these all seem to be weird unbranded things or mostly um and uh. They were very cheap indeed starting about 30 pounds and going upwards um, and this is the one i eventually ordered off amazon, the t95 uh, basically based on its specifications. The reviews were um there, weren’t very many reviews, so it was a bit of a risk anyway. This has got four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of flash memory, which is um towards the top end of the specifications and it’s also running the um, a newish version of android android 10, whereas lots of them only run android 8 and maybe only one gigabyte Of ram and 16 gigabytes of flash memory so that arrived within a day very quickly looks quite nice on the outside doesn’t it like a glossy case.

This is the front, i think, and it has a display which lights up when it’s turned on, which normally shows the time or boot when you’re booting up some enunciators for telling you um various things like internet connections, whether you’re playing media there’s, a blank side that Side, if i can get in the picture, has two usb sockets there usb2 some of the alternatives did have usb 3 support, but this doesn’t and a slot for an extra memory card micro sd card. Then, on this side, we’ve got a three and a half mil jack labeled av, which is certainly sound and probably also composite video. As you’ll see when i look inside this box, a wired ethernet socket a hdmi connector and a 5 volt external power connector. Also in the box, which is a fairly plain black cardboard box, comes a tv style, remote control without any batteries, a 5 volt 2 amp power supply and a fairly basic hdmi lead, which does appear to be screened, so it’s, not complete rubbish and a very thin Instruction manual, this is, in goodness, knows how many languages so there’s only five pages of english four pages of english, maybe which just runs through the main, very rudimentary functions, including how to reflash the box. I also bought in the same package. It came with this keyboard. This qwerty keyboard and from the instruction manual for this it appears there are two versions of this one takes aaa batteries.

This one actually has a lithium rechargeable battery, which is obviously a much better option and it comes. This is a usb receiver for it. So it’s wireless to the usb receiver, usb receiver can be stored inside the case. This feels quite cheap and plasticky. Both these remote controls have, like tactile, click buttons, which are quite nice, and this also has backlighting in three different colors. So this is also a clicky remote control, which is quite nice uh. Nowhere in the instructions, it really explains things that takes you to the home screen that takes you back in the menus that switches, the um arrow keys between navigating between things on the screen and a mouse mode. When you click turns it toggles it to mouse mode and back you’ll see at the top here, there are five buttons to control your television on off, sound up down and mute and um source selection. Now these didn’t work at first on my sony, television and i had to look on the internet. How to reprogram those you’ll see there’s a little hole here, which is an led that lights up when you press a button, if you press and hold the tv on button for a while say about five to ten seconds that light comes on permanently, and that means It’S in programming mode for those buttons and then once it’s once that light’s on permanently you press one of these buttons, whichever one you want to re program.

Point your television, remote control sensor on this remote control and press the button on your television, remote control. On that store that saves the um command into this remote control. Then, when you finish, you press the ok button to exit the learning mode, so that’s how you get those buttons working so having connected it up and turned it on. The first thing that struck me is how quickly it boots up. So if i turn it on now and you’ll see the display come on on the box, which is just up here and obviously it’s coming on the screen. It says boot at the moment on its screen, which you can’t see on the video but in mind. Of course, when i’m waiting for everything’s really slow to turn on, but hey does this like laminated animated logo t95 at the start, and then it should go to the android home screen is here which all looks pretty basic compared to your normal android home screen. So you can get different launcher apps. Maybe that look a bit more like the normal android, but this is the one that comes on the device. On the left hand, side of the screen you’ve got three main icons. The first one is the home screen, which is this. Second one gives you a full list of apps. When i got the box, it probably had about 15 apps, mainly streaming apps on it, i’ve added a few games and things i’m more interested in using as a web browser and things than streaming, and then the third one uh is for settings and you can go Into a setting and get more normal android type menu down the bottom here, you’ve got two little icons.

The paintbrush closes any running apps and cleans your cache using a pre installed app and that one gives you a list of apps and you can uninstall an app. If we go back to the home screen, we can see you’ve got sort of tiles there uh the large tiles the google play, the youtube chrome and my files. You can’t change the small tiles on the right here. You can change if you click on them and hold, you can get a list of apps and you can assign an app. The clock was originally wrong until i connected to the internet um just running through some of the buttons on the remote you’ve got the buttons for the tv that i was talking about at the top. You’Ve got the top left on off button for the android tv that’s. The only way of turning on and off. Unfortunately, you can’t use the remote the other qwerty keyboard. Uh you’ve got some media buttons, uh volume and forward track forward and backwards. You’Ve got an app button which takes you directly to the list of all apps you’ve got a kd button, which runs the kd player app, which is a streaming service, then, on the central island you’ve got home. Button takes you to this home screen a back button to take you back through menus a bit like the back button in normal and uh android arrow buttons and an okay which cycle through things on the screen, or you can press this arrow button here.

Bottom left below the central island, and that puts you in mouse mode and then the arrows move the mouse around and okay is like a mouse click. So if we go into the browser now, if i press this bottom right button that brings up a sort of context menu if the app’s got a compatible menu, then you’ve got a number of buttons down the bottom, a backspace button and a web button to take. You directly into the browser now you should be able to do everything using this remote control. So if i go into a text box, you should get an on screen keyboard up, but i’ve done something to this box and it no longer appears. Even if i change the options for the keyboard but i’m not really worried about the on screen keyboard it’s, the right pane anyway, i’d rather use the qwerty keyboard any buttons to run through on the qwerty keyboard. Not really you’ve again got arrow buttons to cycle round things. Okay, but you’ve also now got direct access to the mouse. You don’t have to switch between the arrow key mode and the mouse mode. You’Ve got some left and right mouse buttons. I don’t think the right mouse button does anything in android left mouse button you’ve got a normal query. Keyboard here escape takes you back through the menus. Uh left mouse button on the left, as well as below the pad. Some buttons are obviously more suited to a pc.

This thing can be used as a pc keyboard, as well as with android. Also, i can’t get up installed a uh email program, the email button, doesn’t work, but other things like the web browser button and the home button work: okay, uh. What else is there to tell you about? Oh yes, if we go into the google play store uh on android tv, you don’t get full um version of the play store. You get a special um version for android tv, although it seems to have a lot of apps in mind so i’m, not sure. If i get the full version or not on here supposedly on the android tv version, you don’t get any in incompatible apps, so anything that relies on multi touch because you’re just using a mouse or cycling around things you can’t use any games or anything use. Multi touch like i put crazy taxi on and you have to steer and do the accelerator at the same time and that doesn’t work, really. You can only do one at a time and any apps that will only run in portrait mode, that don’t, auto rotate to landscape or don’t rotate to end landscape won’t work. I put five dice on here, which is a sort of yahtzee game because it’s written for portrait mode, you only saw the top of the playing board you couldn’t get to the bottom, half yeah, but there’s a good number of apps on here.

If i get out of whatever weird mode it’s in now, oh i can’t see my remote when i’m standing yeah, so you’ve got loads of apps. I was worried at first that when i did a um google search on it, it said. Maybe you only got on this dodgy website i was looking at. It said there are only a few apps, but there are loads and loads and i’ve put outlook on here. So i’ve got a full email system which looks just like it would on any other android device. If i load it out, look up so yes, that’s a quick look at android tv and i think it’s really good, especially since they started about 20 pounds uh. You can get fully functioning almost android on your television. It saves you buying a tablet or something if you want a bigger screen than a phone thanks for watching and i’ve made another video taking the boxer path as well.