This is the art Lee Play 4 native 1080p projector, and it has some of the more high end features that youd expect like Auto Keystone, autofocus, Bluetooth, 5 gigahertz Wi Fi. But the number one thing that I really like about the Play 4 and what I really liked about its predecessor is the fact that we have Android TV built in so, as you can tell from the remote control, quick access to Netflix, quick access to Prime video And your Google Assistant, but wait theres more. You can download all of your favorite Android TV apps right to the projector itself. You can even Chromecast things over, so it does have Chromecast casting built in right to the projector itself, and that just means that this is your number one stop. When it comes to multimedia anything, you want to throw at this projector, you are going to be able to do so, so lets go ahead, check out the Play 4 together and see what its all about Music. This is everything that comes in the play, 4 box. So you do get the actual projector! You get a nice remote control with all of the functions that youre going to need again: quick access to Netflix and Prime video, as well as your Google Assistant button heres, an HDMI cable. Although honestly, with all of the options streaming and whatnot, I dont know what peripheral you need to connect to it, but you also get a power adapter manual as well as some cleaning swabs right there and the overall projector, I think, looks very modern, looks very nice And Sleek, I think they did a nice job with the design, and I also like the fact that the physical controls on the top of the Play 4 mimic a remote control.

I mean thats, just a nice attention to detail. If you ask me and on the back heres all of your inputs, so you do have your 3.5 millimeter Jack, two hdmis two USBS and when you first do unbox this projector, you are going to have to install the module. So if you open up this little flap on the side here, this is your module right there, and I suspect this is for your Android TV, and this is for your casting and all that good stuff. Once youve installed that TV module, you can just cover up the flap and no ones the wiser, but lets go ahead plug this in. I want to check out all the streaming options check out the interface and give you my final thoughts on the Play. 4. So lets check it out taking a look at the actual interface of the Play 4, and this is not Android TV. This is the actual interface of the Play 4 from art Lee. You have an option to iOS cast. So if you have a iPhone or if you have a tablet – and you want to cast over your screen – you can go ahead and do that just know that youre not going to be able to cast Over Netflix youre not going to be able to cast over Anything like that using screen mirroring thats going to be protected, but thankfully, once again with Chromecast built in you can you can cast Over Netflix that way, and there also is Miracast for us Android and Windows devices.

So if any of your devices have Miracast, you can also mirror your screen. Using Miracast plugging in a pen drive to the back of the USB ports. Youll be able to have movies on it, youll be able to listen to music on it. You can also see photos or if you have any documents, you want to go ahead and view from your usb file. You can go ahead and do that now taking a look at the actual settings of the device projection settings is just what it sounds like its going to be all of your settings for your projector. So if you had different ways that you needed to lay this out, maybe its on the ceiling or maybe its on the back upside down, you can go ahead and switch that now for those of you that dont want the automatic Keystone, you can turn that off. But I found that the automatic focus and Keystone do a very, very good job, but once again this is that fall back. So if you wanted to manually adjust the focus or the Keystone, you could do it and heres also digital Zoom, so you can zoom in or zoom out down to about 60 or up to about a hundred so again theres a lot of options when it comes To when it comes to the device itself, not just with Android TV system update is where youre going to find out. If you have an online update being pushed to your projector and under other settings, you do have a couple options here.

So if you wanted to boot directly to one of your HDMI peripherals, you can have it set to boot to one of those devices and theres also a scheduled shutdown. If youre watching TV late at night – and you want this to shut down automatically, you can have a scheduled shutdown there now in the language. I just want to show you what kind of languages are available. So if English isnt your first option, you have many other languages to choose from so well done to Art Lee for giving us basically all the languages out there. So I discover through the list, just take a look. If you have any of this any of the languages that you need to set it to so lets, go back to Android TV because again, I think this is the most most beneficial part of the play 4.. Taking a look at the actual home screen, if youve ever seen an Android TV device before this is what its going to look like. So you have some recommendations. You have all of your favorite applications right at the top here, and this be an Android TV version. 10, full fledged Android TV. You can download all of your favorite streaming applications. So here we go. I have Netflix. I also have Prime video Apple, TV plus and Plex. Those are some of my favorite and youll be able to stream all of your favorite movies and TV show and HD content.

So again, very very well done Duke Andy this weekend, this ridiculous game that started well before we set foot on this island. Well, explain it to us, then Ill see only hatchling, just a few inches high and weighing less than two ounces: foreign, Music, Music Applause, Music, social media. That Im like now. I just opened up the window to get some light and you can see the projector is still very, very viewable. This is with the windows open and the front light on so again, very, very viewable image Applause, my parents, the screen that I have right now projected on my wall is a 57 inch screen and it can go all the way up to 224 inches or all The way down to 38 inches again, it all depends on how far back how far back the projector is from the screen or the wall that youre projecting on and thanks to the auto correction, its really gon na its really gon na fine tune that image. For you, you dont have to mess around with it, so I just want to show you it if I go ahead and kind of move, my projector back a little bit to get a larger image. Lets go ahead and take a look. You see right away. Its noticed a change, gone ahead and auto corrected itself again, very, very useful feature. So let me just keep moving this back and get a little bit of a larger screen here.

So right now, its notice, the change and its auto corrected the image. To give me the best possible image, so let me just go ahead and measure and see what size image we have at the moment. Right now, Ive increased the image quality to about a 60 inch screen. I really like the auto correction thats built into the play4. Its just this very, very useful you dont have to mess around with Keystone or Focus every time. Someone moves a projector a lot, a lot of features built into the Play 4 here: open Apple TV opening, Apple TV, open, Plex, opening Plex, open, Netflix opening Netflix. Of course, having a dedicated Google Assistant button means you can do a lot of things about all of your other connected devices, turn off the front light, turning off the front light, so, as you can see, not only do you have all of your apps built in Thanks to Android TV, but you also get a very fast processor in here. It doesnt take a lot of time to open up your applications once again, thats. Why? I really like this projector thats, why this has replaced any other projector that I might have in my house right now. This is definitely one of the better Fuller featured projectors on the market now. Finally, I just want to show you the Chromecast built in option, because thats going to really open up the amount of services that you can use on the play for opening up BBC iPlayer.

This is something that I do not have installed on the projector. So if I just go ahead and click on Serengeti, 3. click on your cast option at the top lets go ahead and start watching a little Serengeti, Refuge season three episode one and see how fast it takes so right away. You can see it loaded up. Super super quickly again its not only about having apps on this device, but its also about the processing power and its definitely a very, very capable processor when it comes to streaming over. Your multimedia lets just do a little quick, fast forward. So once again, really a nice job pairing up Bluetooth devices like the tribute stormbox, blacks, Bluetooth, speaker very easy, so lets go ahead and check out the quality with Bluetooth, see if theres any latency issues and all of that stuff that usually comes with Bluetooth play the Latest Jabra Tech YouTube videos whats going on YouTube today were taking a little bit. Some awesome products from the guys over at ESR. All of these products have their Halo, lock feature which means now, if youre, an iPhone user youve been enjoying magsafe products for quite some time and currently, as Android uses, we can pick up a case thats going to give us that magsafe capability. So this happens to be a pixel 7 Pro here with the Mouse case that has magsafe built in and since Ive been an iPhone user for the past couple of months.

I really cant live without my magsafe products. Long section of the Bronx is more on the officers condition and who police are still looking for Elijah. Well, Mary. I want you to take a look at this right here behind me. Is a flyer indicating that police are offering a ten thousand dollar cash reward for anyone who knows the whereabouts of where these two suspects are? We know as of about a few hours ago, at this point, a 16 year old boy has been arrested for his involvement. In the shooting one that injured a police officer who was currently at St Barnabas Hospital in stable condition, it was crazy, as this officer continues to recover. Hes expected to recover police in both marked and unmarked cars are patrolling this area. Looking for those two suspects were live in the Bronx Im, Lisa Evers Fox 5 News Chris back to you in this ridiculous game that started well before we set foot on this island. Will you explain it to us? Then only one person can tell us who killed Cassandra, Grant hes an illegal immigrant, its from another country yeah. So he tried to hide, and then the woman blames it on him and its just crazy. When it comes to Bluetooth latency, I am not seeing any latency whatsoever and I do have it connected to the tribute storm box, but I have not seen any latency with with any of these apps that Ive just tried when it comes to the art Lee Play 4, this is a One: Stop shop 1080p projector its going to be able to serve all of your multimedia needs and with Chromecast built in it just means that anyone that comes over to visit can cast over their favorite videos cast over their photos cast over anything Thats castable, even from applications that you dont have installed on the play for, of course, being able to download your favorite applications, makes it really easy just to boot up this projector and go Im, definitely sold on it and I think, for anyone looking to replace their Current model or anyone looking to upgrade their current model to one thats, a little bit more with the program these days, thanks to having Android TV built in look no further than the Play 4 from art leap.