I found it the the raspberry pi community, you are uh, they found it via the uh camera community. Camera community was using was using um usb capture devices. This is an hdmi to usb capture device and on the android is running a camera otg camera application, so everything you have to do is here connect to the html port, connect the otg adapter for usb capture and then put it into your android device uh or Also, a different notebook or whatever device is capable of viewing uvc video streams, and you see i take this game for reference um. You see the same speed in movement on the notebook screen and and the android screen that’s connected to the capture device, but that’s not um can also be done for a second screen now i’m, using my phone on the right side and it’s here as well. It’S blazingly fast there’s, basically no lag between the screens. You can move your spreadsheet or applications between the screens without any issues, and basically i feel there is no speed loss and this is if i have a second tablet, then this is absolutely 100 percent usable. If you look at the screen resolution they’re different in the application uh some don’t allow 1080p resolution and um it will be not so clear, but on this application usb camera, i actually deactivated internet. So i don’t uh get videos deploy at this displayed, but if you want to use it, i recommend you to buy it because the ipad is not offline and you have, with this application a lot of settings um.

They are applications in the play market that don’t work that well um. You don’t get an output of uh. I think let’s have another look. This actually gets me uh. No, i don’t get uh 1900 by 1200, which would be that resolution it’s a black bar on top on the bottom, but it’s okay and it works. Everything works fine, see on the second screen. I look at it uh if there is actually a way to connect an ipad screen, because my second big, bigger tablet screen would be an ipad, but it appears there is no uvc um available. These adapters are actually quite cheap um. This is a usb 2.0 adapter uh. I think it should cost around ten dollars or something – and this is uh – usb 3.0 adapter Music. This actually is a usb 2.0 adapter look better with the 3.0 uh usb otg, but it did not work on this one yeah. This is the best solution, no fiddling no tweaking just plug it.