Like i know, mine is pretty stupid with a simple plug and play converts into a full android computer pc. We have Play Store and apk side loaders, all that so let’s get into it and test it out now. What comes in the box? Well, it’s, real simple! This thing goes for about 99 bucks, maybe a little bit more, and this is basically it. We can pop out this little tray for expandable up to 128 gigs. I believe inside this look guys an octa core cpu, two or four gig ram 16 or 64 gig memory, all right so we’re out in my garage. I believe the only requirements needed is that you have a vehicle with android, auto and a touch screen all right. Let’S get you set up in here: let’s just do a one tap to power that on the door, so we don’t get that fun beeping. Now i have a little usb slot right here, where i’m gon na plug it in all right, it’s booting up glowing blue let’s check the screen automatically launched right over car dongle car pc, it’s booting up and there we go now. I rebooted this up once or twice got it connected to my wi. Fi uh create a hotspot on my phone. You can connect it to your home or your car’s wi fi. If you wanted to all right here, we go we’re at the home screen and, as you can see, it’s kind of a full, fledged android looking system now, it’s uh, i think it’s wrapped in some sort of covering, because we don’t have full controls.

But under here we can connect to uh our phone’s wi fi for hotspot data or connect to our bluetooth for music and calls there’s a few other settings under sound automatic volume, control touch settings, bluetooth, audio display. You want to shut off the video over 10 kilometers, an hour clock display on video screen and change the location of android nav bar either left or right side. Other settings auto launch apps on start safe, touch, that’s interesting. You can skip ads without additional touch while watching video and then utilize mobile phone gps as map gps. So this is one of the major hiccups. I guess with this is, as you can see, we’ll go into google maps and you’ll see that it’s a little sluggish. Sometimes now i had first gen and it was really buggy and then they’ve been pushing out some updates and uh it’s gotten better since then, but it’s still not super like uh. You know super computer speed go ahead and search go chicago illinois. There we go slowly. Loading in so we’ve got pinch to zoom multi touch all that so that’s kind of cool could even get down to street view. If you wanted, but yeah so basically live gps is not working. Now. I think i heard that that’s actually coming in some future update firmware, so maybe the hardware is built into that stick with gps. Currently, you can use the gps on your phone, but then i think you have to download some third party app, which i don’t love.

So what’s cool about this whole system, you may wonder, is like. Why would i want this over android, auto isn’t you’re doing the same thing? Well, not really. We can load tons of cool apps like waze, for example, a lot of people love this over other mapping. Apps and i don’t believe you can get that on android, auto that works kind of cool well, except for the gps part, but hopefully that works soon. Another thing that android, auto or none of those others are going to allow you, except if you have like a tesla, is let’s launch youtube. We can literally watch almost anything you want streaming while going on a road trip. This is really cool authentic. He has one or two cool videos. Maybe so you can see scrolling’s like pretty good it’s, not bad let’s, pull up this cool dual tron see if audio works, ah there’s a net. Oh look at that little glitching. All right, let’s try! This one nick is up there. There we go nice it’s, a little pixelated as it loads up seven eight feet or something he’s gon na try to clear from just this little jump. But this thing is so powerful let’s see if he can hit it and cover it all right, send it let’s get that quality out. How high can we do it? Let’S do 1080. That should be good. This is the one of dual tron, powerful and fastest electric scooters i’ve ever ridden, and it might be my new fake from authentech and the oh there we go.

Look at that quality it’s a bit better. I don’t know if this is stuck on the processing power of the stick, or is it maybe just my data storm is the cream of the crop. Specs include 11 inch tires there. We go. Look at that that’s great looking quality: oh stink, let’s, try, 720p we’ll have motors with max speed around 52 miles per hour, a massive battery for 80.. Hmm all right. I wonder what’s going on all right. Well, you get the idea. I think if you had good enough wi fi data speeds, you might be able to stream better quality. You have netflix uh. I didn’t sign in to that one. I don’t know if i’d recommend signing into all your accounts on here, but uh it might be fine. I don’t know just do your research, i guess, with the play store, we could even download some games. Let’S, try out angry birds, it’s a little slow to start up. I guess look at that. So that’s kind of cool i’m playing angry birds on my uh, my old 2018 chrysler pacifica, all right so that’s, a good example that uh i was just trying to get to the main menus and look at it froze the gears are stuck so, oh, where you Going so yeah the specs of this thing, it’s not top tier. Unfortunately, i mean it’s, pretty still kind of buggy ish uh other times. I’Ve had chinese characters pop up with some warning messages.

I don’t know what they mean there. We go so here’s the play store. You could download or sideload apks, almost anything you can think of. I searched for disney, plus and uh. Why isn’t it here i’m, not sure amazon, prime video hbo max minecraft get tick tock on here, that’d actually be kind of funny and let’s scroll in while driving. I bet that’s real, safe, of course, i’m joking. This should only be used while you’re parked or by your passenger. Again. I want to make sure this is clear: it’s getting its data it’s internet access from either your phone’s hot spot, or if you have a car that can create a hotspot as well and then again, if you have apps that aren’t in the play store. Well, you can always side load those through an apk file manager that’d be pretty easy as well, so that’s cool all right now, let’s get out of here and go back into the office for some concluding thoughts all right. Well, there you go so concluding thoughts. Is it worth 99 or 120 or whatever bucks? Maybe i think you have to know what you’re getting into so? Is it going to run the most smooth and you want something that’s totally bugless and has gps working? Everything well then stay awake, but if you’re willing to maybe wait for some possible future updates well, then it might be worth checking out now. I love the idea of having a full fledged android os built into my car and streaming all those apps and music and stuff like that.

But i think mkb and others always say: don’t buy product now based upon future promises so that gps, unfortunately isn’t working, which is kind of essential i’m using maps all the time for navigation and road trips. Of course you don’t have to use it for those certain things. You could jump back into android, auto for maps or use the built in one for that, but you get the idea it’s a little bit rough around the edges, so it’s worth checking out. Maybe i’ll give you the link it down below, thanks to those guys for saying, went over to try out and uh yeah continue pushing the envelope and trying new things.