And it will work with iPhone Android windows, Mac OBS, you name it., Not only that, but if you stick around, I will show you how to Make it work with Zoom and Skype. Lets, do this., upbeat, music, Hi everyone and welcome to pal2tech. In the past, Ive shown you how you can turn your phone or professional camera into a webcam using an app.. The problem was that it relied on having to purchase an app and hope that it would work on your device.. So today lets not deal with any of these apps. Heres how you do it. So first you need a free copy of OBS for either your PC or your Mac. Go to and download the free program.. Once you have, it downloaded, go ahead and install it. Its a great program that allows you to share your desktop, live stream, hold online meetings and so much more.. Once you open it up, you may see a dialog box that looks like this.. You can go ahead and just exit out in the upper right hand corner.. It may look a little different on your setup, but overall it should look very similar to this.. Okay, now that you have OBS installed, the next thing you need to do is tell OBS that youre going to be using your smartphone as a webcam.. Now, for this demo, Ive got plenty of smartphones that I can use, but Im gon na choose the Samsung galaxy S7, because its old, its falling apart and the battery kind of expanded, look at this blowing out the back of the phone.

. So what you need to do is on the device that you wan na use for your webcam. You need to go to spelled just like this When you get there, youll see a screen that looks just like this. Go ahead and choose the choice. That says, add a camera to OBS.. If it asks you for permissions, allow it. Youll, see a screen. That kind of looks like this. And at this point go ahead and tap start., And once you start it youll see an address in the top left corner of the screen in green.. You see that right there thats the address youre going to need to put into OBS., So you could tap the little paperclip just like that and copy it to the clipboard, and then you could email it to yourself or just write it down either way. Get that address and then the final thing youre gon na do is go back into OBS and well set it up. Inside of OBS you wan na, go to where it says sources. You see that and click the little plus and you are going to add whats called a browser. Boom. You can name it anything. You want., Im, gon na call it iPhone webcam. Click, okay and youll get to a screen. That looks like this. That has sort of this OBS logo.. Remember that address. I told you about this is where youre going to put it right, here.

Then for width. I recommend you put 1920 and for height 1080., Make sure you tick the box that says control audio via OBS.. Now its kind of hard to see, but there is a scroll bar right here, scroll down and make sure that refresh browser when scene becomes active, is ticked just like that. At this point, youre done go ahead and click okay. Have a look at this. Have a look at this.: It works check it out.. I am streaming from this phone through that VDO ninja all the way into OBS., And I can use this in OBS as a video source for whatever else I wan na do.. If I wan na stream, if I want to add another camera angle, whatever its perfect for that. And its also capturing audio from the mic on the device itself – and you can control it from here. – See now Ill talk softly now Ill talk loudly, you see that You can control it using the slider., And this is great if you wan na, do a live stream where you have different cameras or you wan na. Have your desktop. You wan na share your desktop in the background.. So, look at this. I can demo stuff on the screen, as well as have my picture right in the lower right corner of the screen. And the camera that comes with your phone is so much better than the camera. Usually with your laptop. And the great thing about the phone.

Is that you can switch the cameras and use the rear facing camera as well. Check it out? Look at that.. I can walk around this place with this. All right See that much better using the camera on the phone than the camera on the laptop.. Now VDO ninja also gives you some options. Here., You can do things like mute. The mic switch cameras, turn off the video and so forth., But in most cases you dont need to change anything and you can get up and running right. Away. No app was installed on this phone whatsoever.. How about taking this one step further, What about using it with Zoom or Skype? Well, it turns out that you can do that, but theres a few things. You need to do. First to make sure that youve upgraded to the latest versions of Zoom or Skype.. It will not work with the earlier versions.. The next thing you wan na do is go into your OBS software.. Now you see, on the right hand, side where it says start virtual camera.. You see that right. There Go ahead and click on that., And what that means is that OBS is going to use your phone as a virtual webcam, so that other programs like Zoom or Skype can recognize it as one of your installed webcams.. Okay, now that thats running go ahead and open up Skype or Zoom. Im gon na use Zoom for this demo. In the video section, you will have an area where you can choose your camera.

Have a look at that: OBS Virtual Camera., Im gon na go ahead And choose that.: Oh and it got so much better. So now, Im using my smartphone in Zoom through OBS, and I havent installed a single app on the smartphone.. Now there is something you have to consider and that is audio. Right now. By doing it, this way the audio is being picked up by the mic on the laptop., But what if your laptop, was across the room or further away, and you wanted to use the microphone built into your smartphone? How would you make that work? Heres, the problem.? If you go into audio and you choose an audio source, look at that see its not there.. So what I would recommend is first try it where youre, using the mic on the laptop that might work out just great for you. And if so, youre done and youre ready to go.. However, if you do need or want to use the mic thats on the smartphone heres, how you do that. You need to go to vb audio.comcablesindex.htm.. I will have a link to that down below in the description of this video.. This is completely free of charge. You will not need to make any purchases. Simply choose your operating system and in this case, Im gon na choose windows. Once youve downloaded it youll see its a zipped file.. You can go ahead and extract it out so that you see it in its own folder.

Just like this. From there go ahead and open it up and click on setup.. You see that right here. If nothing happens, that means you need to click on the setup 64 bit one and that looks just like this., So, depending upon your machine youre, either gon na click set up or youre gon na click set up 64.. And if you see this screen, you should be good to go, go ahead and click install driver, install and youll get the successful message like that.. The next thing you need to do is go back into OBS studio.. There is a small setting change that you need to make. Inside of OBS youll, see your audio meters for your various audio devices., Look for the one that was from the smartphone that you had connected, earlier. Go ahead and click on the little gear. Icon.. You see that right there And choose advanced audio properties., And you should see something that looks like this.. The setting change that you need to make is for the device that you had set to use as your webcam.. In this case, I used my iPhone. And over here where it says audio monitoring. You see that Change this so that it says, monitor and output.. You see that right. There Then go ahead and click close. Now go and open, Zoom or Skype. And, as always, dont forget to be sure that your virtual camera is turned on in OBS.. Now that were back in Zoom lets go to our audio settings.

In your audio settings right here. You should see that choice that we talked about earlier VB, Audio Virtual Cable, have a look at that. Its working. Now you see that Its able to pick up the audio thats coming from your smartphone, not from any other source., So for this next demo, Im gon na show you how you can run your own online meeting room with multiple participants without using Zoom or Skype, or Any kind of an app or anything else., Im gon na use a Mac mini for this demonstration.. A Mac mini, does not come with any kind of a camera., So I will need to hook in my iPhone using the techniques. I showed you earlier in the video.. So the first thing I do is open up a browser and go to And Ill see a screen that looks like this. Im gon na go ahead and create a room.. You see that right there And Im gon na name the room after me: laughs Right. Im, not even gon na require a password for this demo, but if youre doing this for real, you probably should require a password for security. Im gon na tick. This box right here, because Im, a performer. Im gon na just say default for everything, else. And Im. Gon na enter the rooms, control center and thats it. Ive just set up the meeting room. Okay. So now, if you look right here, it has created a special link, vdo.

ninja and then a question mark and then room equals and then the name of the room.. So Im gon na go ahead and use one of my smartphones to join that room so that I can use it as a webcam. Okay, So Im gon na add this particular camera to OBS and make sure that start virtual camera is selected in OBS. And to get the best iPhone. Camera. Im gon na go ahead and change it to the rear facing camera.. Okay, lets get this on a tripod, here.. Okay, here we go. Ive got one camera. I am the host of the meeting., And what Im going to be doing is telling all of my other friends who I wan na have join the meeting the special link that they need to open up a browser and go to to join the meeting.. They do not need any app installed. They dont need anything else to make this work.. So now, Im gon na go ahead and add some additional participants to this meeting room. So you can see how it works. All of these participants are only going to be using their smartphones with no additional apps or anything else. Installed.. Here we go. upbeat music, Okay, the first one right here is going to be Stanos and Im gon na go to and Im gon na click join room with camera. upbeat music, Okay, thats Stanos now lets add Gira Guana.. Okay! Well, do one more camera.

. Okay, headed back back into the studio now. Lets, do one more an iPad pro. Lets ratchet this up a notch. Okay same as the others open up and enter the room name that was created., Make sure you spell the room name, correctly., Okay, joining room on The iPad. upbeat music, Okay, here goes. giggles, Okay, so I have four smartphones plus one iPad pro all of them connected in an online meeting and none of them using any kind of apps or special software or anything.. It was all done through a web browser.. How cool is that Now? There were a lot of additional settings in both OBS and that I didnt have time to cover today. Settings like how to improve the video or switch the cameras around and more options for hosting meetings and so forth.. As of the date of this video, there is absolutely no charge to use this service.. I also wan na point out that I have nothing to do with this service Im, not with them in any way. Im, just a user that stumbled across it thinks its really cool and wanted to share it with all of you.. Well, I hope you found this video helpful or at least entertaining., And if you did be sure to give it the like and subscribe, I will see all of you in another video again very soon. Take care.