Now the the flashing steps are going to go for. In detail guys so simple instructions, i will write them in the description box below or in the comment box below. So you have a step by step of what to do, but i’ll also show you in the video of how to install and get this end result. So please guys, as i always say, follow simple instructions and everything will go according to plan. So, first of all, we need to boot into recovery, so you would have had you would have needed to download the file, which is the android 12 developer preview zip file. You will also need to install from the previous android 12 we released. I will put the link up in the above, the the app or the canary, zip or the app.debug zip, and also the update debug apk or the a canary apk and there’s a few zips. You have to install from magisk i’ll show you all the steps and then we’ll take it from there. So, first of all, you reboot um i’ve, created a nice dandy folder for android 12 dp3. To make things easier for me, as you can see, i will provide you with the zip for the look shaw, shank redemption, which is just you just give it a nice cute name and the android 12 extensions. You should have the debug ship from the previous android 12 dp2 reroo, and some of the others are actually in or the rear lx exposed, ls posed or whatever it’s called, is in the actual um matches.

So i’ll show you how to find these. You can search for them or you can get the zips and flash them manually, so we’ll just wipe i’m using an orange box 10.0 right. So the wipe is basically takes a couple of seconds so i’m going to flash two things right now. I want to do the android 12 zip i’m, going to also do atticu i’m going to do the canary or up the debug zip. So these are the two things i’m going to flash initially because you obviously need matches to do the rest. So i will flash these now, while these are flashing there’s, not much to say about this. All i can say again once again is kudos to the work that spidey’s been doing in the background, getting this ready and getting this out for us. So, as you can see guys, the flashing process is finished at this point. All you need to do is reboot. Now it takes a couple of minutes to reboot so i’m not going to sit here. You know you get your boo animation. You get your candy shop bits and pieces, and then the booty in sync will come in. Rom is booted guys and i’ve connected to my wi fi. So now the next few steps should be pretty straightforward. If you’re used to android and open source or aosp pixel devices, you would have seen this before. So basically it just does this getting your phone ready, then you get a few options: i’m going to skip most of them and go straight into the os.

Once again, i remind you that this is the installation, video of how to install android 12 developer preview free on the my max free, the image i can’t say that this will work on any other device. All i can say is that the zip is being obviously modded for the max free. So if you have a different device and you you feel adventurous, you might want to try this do this on your own risk, because obviously the actual rom itself is not geared for your device. So it looks. It looks like you’re still thinking about things and we will now move to the next screen. You allow this. You don’t copy, because we’re not gon na go for the whole thing and it will do more checks, and this is where i have a little bit of a bug, bear with google and android um. I don’t see why we need to be going for. If you go through all these, so many steps just to get your phone to a home screen i’m, not a fan of it. I think it’s tedious. It makes things a bit complicated, especially when you see how simple ios is to deal with this also, i will skip, but i can assure you it works because i tried it you’ll see it in my review of the actual video of the rom, i said this Is moving through all these, and here we go guys. So this is your home screen.

You can see the default android wallpaper, which we’ve seen for a few iterations. Now nothing is actually reminiscent of android 12, but you can see that some of the color the color stuff is going on. We have no changes have been applied so this this looks like android, 11 and then i’ll. You know if you hit that you’ll see that everything is functional, but you don’t have the goodies of 12., so the next step is to go into your file manager. You go into your internal storage and it’s nice that i have an android, 12 folder here and i just install the canaries yet so this is the very first step so once that’s installed, i will take you through some of the other options available, so we’ll open. This now now, you can choose to flash all the extra zip at once this additional step: we’ll just reboot the device, so while it’s rebooting i’ll – just so you so these next steps are important to get the flavor and the look of android 12 developer. Um preview. Free as it is right now, the it will change the font, it will change the clock like we used to we’ll also do the toggles and the wallpaper stuff. So we need to do this again, but what’s, simpler, what’s. He what’s simpler. This time is that everything is is available within magisk there’s, no extra zips to flash, and then you end up getting stuck and then you know might need help.

Whereas this, if you follow the video, you will see exactly what i’m doing and you won’t have a problem. So while this is rebooting yeah here we go so you can see. Nothing is actually from android 12 is here so now that we have magisk installed. We will open magisk and then we will search for the modules that we need so reroute. So you will see that rear comes up straight away under the rear. Lx posed um app these two apps, these two zips you need. So if you search rear, they come up straight away, see you can choose to download it from here and install or if you’ve already got it downloaded. You can install it so to settle down again, so we will flash this re rezip boom sorted. Then we will go back, we will flash android 12 extensions, which we will provide you in the zip and we will also flash rero ls post and at that point you can reset the device or you can reboot the device. So, just to recap, we flashed three free zips within magisk when he decided to behave, reroo, rero, ls posed and android 12 extensions. Now i will provide you with the android 12 extensions, but you can actually find it within matches quite easily, so you’re, two thirds of the way now, as you can see, it’s, not a very lengthy process, it’s, not very complicated it’s. Just that, if you pay attention, you will see it’s pretty simple.

So when this next reboot is completed, we just need to enable the system, ui options and reboot, and then everything will be as you expect it to be. So at the moment you can see that we have nothing changed as yet, so this is where the magic will happen when we actually get the ls, so the ls posed app is obviously now installed, and you can see that what we now need to do Music Is we need to go into this app? We need to click modules, we need to enable android 12 extensions. Then we need to enable system apps and then we go down and you will see the final step is to enable system ui. So, to recap, what i did i open the ls post up? I enable the android 12 extensions module. I ticked system to show the system maps and then i select the system ui. So then, now when i reboot the device, the magic should happen and we will have everything i showed you, the new toggles, the qs toggles, the um, the the clocks that we used to the big android 12 clocks, the big volume bar now, with the little um Line going through it all these, we will be enabled so and then you can enjoy the android 12. Goodness i have a rummage around and if you, by some reason, managed to find a way to add even more features that are hidden to it.

Why not give us a shout put something in the comment box. Let us know how to get them enabled, but this process has been done for you. As you can see, the magic is happening. So you have the big clock. You have your weather, as you do before. You now will have the toggles, and you can see that the color theming is going on because you can see this is the wallpaper going on. As you can see, if you mess with the color, you turn the dark theme on you can see how beautiful this is. This is the the part of android 12, which i think we’re all going to really fall in love with when it’s finally officially released, and but you will see all that in the preview video which is rolling now android 12 dp free of developer preview free now. Working fully um working on the my max 3 spidey’s done stellar job as usual. You know that guy without him. Where would we be in the max 3? So many devices are struggling and we have android 12 developer pv3 working excellent. I recommend this as a daily driver. I can’t give enough props to this guy kudos to this guy for being for having a max free, and you know whatever we can do to support this guy. We will all do it because without him, where would we be so? This is android 12 developer preview, free i’m, going to show you a quick preview of the rom, then i’m going to take you through the flashing process, because it is it it’s not hard, but you need to do a few extra steps to get everything working as It should so i’ve i’ve enabled the ultra clear theme.

I will show you where that is and i’ll just give you just a quick review. Fingerprint sensor is working. You can see, i’ve got ultra clear, see, google discover. Now these are the main changes you can see that the qs tiles are now sort of like circular edges, rectangular box, when you bring them down they square out, and you can see the volume bars now with a little line running through it. Some people might not like it, i think it’s pretty cool. I like it quite a lot and you still get the edit option down here as normal to add the ones that you want. Another thing of note is: when you go into settings, you can see that the the wallpaper framing is still prevalent throughout the they’ve, kept their previous style of the the menu on the settings system. You can see everything’s looking the same developer options if you’re going to display cut out spideys put some extra goodies in there for you, where you can select multiple themes off, select ultra clear, which seems to be working well when we eventually find it annoying me. I probably even passed it, no one even realized, but there we go we’ll find it just bear with me guys, Music. Here we go display cut out under there. You can see that there are a few themes here. Chocolate theme clear theme, big green and then this this pitch black ultra clear, so they’re all under here, um so it’s just nice to have a few little bits more, but i don’t think you really need it because of the the feminine options are so great on Android 12, when you change your wallpaper, it kind of films, your device, so you don’t, really you won’t really need those.

This, like i said, there’s a few extra straps which you need to follow and you obviously, if you watch the the installation part of the video, then you will obviously know what these entail, but the end product, what you get is absolutely amazing. Um it’s, just it’s. Just nice guys to to have the latest and greatest on your device. This is stuff that’s running on many pixel devices at the moment and on the max 3 you you’ve got it, you you’ve, actually got it and it’s. Just i can’t see how great this is and that’s that’s that’s. The main differences guys is the the qs toggles and it’s just that the the android 12 extensions that you saw me install before just give you that little bit more extra of all the hidden features within the rom. So if you’re going to um let’s, just try styles of wallpaper, you can see it still looks similar to what it was before you know. The wallpaper options are still the same. The green options are still the same, but the main thing as i’ve showed you is the qs tiles there’s, no massive change i’m. Also, the the battery bar um yeah that’s about it guys tell us what you think in the comment box about the changes you may not you may or may not like them.