I have another quick unboxing uh, completely surprised by what it is so says: smart live between rich mb, 1001 interesting. I have no idea uh what the specifications are, but i just gon na do a quick unboxing, so its completely sealed now ive been open. I think open from the bottom a specification here. It shows that the color is silver gray touch screen: 10.1, 10, 1280 800 hd memory, 2 gigabyte ram and 32 gigabyte, rom processor, quad, core 64 bit cpu and operas operating system. It says uh, i dont know. If i can focus properly there, its an android 10 camera front, two megapixels and rear five megapixel. What is in the box? It says the usb cable, the charger and the user guy. It says: okay, see smart light between rich. Let me see what is manufacturer manufacturing changing should be china, google, android trademark or google, see Music uh frankfurt um do weird stuff over here. Okay, so lets go and re open. This box see what reveals inside im gon na use my cheek kitchen knife over here. Pretty good to me so far lets see this cut completely into the box. Okay lets see here again take this off. I didnt cut that well over here. Let me just cut over here: okay, okay, so flip it to this side. Okay, there you go so nice protected over here this phone over here pretty good. Then you have this other cover over here.

It says front camera. Please read the instruction carefully before using remove uh, protect the fuel peeling away, blah blah blah. So let me show you here: the health phone jack volume power on and off micro sd card, usb c port right speaker left speaker. Okay, so then you have your bonus manual users guide, so you got english, chinese, french, dutch, italian and spanish. Through a lot of pages with explanation is all the language pretty good. Sorry is that past real quick? Then you have your cable for charging and then you have over here your wall connector typical standard wall connector. You got all the specification compliance there, so its pretty good so far lets see here. Put it back all right, so lets open the tablet itself. Okay and lets see see this okay power lets just have any charge place and hold oh yeah. I have some charge. I have Music okay, so basically, this is a tablet. Pc runs in the latest android 10.0 operating system. They have a two gigabyte ram and 32 rom, and i have a high performance processor, its a clear and bright ips screen, which is very important. Dual camera and uh very important about the front cameras. Two point megapixel, but the rear camera is a five point megapixel and it is compatible with a lot of other google devices and especially with the bluetooth, which is very important. Let me move over here. You guys can see here the front camera, and here you can see the back camera, but it feels solid on the hands which is pretty good.

It feels pretty solid, have stone. Maybe i have to find out about the weight. How much you wait, but plastic fill no aluminum, but when you touch it you have that feeling that looks like aluminum but its not so they did a pretty good job uh. Regarding the the finish heres, the speakers left and right. The controls over here for the volume control got the feedback, which is pretty good on and off this over here for the micro sd card and the usb c, which is important and its funny how you have over here. The speakers control right there and the speaker control so yeah. This is a quick unveil. The specifications are no bad. Look at the pretty the pretty well balanced tablet. I have to do another video, and this is just the unboxing to see how it performs and turned on and off so lets say here: im gon na gon na turn it off right here then you go here, pour it off or or you even have an Emergency or you can restart so lets – do a restart okay, so right there so lets count to probably were going four seconds: five, six, seven, eight nine ten, eleven im not gon na get flak for this counting. I should get my watch but uh around uh 30 seconds, probably uh restart, maybe go more like 35 seconds. Uh lets see. Okay, so im, probably around 40 seconds to restart so uh is uh, is running the the latest um android 10.

0 operating system so and i have uh energy saving 64 bit quad core processor and up to one points, 1.6 gigahertz, which provide pretty good performance and increase. Uh setup speed so again make any comment subscribe. Help with the channel im gon na do more unboxings. This is purchased with my own money so later on, im gon na do a detailed review of the performance and how good it works again. Thank you for looking at the video and support my channel subscribe and like appreciate it. Thank you off yes, so power, us very quick.