. Today we are going to talk about this Amazon tablet, specifically the Fire HD 10 model, which is the 2021 model.. Yes, it is the new renovation and we are going to see everything about this new model.. So stay because we started …. Last year the company renewed the 8 inch Fire HD. A video is coming out here, so you can go see it if you haven’t seen that video yet., But in this case we have a new model, since this is the 2021 model and not the 8 model, but a little bigger. This is the 10 inch one which had been two years since the previous generation came out in the 2019.. So we are going to see everything that has changed in this tablet and it really deserves or is not worth it for the price that we are going to pay for it.. Well, I’ll tell you and first we are going to start with what is aesthetics. With respect to the previous model. We are going to notice that we have much fewer frames on the front, and that is something that is undoubtedly appreciated, because we are going to make the most of the screen much better. The device is more compact and we have achieved that. It also has a lower weight. And, yes that lasts the long run, because it ends up being noticed.. The construction materials as it is a conventional plastic rear that we simply find the brand’s logo and in the upper right corner, we will find what the rear camera is, which I will tell you about later.

. On the right side, we find the button to raise and lower the volume. We will also have. What is the power button, the microphones, the USB C, to be able to charge this tablet and also the headphone jack.? Because, yes, we will be able to connect headphones via cable.. The left part is going to be completely bare. At the bottom. We are only going to find what it is to put a micro sd card up to a terabyte. And in the upper part we are going to find two speakers.. Yes, we have two speakers. Therefore it is a stereo sound. In itself. What is the tablet? Because it looks good touch., It is not a bad plastic far from it. It is all very well finished., The flanges etc. In other words. It is a tablet that, in terms of construction for what it costs is very well made. And, as you can see. Well, yes, it does bend a little bit, but by using force we are not practically going to flex it.. Therefore, I think that, in terms of construction and materials, the truth is that it is very good.. We now talk about the screen and in this case living up to its name in the Fire HD 10, as we find that it has 10.1 inches and well. That 0.1 is an extra that never hurts.. And yes, here you will be able to enjoy movies videos, games etc. Since especially for movies, because the truth is that the screen is quite bright.

It looks very good and it is for what I have used. This tablet the most to watch content thanks to Prime Video or thanks to YouTube thanks to Netflix etcetera.. There are different services that you can use. I have mainly used these three. By the way if you are liking this video, this analysis of the 10 inch Amazon Fire HD from 2021. I invite you to subscribe and, of course, like it so that you can make this content reach more people and the channel follow growing. And yes, the truth is that in terms of brightness, colors, saturation etc. everything that has to do with what the display is, is The visualization, the truth is that we can say that it is a more than correct screen for the price we are going to have to pay. And therefore you will be able to enjoy the content.. We are going to talk about the sound and in this case, as already mentioned, we have a double speaker., But what is the quality of this Fire? Hd? 10 from 2021? Well, you ca. N’T expect great things, but I can tell you that to watch movies or your favorite series or, for example, a YouTube video, it will be more than enough.. It has a fairly loud sound. You cannot expect a very, very great quality. It is what it is and I would prefer, for example, to connect a speaker thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0, that this tablet incorporates and to be able to take a speaker and play the music from there.

So when well, the music or the movie itself, the audio. So to speak, so you can really enjoy the content you’re watching., Although good, I have used a lot. What is the two speakers of this tablet, and my experience without a doubt has been very rewarding when watching movies and videos., Of course, always taking into account the price that we are going to pay for this product.. We will now talk about what the performance of this 10 inch Fire HD is, and yes, in this case, we are going to find an octa core compared to the previous generation that was launched in 2019 that had four cores.. In this case, this octa core is running 2 gigahertz. And also we went from the previous model that we had 2 GB of RAM to now have 3 GB of RAM.. Therefore, we can expect a great performance compared to the version that was launched in 2019. And yes, the truth is that it shows that this tablet is more fluid, as it cannot be somehow due to the specifications and the truth is that Hey well comply, and you Will be able to play without any problems. And the games that I have been able to try. He moves quite easily. I also have to mention that there is a Plus model, the Fire HD 10, Plus that I have not tried that model., But in terms of specifications. I have to tell you that it is the same chipset and the only thing that changes is that we went from 3 GB to 4 GB of RAM.

. That is something that you also have to take into account in case. You need a little more performance that little plus as the name suggests.. As for storage, we are going to find versions of 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage, and in this case, as I mentioned earlier at the bottom, we have a slot to be able to incorporate a micro sd of up to a terabyte. We move on to the operating system, the software which in this case is Fire OS.. It is a custom Android based system created by the Amazon company. And, yes, it is quite limited in quotes, since we can download many applications, for example, from its application store. The AppStore., But what about folks That here in this case there is a lot of limitation on the part of Amazon. All the applications that I have not found in the Amazon store, since what I have done is resort to a third party store or a third Party repository as in this case is APKMirror, where I downloaded practically everything, because it is my trusted repository so to speak.. It is where I usually download any APK for Android.. For example, the launcher, which is good, has basically three tabs the one for you home and my library.. We will not be able to change it why This is because Amazon has blocked the option that we can predefine another launcher by default, for example Nova Launcher.. We will be able to install it, we will be able to configure it, but we will not be able to establish it as the main launcher of the system.

. Therefore, when you hit the home button or pull back, what it will do is that you will go directly to the official Amazon launcher.. Therefore, if you want more customization for the Amazon Fire, what I recommend is that you watch this video here., Because I recommend a very useful tool where you will be able to modify what the operating system is. You will be able to put Google Services since by default, it is not included in Google Services and with this tool. Yes, yes, that you are going to be able to., But today I am recording the video as an update that supports this tablet has not yet come out.. Therefore, I have not been able to test it with Google Services and installing everything that comes from behind., But it does provide the Fire HD 8 model, which is what I made that other video with. And I can already tell and from the comments that many people did, it works really well.. So that is something that you are going to have to take into account.. If you are not going to be able to install the APK that you want through the Amazon store, such as WhatsApp, which WhatsApp is not available either, it can be installed through a third party repository such as APKMirror, the Aurora store, etc. You are going to have To look for the applications a little where they are until what you mentioned above arrives in order to install Google Services and install the Play Store here on this tablet.

, And that will be then, when it charges much more value for the price it has.. If we look at the cameras, we have a 5 megapixel rear and a 2 megapixel front and well here they pass without pain or glory, since they are very, very simple cameras.. They are used for a video call, which is now very fashionable because, well you already know the situation we have been through and more and more online meetings are being held.. Well at some point you can pull it with Zoom and make any video call you need.. You will be able to connect and be seen.. We reached the autonomy of this to Amazon Fire HD 10 of 2021, and the truth is that it is quite gratifying to have approximately 8 or 9 hours of screen on.. This will vary depending on how you use it. The tests that I have done to achieve these 8 or 9 hours approximately was, for example, 100 to 80 use. What Chrome is to navigate and also see certain things on the tablet, such as being in the settings, play a little with some apps and so on., and then, when it was at 80 to practically 4, I said quotokay this afternoon is going to be all about Watching movies.quot, I put three or four films on I don’t. Remember exactly how many there were and we basically achieved that autonomy with 100 brightness.. That is, if you lower the brightness, it will surely make you more autonomy.

And also the volume was practically at maximum. It was not at maximum but almost almost., So in that sense, in terms of autonomy, you will have more than enough. If you want to use it for a day., Then I have also done other tests of, for example, leaving it to rest all day and at night what I did was watch a movie. In this case I don’t know if I watched a movie or two at Night, more or less okay Of different duration, some lasted an hour and something others lasted two and so on., and in this case the tablet lasted five days without going through the charger.. So in terms of autonomy, the truth is that very, very highly recommended.. Well, we came to the conclusions of this 10 inch: Amazon Fire HD from 2021.. The truth is that in general, I liked it a lot., Especially bearing in mind the cost, since if we choose the 32 GB model that has advertising, it will generate an advertising on the lockscreen that when it is unlocked, it is 149 euros.. Whereas if we choose the second option, that is the one that does not have advertising, which is the one that I would choose, because it has 20 euros more in cost. It will cost us 164 euros. For that cost. So as not to get any kind of publicity, it is basically a very good tablet and it is money well invested. If you want to watch movies or play occasionally with this Amazon tablet.

And then well, the 64 GB model is already a little longer.. If we choose the model that has advertising, it would be approximately 189 euros. While if we choose the model that does not have advertising, we would go to 204 euros.. So it’s your choice: if you prefer 32GB, if you want 64GB, you want advertising or you don’t want advertising.. Without a doubt. I would pay that extra to avoid having that annoying publicity, which will undoubtedly annoy you, I assure you., Although good with the previous tool. That was mentioned that I remind you that you can visit it up here as well. You will not have any type of advertising because you can eliminate it and save those 20 euros., But hey that’s, a trick that I tell you in the other, video and it’s. Not relevant right, now., But know that you have this option., So I have no more to tell you about this model.. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments that I will try to answer you.. So if you liked the video I invite you to like it subscribe here on the red button and see you here in the next video on Techdroy.