It’S a fantastic deal, leave a like what’s up guys, welcome back to a brand new video, so james actually responded to the entire situation going down with him and jaden. I just thought it was super important since that last video i did covering this subject did really well and a lot of you guys watched it. I thought it was super important that i did update you guys. Well, i didn’t even know james responded until my boy inguine, the absolute goat, told me about this and kind of showed me the video where he did so james actually responded to the whole situation on one of his animations. This was like a little while ago, but i thought it was still super important that i know that a lot of you guys don’t know about it and that we watch it today to get the elephant in the room out of the way it’s, not jaden, and It never was jaden so right off the bat. He clarifies that no him and jaden are not dating and they’ve never been dating, even though the internet, whenever the internet, or really anyone to be frank, bro like whenever anyone sees a guy and a girl interacting, they are married. They have six kids together. Bro like the thing is, i have a lot of friends that are girls and there i have a lot of girlfriends with a huge space in between the girl and the friend part sad violin plays oh, but seriously.

I do really value my friendships with women. You know i have a lot of friends that are men but it’s, just different to have friends that are girls, it’s, different and it’s fun. You know and it’s. It has been really annoying my entire life when people have always been like. Oh, are you two dating? No? We are not married with 16 kids working on our roth ira raise no. This is not the case. Never was jaden and it’s, not the elephant either. The elephant broke up with me because i kept calling her an elephant. I know that the internet likes their ships, but let me just say this once and for all: it’s, not okay to ship real people that have their own lives and relationships off of youtube. I honestly don’t think anyone can say it any clearer than they just did it’s, not okay, the odd ones out just said it is not. Okay and the thing is people got ta respect. This people got ta, listen to him, and people got ta, respect this and i honestly feel bad for the man, because this has been going on forever, like some people, think that, like the whole jaden animations and the odd ones out like a fan, fictions or whatever, Has only been a recent thing, but take a look at what i just found. Actually, i didn’t find it a friend sent it to me, and it is probably the funniest and saddest thing i’ve ever seen in my life, real quick make sure you are subscribed to the channel with notifications on it’s free it’ll take two seconds, and i really do Appreciate it so, basically, my friend sent me this dude.

He sent me a a petition to make the odd ones out in jaden animations date. A petition, like the truth is, has really just been the opposite of its name. I’Ve never really seen actually change anything like i’m gon na be honest, i’ve been on the internet for a while. It just doesn’t. Do anything but dude i’ve never seen a petition. Bro a freaking internet partition to see if to make two people date. Huh am i am i seeing this correctly dude relationships off of youtube. Hopefully this is all obvious and you’re as grossed out as much as i am because some of you don’t seem to mind that we’re all real people behind the screen and it can be really damaging to our personal lives. So i know the odd ones out made this kind of a like in a joking manner when he said at the very end like that stuff actually affects people and can have like can affect his personal life like he was saying that jokingly, because he didn’t want To ruin the tone of the video like the thing is, i know he said that jokingly, but a lot of times, you’ll kind of like mask real situations or your real feelings on subjects and jokes. And i really do believe that, while he was saying that like lightheartedly, he really meant it. He really meant that it affects him personally and affects his social life and his family life and all the above, like the thing is if he said that this was okay.

For people to you know ship him in another crater or make weird art of him and another creator. The thing is there’s, really not that much i can do or say because at the end of the day, the creator like said it was okay, he gave permission that’s fine, it’s whatever, but the thing is he has sta. He just stated so clearly that it’s, not okay, that there are no ifs, ands or buts in this situation there are especially no buts. I do not want to see any more butts in this situation, god damn the odd ones out also brings up a pretty good point when he says that, like you know, internet people are, you know, they’re actual people, they’re not just characters, and it is a little Messed up when people just uh pretend that they aren’t real people. The thing is tv show and movie actors and youtubers are kind of different dude, like youtubers there’s, a certain level of like closerness like more you’re, more connected with a youtuber and they’re. Definitely less of a character they’re, definitely more of a person also a bit of a side note, but james might be the smoothest man with the ladies i’ve ever seen and it’s, not the elephant either the elephant broke up with me because i kept calling her an Elephant i mean when you’re going to pick up like pickup lines 101. This is the man to go to bro if you don’t call your lady, an elephant or a massive elephant like what are you doing? No, but i said this in an earlier video, but when james said like this can affect your personal life.

What he might mean by that is think about this. This stuff is super easy to find on google literally search up jaden animations or the odd ones out on google images. If you go far enough, you will find it dude like it is easy to find. I accidentally stumbled upon it that’s how i started making this video, like imagine if your aunt or like your uncle or your grandfather or you’re, a mom dude just went on google images and was like, oh yes, my sweet so and so my sweet james he’s, a Youtuber i’m, so excited i’m gon na go! Look him up on the on the google right. Oh i’m, gon na go to images of my sweet little boy, also like on a more serious note. I think explaining this to like a significant other or like in james’s case his girlfriend. I just assumed this was like super weird and probably had a lot of tension in the relationship like a creator. Someone that you talk to a lot, someone that you’re featured with online a lot and someone that you’re. You know your significant other knows that, like you’re around a lot, people continuously talk about how they think that you’re secretly in a relationship or how they think about. Like you’re, i don’t know secretly dating or how you should be dating or drawing stuff about you guys dating doing dating people things i don’t want to talk about, and the fact is, this stuff is still going on.

Uh james addressed this. This video clip. I showed you in today’s. Video was actually a couple months old, i’m, a little late to it. But since i already made a video on this, i thought it was important that i keep you guys in the loop. Just in case, you guys were like me and had not seen that clip, but the thing is this stuff is still going on, even after james has specifically said. Please do not, for the sake of his mental health, his relationships with his family and his friends like this has to be the clearest way, just the clearest answer to say: don’t. Do it bro. I hate the fact that i have to specify this, but i have nothing against artists. If anything, i think artists are like the backbone of most communities. I think some of the best things in online communities come out with, like some of the artwork, some people make it’s incredible and the people drawing this art like they’re, definitely talented it’s, just like i wish they used their powers for good and not evil bro. If you know what i mean like, i said this in a past video, but i just feel like the internet needs to respect boundaries of the creators a little bit more and look. Most people are doing the right thing. Most people aren’t doing this, but i think this is super important. I mean there are so many times so many cases in history where, where communities have not respected their creators, boundaries and just bad things have happened, such as the crater gets burnt out, stops posting the creator cuts off interaction with the community like it never ends.

Well, so just respect the wishes, bro respect the wishes of the creators. You, like trust me, they’ll, be much more happy about making content. If you do like you guys to pause this video right now and comment door down below d, o o r, like the thing that you enter a building with, i just want to see how many people made it this far and after you’ve done that i’d. Like you to click on one of the four videos that are appearing on screen right now and if you don’t want to do that, go into the description of this video and click on one of the three playlists linked down below and with that being said, i’ll See you guys in the next one peace also make sure you’ve left a like in the video to make sure you claim your free nothing. It is a fantastic deal.