. This is a totally silent windows, 10 mini pc. It does come pre loaded with windows 10 pro, but you could install linux on it if you want to. It comes packed with 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage and a quad core intel. Celeron cpu let’s go ahead and get this out of the box. Now i’ve already seen pictures of this thing and i really do like the design of it. I mean it is super tiny, as you can see, it’s known as the quieter two from melee inside of the box, we’re gon na get the pc itself and, as you can see, this thing is absolutely tiny. When it comes to these mini celeron powered pcs, they’re, usually very limited on, i o, but this one here has dual hdmi gigabit ethernet and four usb 3.0 ports, along with the pc itself, we’re also going to receive a 12 volt 2 amp power supply, and this Uses usb type c, it also comes with an extra thermal pad in case you ever want to add an m.2 ssd to this unit, because we do have a free slot, taking a look at the front of the unit – there’s not much going on here, but we Do have our power and reset button. This is led backlit over here. On the right hand, side we have three full size, usb 3.0 ports and moving around back here you can see that we have an extra usb 3.

0 port 3.5 millimeter audio jack, dual full size. Hdmi a usb type c port, which is only for power in, and we also have gigabit ethernet on this unit. First thing i wanted to do is just pull the bottom off of this mini pc and the bottom is made of metal and yeah. As you can see, we do have a free, m.2 slot. Here it doesn’t support nvme. You will have to just stick with an m.2 ssd, but you can go up to 512 gigabytes in this unit, other than that everything else is soldered to the board. So there’s, really no user upgrade ability, except for this extra storage. As for the specs on the quieter two for the cpu, we have the intel j4125. This is a quad core celeron cpu base clock 2 gigahertz with a boost up to 2.6 built in intel, uhd, 600 graphics, running it up to 750 megahertz 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram running at 2133 megahertz. We also have 128 gigabytes of storage built in and, as you saw, we can add an m.2 ssd up to 512 gigabytes. This does have ac wi, fi and bluetooth 4.2 built in and it comes right out of the box running windows. 10. Pro all right. So here we are, it is running windows. 10. Pro i’ve installed a bunch of stuff that we’re going to test out here, but one thing that i’m actually kind of surprised about is the cpu temperature.

Now this does boost up to 2.6 from within the bios. You can actually change the wattage up to 25 watts, but the cpu is really going to kind of max out around 12 to 13 watts that’s what we’re sitting at right now. So we can get the maximum performance out of the cpu and the gpu. As you can see, we have the j4125 eight gigs of ddr4 running at 2133 and the built in uhd 600 graphics uh. As for web browsing pretty snappy here, we got ac wi fi built in if it was up to me, i’d always be plugged into ethernet, but it does a pretty decent job we’ll just head over here. So yeah i mean not bad at all. You want to browse your favorite websites, everything’s, going to load up really smoothly and for an everyday little desktop. This would work out just fine if you want to do some youtube, video playback document, editing, email checking, i mean it’s a low powered pc, but it can get you by this is all you need. Another thing i always like to test out with these mini pcs. Is webgl performance because i mean, if you’re getting something like this you’re, mainly probably just going to be browsing online with it here we are at 500. Fish fps is up here: go up to a thousand, does start to struggle a bit let’s see what that cpu is doing not hitting up that cpu as hard as i thought it would we’re mainly maxing out this gpu with that webgl.

So uh going up to 5000, it does drop down, but we’re sitting pretty steady at 60 with 500 fish on screen, not bad at all for a low wattage chip. Like this i mean like i said this is running at a maximum of around 13 watts. Now one thing that a lot of these manufacturers claim with the 4125 is these little things can handle 4k video and in the past, i’ve actually had pretty good luck with streaming and native playback. So we’re going to go ahead and move over to my 4k monitor. Now and just see how it handles 4k video all right. So here we are, we got a bin q. 4K monitor windows is set at 4k with no scaling here’s a youtube. Video should be running at 4k 60.. I do have stats for nerds up in the top left hand, corner we’ll get a bit closer in a second, i just kind of wanted to see how it looked to see if we got any freezing or anything like that, but so far so good. We do have some drop frames on the initial load in and it’s. Definitely looking like more than uh, you know, a higher end system would drop on the initial load in usually it’s anywhere from 10 to 35 frames Music. With this one here we did drop 104 frames on the initial load in but, as you can see, i mean it’s going steady, we’re, not getting any more drops after that and by the way i am connected to my 5 gigahertz network we’re, not using ethernet.

Here. I mean other than that initial drop it’s not doing a bad job at all at true 4k, as you can see the viewpoint and the video is set at 4k next thing i had to test was the 4k version of big buck bunny. I test this on. All little arm devices that i get and most of the time i’d say 98 percent of the time it can’t run it well, but with these x86 celeron chips, i’ve always had great luck with it i’m using the built in windows, player here and it’s running it Very smoothly so yeah, the me league, quieter, 2, can handle 4k streaming and 4k native playback. Next thing i wanted to do is run a couple benchmarks here we have geekbench 5 single core at 436 multi at 1441.. Next up some gpu benchmarks. First up we have 3dmark wildlife. This is a cross platform benchmark for vulcan, score 1083 and finally night raid with 1792, so it’s, definitely not a gaming machine, but that doesn’t mean we can’t test some stuff out on this. First up we have minecraft. This is the windows store version 12 chunks, fancy, graphics off, which actually didn’t seem to help much. You could probably turn that back on and get just as good performance, but we’re not quite locked at 60, at 12 chunks. You will have to drop this down to 8 chunks to get locked at 60, but overall i mean it’s doing a decent job, and this is a very well optimized game.

Next, on the list, we have half life 2 720p low. We averaged 81 fps out of this one. I knew it was gon na run well at 720p and we’re sitting at low right now, but you could turn some of this stuff up to medium and still get a decent frame rate and finally, for pc gaming. We have the original skyrim uh, unfortunately, it’s not doing a great job. We got a maximum of 33 fps out of it and an average of 28. so yeah. This is not playable on this machine. Moving over to some emulation, this 4125 actually does a pretty decent job, and if you wanted to do n64, it will but first up we have dreamcast using the redream emulator and upscale to 1280 by 960., moving over to psp, using the standalone version of ppsspp we’re. At 3x resolution this is tekken 6 using the vulcan back in. I also tested directx 11, and it seemed to work just as well. Not all games are going to be playable at 3x. When it comes to things like chains of olympus, you will have to drop it down to one, but it will run at 60. and finally, here the dolphin emulator. Whenever i test the j4125, i usually go with some lower end gamecube games and they seem to run well at the native resolution using the vulcan back in so for this one. I figured i’d test a wii game and it is running at full speed.

Now this game natively ran at 30fps and that’s. What we have here, so it does a decent job at emulation. But when it comes to native pc gaming, i mean there’s really not much that’s going to run on here at least newer games, older stuff’s, going to work, as you saw like half life 2, but now that we have a lot of different cloud gaming services. This thing should work out pretty well one of my favorites right now is xcloud or xbox game pass game streaming, whatever they’re calling it now, it is available for windows, and i have an xbox controller connected over bluetooth. Let’S get into a little bit of gameplay and see how this thing performs, and here we have it. I am connected over ethernet just to give me a better, stable connection here, and this little machine will handle cloud gaming, be it stadium, xcloud, as you see here, with gta, 5 or even geforce. Now, when it comes to total system power consumption from the wall using a kilowatt meter at idle, this only pulls 2.2 watts gaming 9.4 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall was 15.6 watts in my extreme test. So not only is this a totally silent, pc, it’s, a ultra low power pc also so overall, i think they’ve done a great job with this little mini pc. It is silent and the highest cpu temperature that i recorded out of this thing through all of my tests was 81 degrees celsius, and this thing idles around 36 degrees when it comes to performance.

Basically, this is all we’re gon na get out of the j4125. If we added another eight gigs of ram here, it’s, not gon na help out, we have plenty of ram with eight gigs going with this lower end celeron cpu. So if you’re, looking for a totally silent low power, consumption pc for web browsing, email, checking some light emulation and even some cloud gaming, the quieter two actually might be a good option for you, so that’s gon na wrap it up for this video. I really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in learning more about this or maybe picking one up, i will leave a few links in the description and, if there’s anything else, you want to see running on the quieter 2.