Yes, come hang out in the dark with me over here, Lily Lily. All the way over here, please, okay, yeah sure, hey Lily, uh, okay! No, yes, sir Ill wait Ill! Wait in my bed! Sure, oh and youre good, oh check this out. Sorry one second! This never happens to me. This is so awkward. Oh there you go. Ah youre dead, idiot, ah boom stupid ass. Oh the lights are off when the lights go down in the city and the sun. Hey hows it going toast. Why arent you fixing the lights. I dont know where the to go. Man also. I do this killed one. Oh my God. Oh my God. How did someone kill him in his own Lobby? Can everybody gather around here dude? We have limited amounts of time and we need to vote The Imposter off or we lose because there are two of them and if, if they dont die, you Ray you said sus, which means youre, not 100 sure because thats, what I Im a trillion, shes, not Sure wait: youre just pulling a low brow move right here. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Second, youre calling me an event. Oh, I know Rays a liar now. I know Rays a liar now. I know Rambo and Ray Im voting Ray. Oh its a draw. What wait this is big info. We can negotiate. What do you want? I can use dont negotiate with terrorists, what the hell? Okay, maybe we should negotiate with terrorists thats our negotiation.

All right lets do the killing Music him ready. I wasnt ready, okay, okay, what? What? What if what if and this is a fun idea, you guys, let me win, and I gift you a hundred Subs you, a hundred Subs you a hundred Subs, everybody gets a h. You know what guys we never talk anymore. What if we just sit and talk for another 24 seconds – oh man, howd, I get it again what what not no way dude. Why is he my partner again, what the oh, hey Ludwig? Are you trying to sit and play? Do you need some time to work on tag or something? Oh, no, its its working, its its working, fine lets hide in the corner and lets work on Tech together, like a private like a private Corner, what the what the hell happened! What what happened? I think I was about to be killed by who, by who, by who, ah I dont know that was just yeah. That was weird yeah theater kid energy. You know how it goes. Yeah vtubers am I right. Yeah hell, yeah youre right, youre right. It couldnt be us, couldnt, be us, we would never be we keep it classy, we keep it. Where are your hands right here? I can show you my hand too. Im gon na show you some hands yeah some hands. Whos. That behind me hey. Can you see my hands? No, no wait! Actually! Oh! I guess I cant see your hands either.

You cant see this. My my index finger is my wee wee right now, dude you see this. No, I dont see wait thats a good thats, a good one, though do you want to see this trick? Yeah whats up ready, everybody wants to be a hero, no hurt somebody. What oh? No all right, whos got two thumbs and a lot of information this guy. So listen up everybody, okay! Heres. What happened? I spent the early part of the round hanging out with my dear friend saikuno. He was having some technical issues, so I abandoned him right before I abandoned him. Iron mouse ran through and said, and I quote, somebodys trying to kill me. Ah then, sprinted through the lobby, sykuno in sikuno fashion, said well bloodwig, even though Im having some tech problems, I want to check it out my friend iron Mouse and then ran to follow her. What did I find in just a few short minutes after that? If it was not his dead body, so I suspect the pink zero eight. Well then, where did you go? Did you see him? Okay, it wasnt me. I swear yeah, nothing. I dont trust you Mouse, but we could skip. We could skip, but I wont I will vote for you to die because I dont trust you. I said you not trust me because saikuno is who I trust and love more, no offense. You know what I dont trust you. What am I supposed to do here? I think youre supposed to shoot the things.

What I dont see anything oh grandma, oh its time, Lily Laughter. I heard you on stream. Talking me for like 10 minutes straight thats up, wait, wait, wait! Wait! I didnt. Do that wait. Did I shot. I was at me talking on your dance moves. You said I was bullying you wait. How is that talking Lily? You are my number one bully Lily at the wedding. If streams are watching, no, no! No. What did you do at the wedding at the wedding at the wedding? She would go into groups of people shed, go into groups, you go to groups of people and then you would and then you would say, and then youd say nice suit. Nice suits nice suit and you tell everybody in the group: did a nice suit, except for me you had no tie. I admit it was a nice suit, though you stay right here, so you camped those you camp, this dead body right as my orders, and if anybody asks just say that you were shocked and awed by what you what you, what was displayed in front of you. Okay, I shall tell oh what um, oh okay, um. I was shocked and in awe what was in front of me wheres, the body toast. What did you see? I saw cork standing over iron, Mouses body, okay, because thats interesting, I saw Shoto standing over Lilys body. You were the one walking away from it. Oh, how dare you I was running to chase her not running away from her.

You walked down towards reactor and she was at the button said trust me theres. Nobody in this Lobby who had rather kill than Lily and theres, no one who had more chances to kill than Lily, but I did not kill Lily Pichu corpse. Why did you stand over a body with? I was shocked and did not at what was in front of me. You keep saying that, like its a defense, get him out of here. Wow scum was imposter nice guys its. Why all right six seconds and I kill someone – and I win – oh my God Laughter Ill – probably try that next time yo its like. Are you getting in on this Laughter, its rock paper scissors, but it takes us a while to get there like four times. Lily are you wanting convention about the amount of times Ive got imposter. No dont murder me in this corner. I would never mind I wish I wish I could murder you. I thought theres nothing more than what I want. Please dont murder me in this corner me too. You wouldnt, murder, me him, none of you, but both of you guys, wouldnt, kill me all right. You guys both like me. A lot were group were great friends. Imposters you wouldnt want to kill me if you were imposter those. What Im saying all right Lily is clear. Mouse is clear. Corpse is kinda clear. How do I know youre clear I voted.

I voted because even if youre imposter, it wouldnt be a threat. Oh Im running: oh you didnt even try to do reactor you didnt even try to do reactor. No, I heard the beep what the hell, how many sabotages do these people get theres? No way. Applause lets, go crazy, Billy come here. I know its you. You know what no its not I know its you howd. You know I did it. I just knew youd crack all right Ill help you no its not actually going to help you Ill help you its not. Actually me, though, wait actually: okay whyd, you say okay to helping you, then, because why would I admit its me? I mean you know what I mean. You are so bad at this. If it was you hypothetically, hypothetically pathetically, then what if you shes got to be the worst imposter I have ever seen in my life Ill. Do one more okay time lets win, lets win town hi for a second okay. I know its, you wait. How do you know you have a tablet whats my tell I think, but wait. I can hear it in your voice. I voice that I can hear the emotions in here youre, so bad at this lets have a truce, dont kill me. Okay lets do that truce and lets. You know what the way you can help me is by doing our tasks successfully, so lets go to Electric gather round the table, put a pillow, and then she lost me folks, please, John whats.

Your info wait a lot. I have some evidence right here. Oh yes, wait a little what if the evidence was a little lower? Oh, what a small piece of evidence. We were just doing like the same path yeah, but I think John might have been faking that task. No! No! No. He definitely I dont know he was really bad at Simon, says all right iron Mouse. Where were you at the end of the last round? She ran at us in a panic. Remember I dont know if I trust that Mouse my recommendation, death well guys. I have a weird question: Ludwig is trying to kill someone on seven with a vote. Oh thats, actually a good point. Isnt it sus that hes trying to kill someone on seven. I dont know I just didnt realize I I shouldnt realize I feel like thats using the conversation. Oh okay, a little bit my hand. Disconnected oh wait. Do you hear me yeah? I can hear you but my hands. Arent working, John dont kill me right. John dont kill me: I aint doing nothing. I cant I cant move, but your little feet now working. Oh no. What do you cant lose guys, no ones dying because love is the hand bro? No, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! So guys he was trying to vote someone out on seven literally, nobody dies the entire round, the second his hands break.

If its not him its really sus isnt it can you guys come closer. I cant hear you no, how about yo guys how about we skip on seven dont vote. Just come closer, no voting, Music, its John and corpse. He tried to kill us. He tried to kill us, oh Music. We did it boys, we did it.