Actually, weve got the user manual in a bunch of different languages. English, deutsche spanish, italian, french, russian, i believe and japanese. Let me see what else weve got oh its a little protector. This is the actual product itself, more protection, a lot of protection. Oh accessories right, so we have a power cable. I believe yeah power, cable and two hdmis. I will explain them in a moment and a bracket, so the brad does it. You want to connect this among this to your monitor and then you can use this small bracket to mount it. The hdmis are, if you mount it to your your monitor, you can use the small hdmi, so the long cable is it the long hdmi cable is. If you want to have this just sitting on your table, you can have it there and you can just connect this to your monitor, no problems so lets look at the actual little beast itself. So this is the gtr5 tiny, absolutely tiny its i mean if you compare it to the iphone 12 pro its, not much bigger right. Okay, because let me see at the back, so we have two lan ports. Here we have your power port uh, hdmi, display port. Two usbs and two usb 3.0, a lot of heat dissipation. We have your power button. We have your reset button, another usb 3.0 uh, usb type c and your phone jack – and here you have two microphones so here the fingerprint sensor is actually for locking and unlocking your pc.

You can have a hard drive inside here and then inside here you have your ssd and your ram and to take this out, you just unscrew these little. All these rather large screws, actually screws are relatively large Music, so the reason ive opened this up is because this is actually a copper, heatsink uh coated in nano coating for better heat sinking, basically to transfer the heat away from the cpu, which is underneath here, which Im not going to open okay, so this is the crucial 32 gigabit ddr4, and this is the kingston, a 2500 gig. Okay – and here you have a thermal pad – and this will actually transfer the heat from your ssd to this outer casing – and i know it says, hard drive here – you can install the hard drive inside here um, but the heat will transfer through this casing and out Through the actual mod that way, it will reduce the heat of your ssd and this casing for the hard drive it actually will reduce any vibration from the hard drive and also any sound uh. Usually, you will have some noise coming from your hard drive when it starts working, so this will help reduce that sound, and so the hard drive casing will actually stop any interference from the hard drive to your cpu and also for any noise that you might. You know usually hear from a normal hard drive. It will also stop that now.

I am. This is actually really quite easy, its not as difficult as it looks, and the ram is dual slot ram, so you can upgrade your own ram, actually, Music, easy, peasy. Okay, okay, so ive just ran the cpu z and i can see the core speed is fluctuating between 2500 and about 3 000., and you can see the video is running perfectly. No skipping, no lagging okay, so now were gon na benchmark the ssd. This is a kingston a2500 gig lets go uh here we can see the read and the right, the steeps okay, so we finished now so overall, its got a 3400 score and for the reading is 1400 and for the writing is 1200.. You can see in 4k. It will read 50.57.27 megabits per second, and the writing will be 156 megabits per second for the 4k 64th thread its 1100 and for the writing. It is 900.. Okay, so now were gon na run cinebench, so the final score was 4497, which puts it on the leaderboard, a fourth place below the rising threadripper below a 16 core processor. This is the 9000 uh ryzen, 9, 5, 900 hx, okay, so im going to play a little game just to have a look at the fps and the cpu, and so you can see the fps is 31 cpus, 51c, pretty good 33 on the gpu, only 45 Degrees really really good and its good quality. You know Music such a small product as well.

Its really beautiful, okay, so lets connect some bluetooth devices turn on your bluetooth device. Go to your bluetooth. Settings select, bluetooth, Music and you can add a bluetooth connection here and you select your bluetooth and whatever mine is already connected, so i can disconnect it remove the device and remove the device and then next search for device bluetooth see my bluetooth device here is connecting Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, small design, has always been your passion fast gaming has always been your passion.