We’Ll talk about amd business series of laptops and guys i actually have three of them. This is from lenovo that’s the thinkpad series uh. Then i also have a high end: ultra light uh, one from hp that is known as the pro book, and we also have one more same from hp. But again, as you can see uh, this is in a very different form factor. In fact, i have made my notes on this one and guys before we proceed. I want to make it very clear that this video is being sponsored by amd india and thanks to them i’m able to make this video because of the input that they have given, and these laptops are actually a little bit different compared to normal consumer laptops. Actually, these are designed for businesses and enterprises, you might ask: why are they it’s called business laptops and how are they different from regular laptops that we get? These also run on. The amd are ryzen 4000 series that we have seen in the consumer, but these are actually different chips and if you notice these come with the amd ryzen pro chips, as you see from this screenshot – and these chips are a little bit different because in businesses uh, The requirements are a little bit different. For example, security is a very important concern for businesses uh, so these amd uh. What do you say? Chips actually amd calls this amd pro security. They have multiple layers on the hardware that is chip itself to ensure security.

For example, as you can see from the screenshot, they have this thing called amd memory card which actually actually offers full memory encryption. For example, if you notice let’s say this is the laptop you’re having uh you casually are just working on it and, as you can see, i logged in i’ll show you these laptops later on uh. But if you just put it like this right now, the laptop is in speed and your data, for example, it might be your authentication data or the apps and stuff that you’re working that would be in memory in general. Regular laptop. This is actually not encrypted, but because of this pro series, processors, actually, that data is also encrypted – and this is actually very important for corporate users. Uh there might be projects on which your company might be working for a couple of years and again with corporates and stuff. They are in big team, so many people might be using it, and the security is very, very important, even let’s, say uh. If the laptop is stolen, uh the data on that shouldn’t be retriable. So again it even offers this memory protection by encrypting the same as you can see from these screenshots and amd calls this the amd pro security uh. It also has hardware level root security, uh security. It has to have a lot of layers, for example, if you are making a secure laptop. Yes, amd provides that security at the chip level uh, but again they also have to actually work with these oems.

Like what do you say, this is lenovo. This is hp, etc to have security even at the hardware level uh. For example. All these laptops have biometric security again, that is also secured and they also work with the operating system level. So again, as you can see from the screenshot, it has multiple layers of security because security as i’ve told you is very, very important again, as you can see from this screenshot uh again, they work with different oems, as you can see, for hb, as i’ve told You it has the hp, secure about hp, sure, check and again in special chips, again that’s the same thing even with this level laptop, so they work both at the. What do you say hardware level uh with the oems, to make these very secure laptops. Also, another thing that is important for businesses is uh again. This is not an important thing. If you are just a consumer, you are the user and any troubleshooting etc. You might do it but let’s, say it’s, an organization, big organization, they have let’s, say deployment of 800 900 laptops and they they have a specific software or something let’s say: they’re uh. They found a security, vulnerability or something, and they have to immediately patch it it’s. Not possible for them to just go to every computer, their ide guy and patch it so remote uh. What do you say? Logging in is very important and again amd also offers this amd pro manageability uh.

So again that not only offers what you say imaging and what do you say, patches and stuff, but actually, even if your operating system is not bootable uh, the id staff can actually log in and fix it and they can even re image the operating system. So again, these sort of remote. What do you say? Accessibility management is very important for big organizations, and these pro series of laptops do offer. Actually that, and also these are again business ready solution, as you can see from these screenshots uh. What does this mean? The first it says business ready. It also has enterprise uh grade uh. What do you say? Uh reliability? That means these. All these laptops are designed to run 24 by seven reliability. So you can power them on continuously and work and then also they’ll work and all these chips actually have three year warranty. So these are some of the unique things that are offered for this pro series and again you might be asking uh in what flavors do we get as you can see from this screenshot uh it’s, the latest ones, are the amd ryzen 4000 series for these business Laptops – and these are based on that 17 nanometer process and with that 15 watt tdp again, if you uh guys recall, i had tested some consumer, these laptops with amd 4000 series of processors that’s the 4500u and 4700u, and they had incredible battery life because of the 10 nanometer process that’s the same case even with this one, but as these are pro series processors, these are slightly different.

In fact, all these processors are enabled, with simultaneous multi threading and on the high end ones, that i have actually it’s. Eight core 16 thread processor that we are having in fact it’s available in these three variants. As you can see, the amd ryzen 7 pro amd ryzen 5 pro and on the budget range amd ryzen 3 pro. But now you might ask: how do these amd processors compare to the intel counterparts? Generally, you could say the ryzen 7 could be compared to the core i7, the ryzen 5 to the core i5 and the ryzen 3 to the intel core i3 – and here are some of the laptops. So let’s have a closer look at these laptops now so guys. Here are the laptops: this is the lenovo thinkpad and we have the two hp laptops. We’Ll have a look at this one. First, because uh, you know, the theme part is a legendary, laptop and uh again you we have seen this with a lot of business executives. Uh, so we have this, this is the x13 model that we are having and all of the laptops that i have are the high end models guys uh with the high end ryzen 7 pro as we were talking, uh that’s, the 4750? U processor that we are having and, as you can see, uh this has the legendary uh. What do you say? Keyboard it’s, very good. We also have this thumb and a proper trackpad and stuff uh.

This is not a truly a convertible, but can go up to this angle and if you notice the viewing angles are purposely kept. If you just move it a little bit, it fades away, and this is again for security reasons, guys let’s, say you’re working outside somebody. Who’S even sitting on the side for him, the screen will be hardly visible. So these are some of the things that are done. Build quality is really good on this laptop and i actually uh i’m gon na just gon na show you uh this one and with cpuz, because the other two are also having the same exact processor. Again guys. This is a laptop, so you can configure uh with even the ryzen 5 pro etc. So what i’ll do is i’ll leave the link in the description for all these ones and, as you can see here clearly it says if i zoom in. Let me zoom in it clearly says that this is having that amd. Ryzen 7 pro uh processor, uh that’s, based on seven nanometer process and it’s eight core 16 thread that we are having that’s the 4750. U that we are having this specific variant is having 16 gigabytes of ram again: it’s, configurable to 8, etc, uh so that’s. What we have – and let me just zoom out and graphics, is internal amd radeon. I also run some benchmarks so that you could get a brief idea and i ran the popular scenic bench.

Uh uh. What do you say, r20 and, as you can see, we got a score of 2858, which is actually pretty good for cinebench r20. You can download the cinebench r20 on your laptop and run it uh. So that gives you an idea. I also run the latest uh cinebench r23. This is the latest one, and here we got a very impressive score of 7137 on this one. So again, to give you an idea, this is a very powerful a laptop. I also run geekbench five. So here are the score: single core is one one: four: zero and multi core. We got a score of five five uh five three, so these are the scores and very good again. This is a sort of a top high end laptop. It has ssd and everything and again guys, as these are business laptops again, the build quality is really good uh. I would call this a thin and light, and again all these are business laptops. It comes with windows, 10 pro professional pre installed and all of them have authentication and effects actually has two types of authentication windows: hello is there and even a fingerprint scanner, as you can see, it’s over here, i’ll just use the fingerprint scanner, but windows. Hello is also also there because these are business, centric, uh, laptops, uh, so very good, uh laptop, i would say – and again we know this thing part series uh is used a lot with business users so that we have, in this compact form factor uh.

Next, if we look at uh, this is the hp pro book. Uh 635 arrow – and this has to be a very, very light laptop. It says the pro book and you can actually configure this laptop to be as low as in weight to just one kilogram. Now again, we have the high end spec uh version of this one again has a good keyboard, a good track pad again it’s known as the pro book, and this one also, if you notice, has a fingerprint scanner again protected by hp. Sure start as i’ve told you, these are business, centric laptops and, if you are noticed actually uh, the login was done via the ir camera on this one uh it has the ir camera, as well as the fingerprint scanner, just like the lenovo one. But one thing to note is that it has the same processor so in terms of benchmark it’s going to be very similar uh. But the thing is that if you notice uh the ports, you have two usb ports, one headphone jack over here uh. But if you notice, we have a full hdmi, uh uh, or what do you say, port and a usb type c port, but we also have a sim slot on this specification again. This is a business centric laptop, so it has 4g lte support. So that way, it is a very different and again the big pro of this one is the weight for business executives uh, who require the least weight and the most power.

This is the one for, but again this is a little bit of the pricey side, so i’ll just keep this one to the side, and this is also from hp if you notice – and this is also known as the pro book – but this is the 360 degree Uh model again it’s, slightly bigger and slightly on the heavier side, has the same processor that’s, the amds ryzen 7. Pro again, you can configure it and i’m just going to use the fingerprint, but this one also has that windows ir and if notice, it’s, just logged – and i was just using this document – i’ll just minimize and all of these laptops actually come pre installed with uh Microsoft, office and windows 10 pro uh this one. If you notice the screen is a little bit different on this one. Actually, this one is having a glossy type screen. So again, if you move this side, it will not fade. That was not the case with the others for the lenovo, as you just saw so again, uh this one uh. The big difference of this one is that uh. This is a 360, for example. We can use it like a regular laptop, but you can just fold it like this and use it in the tablet mode, also or in the tent mode, like i was using when you’re shooting the video like this and again. This is a touch screen and this one actually comes with a proper pen, so you have that stylus support also on this one.

So these are some of the different variants of these laptops that you are getting uh with for this amd business, centric laptops again. All of them are very good, but again each has its strengths and weaknesses, as you saw uh the, but the big thing is that all of these laptops have incredible. Battery life amd is claiming closer to about 17 hours of battery life, but realistically you can get anywhere from 10 to 12 hours and that is actually really good and that’s thanks to the uh processor that’s, based on the seven nanometer process. So again, these were the three laptops that i had and overall these are really good. What i’ll do is i’ll leave the link of all these laptops in the description, so that you can check it out so guys that’s it for now for this video. I know this was a very different kind of a video, but i hope you found some information useful, so guys do. Let me know what do you feel about the same anyways guys that’s it for now, thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button.