Just a few days ago, Nvidia announced that the price of the RTX 2060 is dropping down to 300 USD an obvious move to compete with the upcoming 5600 XT, which will be starting at 280 USD. Its. Yet to be seen how many models of 2060 will actually lower down to this price, though, but the founders edition and a few others are available for 300. AMD, also made an interesting move that you may not have heard about. When the 5600 XT was announced recently At CES 2020 the specs listed it with a 150 watt TDP and effective memory speed of 12 Gbps.. A few days ago, I received a BIOS update for the Sapphire Pulse, which increases the TDP to 160 watts, with higher clock, speed and memory to 14 Gbps. So essentially, theyre overclocking the card., While this may sound great because its essentially free performance, as this was a late change, Im thinking its likely that if you buy a retail card early on youll, probably need to apply the update yourself as presumably these things were with Retailers ready to go before the update was available., Its also not clear yet which models will get the update, because if you have an entry level, 5600 XT that doesnt have adequate cooling, then it might not be possible. Its a pretty weird situation and I wouldnt be Surprised if the mess results in some reviews showing lower 5600 XT performance than others as theyre kind of splitting it into two different specs.

Ive done all of my 5600 XT vs RTX 2060 comparison testing with the new BIOS update in place, but well also check out Performance with the old BIOS later so you can see the difference. It makes. The system that Im testing with has an Intel i7 8700K CPU overclocked to 5GHz on all cores in an MSI Z'0 ACE motherboard, along with 16GB of DDR4 3200 CL14 memory in dual channel.. You can check the links in the description for details on all of the components as well as for up to date, pricing. Testing was done with the latest Windows 1909 fully up to date and with the latest versions of Nvidia and Radeon drivers available at the time Of testing, so with all of that, out of the way lets get into the results. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare was tested in campaign. Mode. Ive got the 1080p results on the lower half of the graph and the 1440p results towards the upper half.. In this test. Its a win for the 5600 XT, which was scoring around 3 higher average FPS over the 2060 at 1080p, increasing to an 8 lead at 1440p., Its a different story in Control. This time the 2060 was coming out ahead of the 5600 XT. In terms of average frame rate. The 2060 was 6 faster at 1080p and 10 ahead at 1440p., Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool and the 5600 XT was back in the lead here, granted only with a slight 1.

6 lead at 1080p increasing a little to 3 At 1440p., Battlefield V was tested in campaign mode and was another win for the 5600 XT, at least in terms of average FPS, as the 2060 was ahead in terms of 1 low performance, so less dips and a little more consistent. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was Tested with the games benchmark tool and the results were very close here with the 2060, just a single frame ahead of the 5600 XT at both 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Apex Legends was tested with all graphical settings at maximum, and this game really seemed to prefer the Rtx 2060.. At 1080p, the 2060 was almost 5 faster, and this rose to a bigger 10 boost at 1440p.. In terms of 1 low performance at 1080p. It was the same with either card. Then, at 1440p there was a nice 11 boost with the 2060. Borderlands, 3 was tested with the games benchmark tool and, unlike the last game, this one seemed to really favour the 5600 XT.. At 1080p, there was a large 16 higher average frame rate on the 5600 XT, lowering a little to a 13 lead at 1440p.. Fortnite was tested using the replay feature with the exact same replay file used for all testing.. This was another win for the 5600 XT, which was 6.6 ahead of the 2060 in average FPS increasing to a 10 lead when we step up the resolution to 1440p. PUBG was also tested using the replay feature with the same replay file.

Again. Ive found this game to preference the green team in the past, and that was no exception. Here. At 1080p, the 2060 was 6 faster than the 5600 XT in terms of average FPS. Lowering a little to a 4 lead at 1440p. Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested using the built in benchmark.. The results were extremely close together in this test, honestly within margin of error territory. Without an obvious, clear winner.. The Witcher 3 saw some interesting results. The average FPS was higher with the 2060. In my test, however, there was a larger improvement to the 1 low performance with the 5600 XT. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested using the built in benchmark and the 2060 was ahead again in terms of average FPS granted. The difference was quite small, with just a one to two FPS lead over the 5600 XT.. There was a bigger difference noted in the 1 lows, though, where the 2060 saw bigger, 7 to 8 gains. Overwatch was tested in the practice range. So, while not quite the same as actual gameplay, it allows me to perform the same test pass more accurately, which is ideal for comparison purposes. At 1080p, the 1 low results were very similar. However, the 5600 XT had a 5 higher average frame rate increasing to an 8 boost at 1440p.. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the games benchmark tool.. The results were a bit strange here. At 1080p, the averages were almost the same with a higher 1 low on the 5600 XT, but then at 1440p the 2060 now had better 1 low performance and also with a 4 higher average frame rate.

But in the end, I doubt youd notice these differences when actually playing. Ive tested CSGO with the Ulletical FPS benchmark, because that one time I didnt include it, people got mad.. The 5600 XT was clearly ahead in this game, with a 10 lead at 1080p, rising up to the biggest improvement out of all games tested at 1440p. With a 20 higher average frame rate. Over all 15 games tested, the RX 5600 XT was just 1.7 faster than the RTX 2060 at 1080p.. As you can see, though, it really depends on the specific game, but out of this selection, I usually test with the 5600 XT was winning more than it lost. In many games. The results arent actually that far apart, I think youd have a hard time actually noticing a practical difference in many cases. At 1440p, the average improvement seen with the 5600 XT increases slightly to 2.2.. The results at this resolution varied more so than at 1080p. With some games like Apex, Legends and Control favouring the 2060 while Fortnite, Borderlands, 3 and CSGO really seemed to prefer the 5600 XT. Despite the 5600 XT performing better in the majority of games, the 7nm architecture seems to be more power. Efficient. Ive tested a couple of games in The Witcher 3. The 2060 was actually outperforming the 5600 XT in terms of average FPS. However, in Call of Duty, the 5600 XT was performing better, but in both instances the system with 5600 XT installed is still using less power from the wall.

, As both cards have different cooling solutions. I havent looked at thermals as it would be less of a fair comparison.. Now, for the final difference, the price. You can find updated prices linked in the description. At the the time of recording the RX 5600 XT is launching at 280 USD while Nvidia recently lowered the price of the RTX 2060 to 300 USD, which is around 7 more Money. As weve seen on average, the 5600 XT was performing better in most games. Granted, it will depend on the specific game, but it was doing this while using less power than the 2060, but perhaps most importantly, were getting all this for less money too. So its looking like a nice all round win for the 5600 XT. To be fair, though I dont yet know the actual price of the 5600 XT Pulse Im testing with here, I wouldnt be surprised if the 280 price point is for entry level cards that arent Capable of the BIOS update to boost performance, however, this is also the lower end of the price scale available for the 2060 too. A benefit the RTX 2060 has is well right there in the name RTX., If you care about ray tracing youre. Currently, out of luck with AMDs options., Despite the first RTX cards launching in 2018, we still only have a handful of games with the feature, but this is expected to increase in the future.. In my personal opinion, ray tracing is meant to be a cherry on top something you use when youre already using high settings to make things look even better, but when doing this on the 2060 in many cases, performance does get reduced significantly so often youll be using Rtx with lower graphical settings which to me doesnt, really seem worthwhile.

, It varies by game, but for actually getting good performance with many titles with ray tracing enabled youll probably want to look at the 2070 or 2080. Purely with ray tracing in mind. I wouldnt personally consider the 2060 but thats just me, so I wouldnt factor that in when picking between these two options. By the time, its more widely available well probably have better performing hardware from both AMD and Nvidia than the entry level 2060 experience.. If you care about ray tracing, then between the 5600 XT and 2060, the 2060 is your only real option. However, as weve seen, it costs more uses, more power and doesnt perform as well. On average in the games, Ive tested. Before we wrap up lets. Take a look at how the 5600 XT performed before the BIOS update. Im, not sure if all cards will have the update available, so this data may or may not be useful. In Red Dead Redemption 2. We can see that with the old BIOS the 5600 XT was behind. However, with the new BIOS in place, the performance improvement was quite significant and without it the RTX 2060 would have performed better in this game. In Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, the 5600 XT with old BIOS, was a little behind the 2060. At 1080p, though, it was slightly ahead at 1440p, but either way with the update in place its clearly out in front. In control. The 2060 was still coming out ahead of the 5600 XT, even with the new update applied, but without the update it would have been a much bigger loss.

As Im making this video before the launch of the 5600 XT. I dont know if all 5600 XT graphics cards will get this update. If they dont well, as weve. Just seen that kind of changes the story. Given the 5600 XT won by such a close margin in the 15 games, Ive tested, I wouldnt, be surprised if the 2060 ended up coming out in front. If we were comparing it to the original 5600 XT spec., It would have been better if AMD just took advantage of the overclocking headroom and offered this performance out of the box from the start. But instead it looks as if theyve scrambled last minute to counter the price drop of the 2060, and if customers are expected to update the BIOS on their new GPU, then thats going to be a pretty crap out of box experience.. If theyve replaced the 5600 XT cards on shelves before they went on sale with updated versions, then Ive got much less of a problem with that. But yeah right now, its just too early for me to know well have to see how things develop from here.. So with all of that in mind, which would you pick The Radeon RX, 5600 XT or Nvidia RTX 2060, Let me know in the comments and if youre new to the channel consider subscribing for future comparisons and tech.