I had a pick one up and review it for all of you, so this is it here, the fire seven. They call this one. This is a 50 dollar device running the Android fire operating system, which is a fork of Android and I’m gon na get into some of the differences in a minute. So you definitely want to watch and make sure that you know what you’re getting into with this. But this is actually a pretty nice value for the price. Now there’s there’s a little caveat to this, and that the lockscreen here will sometimes show an advertisement. I haven’t seen any yet, but it will eventually show advertising on the front screen, and that is a way to subsidize the cost and that’s one of the things that amazon can do given their size is. They can produce a tablet for this price that actually has some decent build quality to it, but you will be seeing some advertising. You can pay an extra 15 dollars and get rid of that screen completely, which is something you might want to do if you don’t like the ads, but they’re going to be very non intrusive. Now this is an IPS display, which is a little bit higher quality. A lot higher quality than i’ve seen on other low cost android tablets. You might find on amazon, so really good. Looking display, it looks good in either orientation the viewing angles aren’t as good as i’ve, seen on other IPS displays, but it’s good enough, especially when you’re looking pretty much straight on with it.

It’S got very nice color on it, not as good as a higher end device will be, of course, but much better than expected, which is a good thing now. This has got a quad core processor at one point three gigahertz, they did not say what processor it is, will have to do a little further research on that, but I’ve seen it performing pretty close to where the low end of the cell phone market is so I’M sure they’ve got a similar processor in here only a gigabyte of RAM, so the memory is a little short, so that’s going to be an issue for higher end games, but you’re not gon na play a lot of higher end games on a 50 tablet. So for the things that it’s designed for it’s going to do just fine with that amount of RAM on board. So just keep that in mind as we going through only eight gigabytes of internal storage. But if you do install a SD card, a micro SD cards into the side here on the slot underneath this door, it will install all the apps and take pictures and anything else that you download into the device will go on to the card and not into The main memory, so you will have some flexibility. There word up to 128 gigabyte memory card, so you really do get some options for augmenting the very limited storage that’s built in so it’s only about five gigabytes available.

But if you have an extra card laying around pop it in and the device will use that if you pop the card out you’ll have to reinstall the apps either onto internal memory or install a different card and reinstall the apps on to that. So if the card pops out you’ll see a dimmed out icon, but you won’t be able to use it there not much else on the hardware side, though it’s pretty basic transportation here, but on the top here you have your volume rocker a headphone microphone jack. It sounds okay, it’s, not the best sounding audio here, but it’s it’s, good it’s, not noisy or anything. It does sound. I have halfway decent. You know not as good again as higher end devices will, but if you’re not an audiophile you’ll be fine with that little microphone on here for having web conversations. You’Ve got a USB port for charging, but it also supports the OTG standard, so you can plug in devices that support OTG, so there’s memory cards. You can even get an adapter and plug in a keyboard or a mouse, or something like that, if you so choose and of course, you’ve got the power switch there, a 2 megapixel camera on the back. This is nothing to shout out here, it’s this. A very, very basic camera, something you might have seen in a smartphone, maybe seven or eight years ago, so not very good camera, but good enough.

It’Ll take video at 720p, but it’s, not very good as a photography device and there’s a little VGA camera here on the front. Now it has Wi Fi built in it connects just fine to my home network. Here this isn’t, the real high speed super fast Wi Fi on here, but it is good enough for the price tag. It also has bluetooth on board too, which is something that you don’t often see on these 50 tablets. So you can connect keyboards mice and other Bluetooth devices like headphones up to it. Also so a pretty nice complete feature set for the price and I’m pretty happy with that, and this is running the Amazon version of Android, and that means things are going to look. The same but may not function the same, especially when it comes to the apps you may have purchased on the Google Play Store. So this does not run Google Play. It runs the Amazon, App Store now there’s, many of the same apps like Netflix, and everything else that you might be accustomed to. But you have to install them and buy them in many cases through the Amazon store and you will not be able to get access to your Google purchased apps very easily, if not at all. There probably are some ways to kind of have these to make it work, but that’s gon na be something out of reach of most consumers. So if you have a lot of purchase, Android apps, you want to run on another tablet: you’re not going to get them to run here without rebind them.

Although many of the free apps like neck, like Netflix and others, are available, the big thing that’s missing for me, are all the Google apps that I’ve grown accustomed to like Gmail and YouTube and all those things that I’m using a lot on my other Android devices. They’Re not on here there are equivalents, though so you do have, of course, an email application that Amazon wrote specifically for their tablets here. So you can get at your Gmail here and look at things, but it may not be the same experience as what you might have with the Gmail app on Android. They do also have like these little web links and you can get from the App Store. So, for example, for YouTube here this is actually running the web version of YouTube, but it makes it into a little app. So you have you kind of get that feeling of what it’s like to run the the YouTube app without having to go out and install a Google app that won’t run on here. So you can go fullscreen with these things, but the performance isn’t. All that great! The resolution on the videos doesn’t look all that great and it’s also a lot of room here on the screen too. So it’s not really filling the screen up either. When you’re playing back these videos, it might be an aspect ratio thing. This is a 1024 by 600 display, so I might just be having a hard time getting the video to kind of fill out the window here, but yeah just you know, there’s going to be some differences between what you can do on one of these Amazon Android Tablets versus one that you might get from Google, so if you’re very much invested in the Google infrastructure, you might want to look at getting a Android device versus a fire device.

But let’s take a look, though, and see how some of those apps do run on here now. The good news is a lot of Android. Apps have made their way over to this device to through the Amazon store, so we do have Netflix and Plex and others and I’ll play back some Netflix here real quick. So you can see how well everything performs, but it does stream up very quickly over Wi Fi here the video quality looks pretty decent for the screen size and it is running at a decent framerate also. So it is a pretty good. You know multimedia experience and it’s, something that is not a bad deal for 50 bucks and if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you get access to all of the prime content also, and that of course is where Amazon is going to want to steer you towards All the time I also tried a little bit of a higher end game here. This is goat simulator, so we can get a feel for how this runs here and you can see our little goat is running around and a razor actually aren’t too bad on this. So I don’t know if there may be tuning settings to make this work well with this tablet. But this actually wasn’t a bad experience playing goat simulator on here, which is a little bit more demanding and more of a 3d open world kind of thing, and it does seem to be running pretty nicely there’s it on the 3d bark benchmark test.

We got a score of four thousand six hundred and fifty seven puts it in line pretty much with the low end Moto G phone, so it performs pretty much where you’d see other low end devices perform, but we’re at a much lower price point, and one last Thing to look at, and that is its performance with Kodi, which is an excellent multimedia playback application. Now Kodi is not available on the Amazon App Store at the moment, but you can download it directly from their website as an apk file, and what we can do on here is actually install it directly. Just like we would on an Android device. So you can see this is the Android version installing right now on this Amazon Kindle tablet so we’ll. Let that install we’ll boot it up and we’ll see how it performs. Now. One of the things I like to do with these cheap tablets is to see how well they might be able to playback blu ray files. This is a 1080p blu ray MKV file playing over the network, so, as you can see, it’s rather slow it’s not running at a very decent framerate. These tend to be very demanding kinds of movie files that you might throw at one of these things with cody’s that we’re not really not going to get there with the high end stuff, but a lower end, video files. You know mp4 files, things that might come off your camera phone or something will play much better because those blu ray files are very large, a very high bitrate, in other words, a lot of data flowing through to really give you that very crisp picture quality.

So those kind of files won’t play well on here, but again the things that are compressed down pretty far that you might have will run fine Plex certainly works very well on here too now, Amazon rates, the battery life on this device to about seven hours or So I believe that for web browsing and email and and Kindle book reading, maybe but definitely not for gaming. So if you are, you know giving this to a kid. Who’S gon na play a lot of games on it. The battery will drain a lot faster when you’re doing things like goat simulator that will tax the processor and GPU the graphics processor more than, of course, a Kindle book will. So they make compromises for hitting that price point, and that does mean it will have a smaller battery than you might see in more expensive tablets. The big the big compromise is its 90 day warranty, which is much less than we’ve seen on other tablets. Of course, those other tablets with longer one year, warranties cost more so again, that’s part of the calculus here that they make when making a 50 tablet. So after 90 days, if something happens to it, whether you did it or just breaks on its own you’re going to have to foot the bill for repair or replace it, I would think probably replacement is probably the best options. I can’t see I repair costing less than 50, so I just bear that out when you’re doing your shopping, they do sell them in six packs, though so you could maybe buy six and keep five and reserve, or something like that.

So that is the 50 Amazon fire. Seven tablet I’ve been very impressed with this experience. Overall, I think it’s a very good value for what it is a nice display for the money. You don’t see this kind of display on inexpensive tablets typically, and it performs pretty well too. My big caveat here are the warranty of only 90 days and also the fact that any Google Play Store apps that you’ve bought before on another Android device. I will have to be repurchased in the Amazon App Store, because this does not run any of the Google services natively, so you’ll have to find those apps again on the Amazon store. So just keep those two things in mind, but those are not a big deal to you, it’s a great value and, I think, it’s definitely the best sub 50 Android tablet. I have tested to date, if you like this thing or looking at buying one. If you go to my link, LAN TV, slash fire, seven, you can buy it on Amazon through my affiliate link and that will also help out the channel.