So I have taken on the challenge of doing a complete custom painting where Im doing it on a blank canvas um and because its squares and I dont actually have that many square. Drills um my own fault, for jumping in and wanting to do the um, the custom painting um without actually thinking of the logistics, then um. I have gone ahead and Ive ordered from artdot um on Amazon for some spare Square drills, so they actually had an offer on this at the moment are taken out of the horrible rustly packet um. So you havent got to listen to that, but this is how its turned up, so the offer that they had on currently um is that they do, I think, its 447 colors and you get 200 of each now. This is not going to be enough for me to finish my painting, because obviously there are going to be colors in here. The um 200 is not going to be anywhere near enough. I have got um. Some have got a few spares in My Stash from my previous Square paintings, but yeah its definitely not going to be enough for me to be able to finish, but this is going to give me a good start now. What I wanted to do is Id show. You the reason why Im doing this, so this is a little sneak peek at the um custom that Im doing so its a photograph that I used.

I used pixel Stitch to create myself a custom chart. Now it does come, you can print it out, which is what Ive done just for reference. It does come on these pages, but what I have done as well, which I will show you in this video also is – I have purchased a cheap Android. I say cheap, cheaper than any other tablet, a cheap Android tablet, so I can actually run pattern keeper. So I can have this pattern on the tablet rather than trying to work from the paper sheets so on here I actually have a list of all of the DMC colors and I was 88 for this pain. This painting is going to be 50.8 by 70. Sorry. 67.5 centimeters and yeah you can see on here here is a list of the um, the drills that I need, the ones with the ticks Ive ticked, to say yes, Ive got them or yes, Im going to have enough of them in um my order, the ones With the ticks on this side, Ive got them in my stash, but I may not have enough, and then the ones with the crosses are even with the 200 of them coming in here, I dont have any extra in my stash. I know that Im not definitely not going to have enough so um, I yeah Im kind of wanting to start it its for an event that starts on the 1st of May so its not as if I can put it off its for an event.

I want to take part in so Im just having to do it so anyway. This is this is where Im at, and this is the reason for this purchase because I wouldnt have purchased spare drills. I would have just built them up, but I really really really want to do this custom um for this challenge. This may um Im not sure if Im going to get these out um because they aint gon na go back in Im, not gon na kick them into my spare storage box. Just yet, and the reason for that is, I am waiting for some labels. Um Ive done a teaming order. Oh, why did they ship to the UK? They started shipping to the UK, which was the worst news for me. So I did a teaming order and Ive actually ordered some more DMC stickers, um and theyre square ones. So I have the round ones already and I had started using the round ones for my swear drawers as well, because the pack that I bought off of Amazon um actually came with um two. I dont know what Ive done with the other ones so um. These are the sheets, they actually come like this um and then all of the DMC colors they come with the stickers um but um. I there were two sets in the packet that I ordered, so I had started using the round ones the round stickers. But actually then I thought you know what um I want the square stickers, so I can differentiate and Ive also bought the heart ones as well.

So any a Bs that I get, I can use the heart ones. So this is the reason that Ive ordered um these Square drills from art dot. So they are packs of 200 and Im really reluctant to open these out, because I want to get them straight back in the box, so in here um. So I can see so weve got two two large um strips this is going to take forever to um. Get all of these kitted into my spares um and then so weve got yeah one in there one here, and I think this is just on one long train, so um at least Im not gon na have a whole load of loose packs. Let me see if these are in any particular order; um, I think they are so. This is five. Two hundred three eight six, six, three, eight six, five, three, eight six, four, three, eight six, three, eight, four, three, four, four, four, five, four, six, four, seven. Four. Eight four nine three, two five, oh so they are actually in DMC order, which is going to make my life so much easier. Um with getting these packets opened pop them into the little Zippy bags, um and Away in my storage box. Now I have said Im not sure whether Im going to be able to get these into my existing storage box or whether Im going to have to split out the rounds and the squares which wasnt going to be an issue initially um.

But obviously, because Im doing this custom it now may well be so those are the drills from art dot to be fair, so I didnt really mention about the quality to be fair. Looking at these, they are, they are acrylic drills. Now um, it was actually really difficult to find the information, because on the listing it said, high quality, drills and Im expecting those to have been resin, then um. But when I went into the um the actual details about the product – and it said material acrylic. So the answer is that these are acrylic drills. However, looking at these – and you can tell as well because youve got the dips in the bottom, looking at these, I cant initially, I cant see any trash in there. I havent seen any Hitchhikers in there and they look the facets on the top look to be really nice as well. So Im hoping um that this will kind of help me with my custom and obviously Ill have loads of colors left over for other Customs as well and um will then just help me build my spares of squares. So those are the spare drills, Ive ordered, and then I also ordered and Im a bit unhappy. Because can you see how warped this is and its the plastic its not even how its transported that plastics, too tight on this cardstock, so Ive ordered I have ordered, should I say, um Ive ordered a pack of A3 white card.

Excuse me well have a sip of my tea um, its a 50 pack and its 160 GSM. The reason Ive ordered this is because this is what Im going to be doing my diamond painting on so I am not doing it on a canvas and Im gon na. Do it on A3 card and Im then going to piece them together and then put them in a frame? So for me to be able to do this um at home, you need a large format printer which luckily, because Im a scrapbooker, I have a large format. Printer also um, so what Im going to do is um? There will be a separate video on a tutorial on how to do this and Ill also show you all show goodness me Ill. Also, show you how you can print your own gridded canvas um at home on um A4, also eight and a half by eleven, so you can do either or but for me Im going to do it on A3, because Ive got a large format printer. So it makes sense for me to do that um, so I will come back with another another video on how to print a grid on this. In order to be able to do your own DIY canvas, you obviously are going to need some adhesive to use as well um. So I have purchased – and I havent shown this on a video, but I have purchased um some double sided.

These are double sided. Adhesive sheets um, I think there are 25 in here I think um and then all Im going to do is once my canvas is printed um is, I will then apply the double sided tape. On top its going to leave you naturally with a clear protective sheet, but again, you can pull it off and put um release paper on um. If that is something that you want to give a go and something youd prefer to work with. It is double sided tape and obviously not poured glue so its going to make it a little harder to complete this, but Ive done a double sided tape, one in square before and I got on fine with it so Im not too Im not too worried. Oops, apologies. If that made you uh a little seasick, then okay and then the last thing um that I purchased was the um. The tablet, so I know Im so drawn in this – is the problem. I know that I dont have to use pattern keeper for this, but I dont think I could well lets just move those bits out of the way its creating a bit of a shadow isnt. It sorry about that. I dont think I could sit there and work from this sheet to be able to complete my diamond painting this isnt a scale um, because one two, three four five yeah. If I was to print this um on an A4, then Id actually end up with seven lots of ten um drills across so this isnt to scale um.

In order to for you just to be able to print this out and do it on here. But I couldnt sit here with my A3 bit of paper um and start adding my drills on with having to refer back to this. I dont think Id cope, so I have ordered this tablet. So, as Ive explained, I am in the Im in the Apple ether. Im stuck everything is, and everything is iOS um and it really breaks my heart. A pattern. Keeper is not available on um iOS. Currently, so I had no choice um, but to get an alternative I have explained, I did try to download it on. My oh Ive got like an old Kindle Fire. I try to download pattern keeper um or go through the steps of downloading it because its slightly more difficult on a Kindle um on a Fire tablet, but I tried to download it on there and because its so old you, it just wont it. It just wont work so um I had to buy the bullet and I didnt have to, but I did um and bought myself a tablet purely for thats, quite heavy. Actually, I have an iPad Pro, which is one of the larger ones and its probably. This is probably heavier than that so anyway, um so yeah. I um decided that I would treat myself to a tablet um for the use of um generally the use of diamond painting only now.

Obviously there could be an added benefit of being able to just set this up and have because my iPad stays upstairs set this up and just have it um. I could watch YouTube on it and stuff like that, so um there could be other advantages. Also, you can have external memory on this which you can on the iPad. So if I am potentially, if Im going away on holiday – and I want to take um some downloaded um, if I want to download some stuff on Netflix or anything like that, I could potentially download it on here with a bigger memory available. Um because Ill soon run out of space on my iPad, when I do that, so we have this now this is um Im, not sure the name of the actual company, it did say it did say on Amazon for inquiries, please email, oh sh! Oh so, okay, the company shazen your Fang digital technology, co limited okay, so I did have a look at the this wasnt the cheapest one, but I did have a look at the reviews on Amazon um and this had pretty good reviews. So originally it was 80.. Let me remember this actually because I thought it was 70 pound, but I think it was just under that it was 80 85 pounds I think originally, and then there was a 20 off voucher. You obviously got to worry about. Why is there money off voucher, but I did have a look at the reviews and the reviews were pretty good for this tablet.

Um one other thing that Im obviously going to need to get hold of is a case for it. Also. This is a 10 inch. Um a 10 inch tablet, one of the reviews did say well to be fair. One review said the camera was awful and the other review said the camera was really good. Now, to be honest Im I dont need it for the camera, so Im not fussed about that. Now. Lets see if theres any charge in this at all. Oh so Im hoping that once Ive got this all set up um, then I will be able to download pattern keeper and get my um pattern sent straight over my PDF sent over um or upload. It should I say, and then I will be able to um use pattern keeper with my custom, my DIY painting so Im hoping its this slow purely because its the first time that its starting up, because normally I turn my iPad on and its ready to go Straight away, so, whilst thats booting up oh hi, there hi um, English um, is there English UK option lets see, choose your language lets just go with English, then okay and then Ill United Kingdom start come on. Here we go: oh its obviously not going to be able to connect to the Wi Fi, because I dont know what the Wi Fi is set up. Offline Ill, add the Wi Fi Ill. Add the Wi Fi afterwards.

Oh it thinks Im. In Los Angeles. I mean Id love to be, but unfortunately I am not and Im much closer to London uh. Where is London? Where are we? I just want GNT all British summer time as it is now uh am I being stupid. I probably am Los Angeles, some minus six minus five minus four British British summer time there we go um. It is not 1342, it is 14.55 um for oh wow whats going on here lets. Try that again, 14. 56.. 6. Oh 56, come on 55, 56. Okay um: is it when no its Thursday, the 27th of that one? Okay, next, okay and then Ill sign into Google um hello? Oh there we go uh set a pin Im just gon na. Do that? Okay, so Ive now got that all sorted and we have the um. Oh, I cant go into the Play Store just yet because I havent um, I havent, set up on the Wi Fi, but I will do, but I just wanted to give you a first look to see what its like, I dont, quite know. How I dont quite know how this all works yet so well that just locks the screen, so yeah Im not too sure on how I get back to the home screen but Im sure over time. I will figure this out and obviously Ill get pattern keeper all downloaded once Ive got the um internet um downloaded on it.

So in the Box, um comes a charging cable with a USBC um, which is the now just the standard charger, and it also comes with a handy wall plug as well, because I know sometimes you only get the charging cable and not the actual wall plug so That is Handy to be able to have that to plug it in. I have got USB sockets to be fair over all over the house, so um, I wont necessarily need that, but its always handy to have it um if the USBs are being used. So yes, this is my little unboxing of my new Android tablet, which is super heavy. I will say um my art Dot, drills, which I have got for my custom project and also the A3. Goodness me, the A3 cardstock as well lets move that out of the way and pop that on top, so those are my three little things that Ive picked up from Amazon and I look forward to um, showing you a little more of these. Obviously, when I kept these down into my storage when I print my custom um how I print my custom, um A3 grid and then also the use of the tablet um using the pattern keeper app. So thanks very much for joining me for todays video. As always, if youve enjoyed looking at the um, the bits and Bobs that Ive got um then and youve enjoyed, my video then give it a thumbs up.

If youre new here um be sure to hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell notification. So you are notified when I next upload and drop me any comments down below and Ill see you all again, next time, Music.