Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Review & Unboxing – EEVblog #220

How does Amazon’s new $199 Kindle Hearth 7″ pill stack up?


  1. Got one as a prize, used it to read books in bed until a year into ownership the screen started to act up. It would show lines, or would not show anything at all, then it would work just fine for a couple of hours. I kind of wish that I kept it.

  2. Ah, 2011 – when lack of tracking and facial recognition hardware was considered a downside. My Wun Hung-Lo Android tablet has GPS and cameras, and I keep them disabled.

  3. amazing that at 199 it was considered a loss leader, but 4 years later, we have the kindle at £35, which has 2 cameras, dual processor, micro sd slot, bluetooth and volume buttons, which is just amazing really

  4. What a car crash of a tablet ! Surprised they've actually managed to sell any. I suppose they get two stars for remembering to include a screen and battery…

  5. Your reviews are informative but that high pitch Aussie voice is like fingernails across a chalkboard. (Chalkboard: graphic illustration aid from caveman age) 

  6. the speaker point would be void for me, i'd be using headphones most of the time.
    despite the bad points i'll probably get one, mainly for the browser, PDF's and being in colour and i'll see if it will play some of the Mpeg movies from my capture card etc

  7. This video is long even though its long its worth your time loved it!!

  8. i laughed the whole time watching this video man you are funny the way you make this sound "i wanna get this app oh i cant get it" hahaha

  9. Your shirt really fits the video!

  10. To read books:) u game nerds go buy another tablet…

  11. It would be neat if you'd play this video on the next tablet/e-reader/whatever you review. Then, we'd see that device, playing a video of this device, playing the older kindle review.

  12. Great video–extremely informative. My new Kindle Fire (received as a gift) is being returned. Your review confirmed my issues w/ it–especially the wifi problems as mine never connected to my network. After hours of tinkering with settings and dwn-loading an update via my cell (it linked fine through my cell wifi), I gave up. Too much competition out there to burn calories fiddling with mediocre product. And it's heavy. Let's see what version 2 looks like.

  13. 1st gen fire. I'll wait for them to work out the kinks

  14. you are annoying im sorry. But good video

  15. does the background on the locked screen change to what ever u were on last or at random?

  16. @KBeno3000 Yes, seriously, I wrote that book.

  17. @TheChipmunk2008 It's due to licensing agreements with content providers. It's so they can milk as much money as possible out of every region. I hope this type of thing goes away as movie/television studios come to grips with the medium of streaming as a viable revenue stream.

    Although, there are ways around it…

  18. Dave, did you seriously write that book?! Aren't you married?

  19. I liked the idea of a $200 7' tabletl, but now I don't think I'll buy this. Too many limitations. Rather pay the extra dosh for a full android tablet.

  20. Love the review! I'm sure it's a different experience (somewhat) if you can actually get the content.

  21. You can use that thing for shaving.

    Great realtime analog mirroring action!

  22. WTF happened to your thumb? hahaha did you took it apart? hahaha

  23. @EEVblog I've always wanted an A4 or A5 electronic notebook with some sort of high-resolution stylus/display. It doesn't even need to be colour.

    I just hope Amazon know the Kindle is a winner because of its e-ink screen, rather than the Kindle Store or its price, etc. I remember the first netbooks booting in 10 seconds and being low power, but now they're just small laptops running Windows 7.

  24. You can't blame Amazon (or any company) too much in terms of content lockouts, since you know how media companies like to burn anyone's ass up who does anything with their property which they didn't explicitly clear. There's obviously lots of different companies' content involved. And then all those knuckleheads need meetings and junk to try and decide if it's okay. It might just take time to get it all done, and they can release the thing in the US while trying to sort that out with places.

  25. I don’t know the breakdown costs of the Fire tablet but was just using a similar type of product
    that I do know the costs of, it’s a 10 inch Chinese tablet with similar specs with a final build price of $35. I’m not saying that at $199 the unit is a rip off because there are many hidden costs that we don’t think of like logistics etc; also that magic number of 199 really works in our heads.
    Just hope they come up with an A4 b/w Eink tablet to store all our data sheets on.

  26. Pulse is a news reader.

  27. @brail207 How do you know this for sure? Do you work at Amazon and have access to the financials? It would not surprise me if they are making a bit of money on it. The "loss leader" rumor is a popular one, but is it true?

  28. @WakkoXtreme No, they can do what they like. I'll just call them dickheads.

  29. @pikuorguk It won't replace the e-ink kindle, ever. They aren't that stupid, the e-ink kindle is HUGE winner and they know it. If anything, a large e-ink tablet will eventually replace this, once they get fast enough for video.

  30. @Ephabia Yeah, I think you nailed it there.

  31. You know it's OK to show us your wifi password… it's not like we're going to camp outside your house stealing wifi.

    … we'd knock on the door and say "hello" instead 🙂

    I hope this Kindle doesn't replace their e-ink devices. I don't want an Android tablet with a colour screen, I want something I can read in the sun that runs for so long I forget about batteries.

  32. Nice video again Dave. Thanks.
    I see you've been doing some 'hammer-time' as your right thumb indicates.
    Hopefully the expletives didn't progress through the neigborhood 🙂
    The M.C Hammer song "Can't touch this" springs to mind about now…

  33. Dave… i'm disappointed. We don't turn it on , we take it apart.

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