This is a 20 000 milliamp hour battery uh bank or portable laptop charger can be used for USB and USBC all right. The brand is p o. I y t l, I dont know how you pronounce that I dont know anyways. This was relatively cheap. 50 bucks. So lets take a look. Okay, they have this sticker tape. On top I dont know: if somebody returned it, and then they taped it back up because you can see it got cut and then theres another sticker on top. I dont know if I can peel this off, so I guess well just cut it open. Okay, all right were gon na cut this just like that. Hopefully it cut all the way through there we go. Okay opens up like that. Theres a user manual here; okay, twenty thousand milliamp hours instruction for use uh in this English, and you can see oops theres. The model xhc js12. Okay, you can see the product diagram, theres, a USB C two USB As and two usbcs and then theres an on off button right and then theres an LED thing that shows the percentage of battery remaining heres, the product name power bank. All right, js12 model, 3.7 volts, 20, 000 milliamp hours all right power indicator; digital display, zero to 100, 21 700 uh battery cell uh, 5, 000 milliamp hours times; four, all right, Lithium, Polymer, so its like those battery flat packs, most likely right, uh, aluminum, alloy and Pc polycarbonate all right size, 5.

1 by 3 by 0.98 inches and the weight is 300 grams, so this is lighter than the other one I have um. I I just did a review on it. Ill actually show both side by side. So you can see once I finish this, you can see the input voltage all right, so you can use input. I guess on both USBC ports. I dont know if you can charge both at the same time but uh they do show here: okay and then they have the output voltages here, output USB voltage here, okay, you can see it supports, like apple and all these other things BC. 1.2. Apple. 2.4, a QC 2.0 Class, A QC, 3.0 Class, A FCP SCP AFC, 5 volt 3 amps, a 9 volt two uh nine volt, 2 Amp and 12 volt 1.5 amp, and then they have the button assist function. So if you press it twice in a row, then it will go into enhanced mode. I dont know what that means, and if you press it three times in a row, then it uh lets see Force shutdown without quick equipment connection. So I dont know what that means. Maybe that means if it nothings plugged into it, and if you press it five times in a row um you can turn on or offer on the PPS function for certain devices with PPS that cannot be charged. I dont know what that means: um all right. The display will light up the green sign fast charging mode when you use the fast charging input, output and then after sales, they have a 24 month.

Warranty nice, okay, m a i s, my shoes, one at If you have any questions, we will reply uh to you within 24 hours, and then they have. This information do not exposed to liquid use original or certified brand cables recharge. Every three months for longer battery life, dont disassemble, with their broken, like misspelling, avoid dropping avoid using at extreme temperatures, do not touch the interface with metal tools and due to discharging well lose energy. Finally, it will provide less than twenty thousand milliamp hours to your device. Consists of four cells with capacity of 5 000 milliamp hours and faster charging will result in more energy loss. It is a common phenomenon about power, bank, okay, um yeah, all right anyways. It comes in this box like that were gon na dump it out. Okay, it looks like it has. Oh, I guess it comes out like that and it looks like it comes with a cable right, USBC, the USBC, cable and it comes in this little baggie were just gon na open this up and slide this out. Okay. So this battery pack um the outside is metal like I guess, thats what they said: the aluminum alloy and then this, I think, is plastic on the back here and it looks like this okay, so its at 71 charge already. Okay lets go ahead and plug this. In so this cable has a rubber band on it to hold it together. All right well set this packaging aside and Im going to plug this into my other phone here and were gon na see Im curious, oh, why is it so hard to plug? This? Is the cable, bad, okay, its a little stiff there we go okay, so lets plug this in and see.

Is it this is only doing fast, charging 69 percent and how long until full 37 minutes all right lets see. If I try the other USBC port, this one is also doing fast. Charging. Okay, so lets see if double clicking. This does anything um. Now it just six says 69 37 minutes until full. Okay lets try plugging in again fast charging its just doing fast charging its. Not doing super fast charging, okay, so Im gon na. If I do it five times, nothing, okay! Well, it shows the Green Dot there. I guess to say fast charging. If I push it once, it says: 71 percent. Okay! Well, I dont know what the double click thingy does. Oh there, if I did it five times, it said that no PPS or whatever, okay now it does super fast charging. 2.0. 70. So you have to press it five times fast to get it to go into the fast mode. Wait I dont know whats, I dont know if I did it right. Okay, super fast charging, so I did it five times and nothing changed its still doing. Super fast charging, okay, now ppps is off and now it just says fast: charging, okay, 36 minutes fast charging lets, try it again, oops its hard to press it that fast, okay, now its on and now it says: 29 minutes. 70. Okay, 70. 29 minutes until full lets. Try it again. I think you just keep pushing it until it says it.

What is that its doing some other stuff after pressing it so many times what I just do. I dont know what happened: okay, now, its on super fast charging, 29 minutes until full, okay off 70 percent, 35 minutes until full, so charges a little bit faster. My question, though, is on my phone: how it works, because my phone um, the one thats recording right now – uh the case its in doesnt, like charging phones properly. For some reason, all right anyways lets go ahead and try one of these regular USB cables, and this is doing fast, charging 36 minutes until full. I dont think tapping this several times is going to do anything: oops, okay, its on and now its just. Oh, its still doing fast charging 35 minutes until full, okay off try it again fast charging, yeah, okay, so looks like it works. Okay, you can charge multiple things at once, uh this acts as the input as well. So let me see if this does um. What do you call like pass through charging? Okay, so were gon na plug this in to charge it okay, so now its saying 69.8 percent, when I plug this in so if I plug this in 69.8, okay, so were going to plug this in and then were going to try and plug this to my Phone and see if it still charges, okay and lets plug this into the phone and its fast charging, okay, so its working lets see if I tap it five times again: okay and its on and put some plug and plug it back in now.

We have super fast charging, so this does allow for pass through charging as well, very nice, okay um. So let me show you and compare it to the other charger that I was that I bought before this one costs much more so this one. What did I say was like 40 bucks or something maybe 40 or 50. um oops. Let me go back to fifty dollars, okay, so this was fifty dollars and then the other one I got okay, uh lets go to it. Sorry, I bought too many things here. Okay, so this other one here its much wider as you can see: okay, its thinner but wider, so its probably about half the thickness or so actually uh, not quite half the thickness, a little bit more than half um, but yeah its a lot thinner, but its A lot wider, so kind of depends on what you want to go with here: okay and then this one cost eighty dollars so basically thirty dollars more for this um. The main difference here is: it can put out more power when you combine the charge ports um, but if thats is that worth it worth thirty dollars more to you, I dont know um. The other thing is uh. I would assume this one is probably it feels like better build. It looks nicer nicely built um, but this one has a 24 month warranty. I think this ones only one year um, I dont know it didnt really say.

Did it I dont know so were gon na compare and again I dont know its its, whether its worth it or not to you. I dont know why this one has the thing where I got: ta push the button like multiple times to get it to go into super fast charging mode. Uh this one, it automatically does super fast charging mode. I dont have to do any like Fast clicking or anything like that warranty card on here yeah, so this one is only 12 months warranty. So, depending on what you think um again, I dont know this one does feel like better quality, but that might not be the case. Um never know, and also this one, I think, is according to the label, this one is heavier uh. I cant really tell honestly. Okay and then, of course, this will probably fit in more Pockets because its wider but smaller so its kind of like a long wallet. This one is almost becoming like a tablet um, but if youre using this with a laptop or something, maybe this um wider flatter surface fits in a laptop bag better, I dont know it really depends all right. Both of them do pass through charging um this one. The instruction manual and all the specs and everything is much more thorough. This one is not um like this one itll even tell you like the output charging voltages and everything here, so they they pay attention to a lot of the very fine details.

This one doesnt tell you anything here when you plug this in it tells you how much voltage amperage and whatever is coming out. So you know like how fast your phone is charging how fast your device is taking away power. It tells you how long its going to last, how long its going to take to charge this one just shows you the battery percentage and thats it um. Obviously, this information isnt that critical, like its not gon na change anything its, not gon na, make your battery last longer or anything, but it does tell you approximately how much more time you have to charge so depending whats important to you um, according to the specs. These are the same amount of power. Um Im gon na have to try and test it somehow to see the capacities, and then I can get back to you guys on how long each one lasts so Ill use one cable on both of them Ill charge it to 100 both and then maybe I Have to find a USBC device that somewhat uses a lot of power, but doesnt, really Music um, I dont know I dont know how Ill test it, but I have to find a USBC device that kind of uses a lot of power um, because I dont know My phone is not going to use that much power um, so anyways, Im gon na charge these both to 100 – maybe Ill use it to huh.

What can I use it to run um? It would help to have like a laptop to do it, but uh yeah its hard to be very consistent with the testing. So I dont know Ill Ill figure, something out Ill, try and find a USBC device that kind of uses a lot of power and then just see how long both of them last the problem is this one I can know for sure how much powers being put Out this one I cant tell so um, maybe the best way is to just drain my phone battery several times and recharge it several times and see how long that lasts. The one thats recording has a 10 000 milliamp hour battery in it. Um, though, of course its not that efficient, um or its, not that good and also it has problems charging, I have to use specific cables. I dont know why its very sensitive um. I can charge it with this cable on this one, but a USBC to USBC. It doesnt like it, I dont know why, and I think it might be, it needs the original USBC cable. So I think if I get my original Samsung USBC cable, it will work but um yeah. As far as that goes, this one comes with this baggie, not that you really need a baggie um, but I guess it will protect this screen because it has this giant screen here and then this one doesnt come with a bag or anything it just well.

Unless you count the plastic bag, but this one also came with the plastic bag um, and then they also both came with cables this one, I feel oops this one. I feel the the larger one I feel the cable is a nicer quality. Um all right definitely feels like better quality cable. Let me actually check the length of them too, because I feel like this cable that came with this one is much shorter. Okay, I think the on the wide one, its three foot – three inches – this one seems to be like less than two feet see here so Im gon na measure, this with the measuring tape and okay yep were at 50 50. What cant even measure this sorry. I was going, I was looking at the thing: okay were at 20 about 21 inches, almost okay, so not even quite two feet: 21 inches, this cable came and the other one. This one came with three foot three inches so much longer: cable, nicer, quality, cable. So you can kind of see where the money comes from, or the price difference comes from, but thats pretty much it thanks for watching um. If you guys are curious, feel free to leave a comment below and I will let you know Ill try and give an update for how long the batteries last all right.