Both devices have a polycarbonate or plastic to you and me back um, and they have a little camera in one corner at the top. They have all the ports on one side of the tablet. They have a courage, Port, thats, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack for standard headphones, USB type c port for data and charging a power button and a volume button. The other side of the tablet has its stereo speakers, nothing on the other side and then at the bottom. We have a slot for the micro SD card because both the fire hd8 2020 and the fire hd8 2022 are expandable with micro, SD cards so interesting that there is a slight change in design. If you look at the top of the tablet, the positioning of the buttons in the ports is just slightly different. So youll see that on the fire hd8 2022, the black one here the power button and the volume Rockers are swapped around the microphone hole is more or less in the same place. The USB type c place has been moved slightly further out to the edge and the courage port or the 3.5 millimeter audio jack is in the same place. So this is an important thing to bear in mind, especially when youre buying a case for these tablets. The cases for the Amazon Fire hd8 2020 may work for the 2022 provided theyre, not of the clinging clingy TPU case types. Youll need to look at ones that have full access, as in nothing going over the ports and cutouts for this side of the tablet.

For them to work in terms of the speaker placements theyre in exactly the same place, and we can say the same thing for the micro SD slot in terms of industrial design, thats, something that is a slight difference, may drive your decisions on cases or, if you Already have an HD 2020, a fire hd8 2020 such as this one, and you want to get the new one. You need to make sure that uh the case you have may work or not with the Amazon Fire HD 8. 2022. Anyway, at the front, the HD screens are pretty much the same. Now. Hd is a very relative term, but uh, for example, YouTube recently decided to uh no longer Mark 720P as a high definition, video source. So bear that in mind. These are capable of HD in the sense of 720 video because theyre 1 280 by 800 pixels in resolution. But it is good quality video, especially on an eight inch tablet, which youre likely to be using when traveling or sitting at home, on the sofa. Its actually really quite good. Both these screens are, in this case LCD screens. They have a little bit of distortion when you look at them from the side, but theyre not too bad at full brightness. They are pretty decent and Ill. Just show you. I do not have them at full brightness at the moment. Both of them are, as you can see, about three quarters up, but theyre both great tablets, the fire hd8 2022, has a slightly brighter uh, more color saturated screen.

In my opinion, just putting things side by side. The fire hd8 2022 has a better screen its brighter and better looking in my view, but if you dont have them side by side, you probably wont notice. The Fire HD. 8 2020 is still a very good, affordable tablet in 2022. and in terms of industrial design. Its an all black front – and you have that selfie camera at the top here in the middle. So this is highlighting the fact that this generation of tablets, this generation of industrial design, is intended to be used in landscape mods. Unlike the previous old style tablets, which has their selfie camera or video calling camera at the top on one of the shorter sides, that was definitely an intention for the tablet to mainly be used in portrait mode anyway. Lets move on to the more important specs whats going on inside this relatively slim set of tablets. Well, both devices are running a mediatek chip. This is a relatively well known company in the tech industry. Mediatek make devices for smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, desktop computers, even Chrome, OS tablet, computers are and laptop computers run on mediate, chipset, so theyre tried and tested theyre pretty reliable but, more importantly, they are relatively cool when in heavy use. So lets look at the details because this is where there is a significant update between the two devices. Youll see that on the left here I have the Amazon Fire hd8 2020.

, its only showing four cores. That means theres four hamsters on the inside running little wheels that make the tablet run its a quad core processor, which is paired with two gigabytes of RAM and on the right. I have the Fire HD. 8 2022. This one has six processors, thats, six hamsters running their wheels running the operating system and the show on this tablet and in this case, as well its paired with two gigabytes of RAM for the intended use of these tablets and for the price range thats. Two gigabytes of RAM is more than enough, and I have to say in day to day use the Amazon Fire hd8 2022. The newer one on the right is slightly smoother slightly faster. It opens up Apps and signs into things like Disney plus Netflix, just slightly faster. Its a smoother overall experience, other things to bear in mind is storage. Both these devices are the most affordable version of the fire. Hd8 tablets theyre, not the plus version, and I opted in both cases to have the Amazon ads on them, just to bring the price down and Im quite happy with that. Now, in terms of storage, both devices have 32 gigabytes of internal storage. That translates to 24 gigabytes of usable storage for users and in my use, the slightly older tablet probably has more content downloaded its at 16 gigabytes available. The Amazon Fire HD 2022 and I havent used as much yet. But it has 20 gigabytes of storage available.

In terms of battery life, both tablets do me with a day of travel and what thats mainly watching videos or listening to to audiobooks over Bluetooth, Bluetooth earphones. So when Im traveling, usually via airplane, I will have it in Airplane mode, watching a video on uh on the tablet with Bluetooth earphones connected. Obviously, the courage Port is there. I do have the option of using that, but in that sort of condition it will last for a good eight to to 14 hours of continuous use in between flights and and other activities when it comes to charging both devices charged with USB type c. This is great because thats, what most modern smartphones use, the charges that come in the Box are 10 watt Chargers, theyre not really fast, but if you pair a slightly faster charger, it will charge slightly faster. It depends on the type of plug youre plugging into theres. Lots of variables the cable youre using, but in my experience, especially on a plane, you can plug this tablet into the USB port in the airplane seat and it will happily charge faster than its using battery whilst playing back video from some apps, such as Netflix. Now, bus devices are capable, as I said, of playing back Netflix content uh. The important thing to bear in mind is that they are capable of playing hdv their back. Therefore, they will be able to make the most of that screen. Another big difference is not something as apparent because of the launcher and Amazon services and the fact that youre using third party apps is the operating system.

The operating system itself is different, so if we just look at the settings menu, you can see that the Amazon Fire hd8 2022 has a new version of fire OS. The Amazon, Android distribution, which runs on these tablets. Essentially, the Amazon Fire hd8 2022 is a newer version of Android, its based on Android 11., its Amazon Fire OS 8, whereas the Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 is running on Android 9, which is what fire OS 7 is based upon. Now were not unaware at this point: if Amazon Fire OS 8 will come to this, older tablet were not sure at the moment, but just in general it is slightly more polished, more colorful and more responsive. That may in part, be down to the faster chip on it anyway, in terms of durability, both devices are pretty much the same theyre great tablets, Ive enjoyed using them and, in my day, to day use up to now I have never installed the Google Play Store. This is something that you can do if youd like a tech, travel, Geeks guide on how to install the Google Play, Store and services on these Amazon Fire tablets. Do leave a comment in the section below and let us know what youd like to see anyway Ill wrap up this video. If you dont already, please do subscribe to the tech travel Geeks here on YouTube. We cover consumer electronics, gadgets accessories, pretty much anything we think makes the travel experience better, but for now Ill just wrap up this video saying that I have upgraded from the Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 to the Amazon Fire HD 8 2022.

Im happy with the upgrade just because of the speeds and the general experience I havent got rid of my Amazon Fire hd8 2020. This is becoming a sofa device, its great for maybe looking up things on IMDb, whilst Im watching something on TV or checking Twitter or the news, whilst Im watching something which is really not entertaining that much but thats.