98 for a tablet come on Amazon tablet. At that five, easy payments of 17 can bring this home. Your shipping and handling is free on this one and have we got some really fun colors to show you so what youre? Looking at right here on the screen, weve got the olive over here Olive. We have the black, the lavender Im just going to tilt that up, so you can see a little bit deeper color there, and then we have the denim Olive is the most limited of the bunch here, thats right. So what youre, seeing at on your screen right now is everything if you were to purchase this separately, it would be 189.98. We are offering this to you of this big deal price of 84.98, and these five easy pays of 16.99 weve got a lot to unpack here with this, because you know a lot of us have tablets. A lot of us depend on our devices, so much for so many different kinds of things now, especially over the last couple years, were doing a lot of face timing to keep in touch with our friends and family. All over the world were taking our doctors. Appointments were doing so much more via our screen and our devices sort of our Lifeline uh to uh for a lot of people. In fact, Vanessa – and I are shopping right here – which you can see right here – were doing all of our shopping thats right right here.

On qvc.com and a lot of fun fun features here and were going to bring in our very special guests, whos going to tell us all about this. He has been in the electronics Industry since 2008., Mr Brett Hamilton. How are you tonight? My friend I didnt realize I was getting both of you tonight. Oh double Duo, Double Trouble, thats, true its true Brad. We were together on a Saturday night how you feeling buddy you doing all right, yeah Im getting over my my thing and uh back in Acton, but uh its always fun, and this is the first time Ive worked with both of you at the same time. But just a personal note, um – and I probably shouldnt share this on the air, but I want to let you both know that since Ive been at QVC, Ive worked with a lot of new hosts and some of them get it right away, and some of them Take a lot longer, but you two seem like you have been doing this and I and Im not blowing smoke or anything like that. The both of you seem like youve, been doing this for a long long time and its always really comforting when I can work with a new host and not have to like. Oh man is this gon na work, or is that gon na work will we be able to read each other whatever, so I dont know whether congratulations or good job or whatever it is, but I just I dont know if anybody said anything to you, but its Really its really a pleasure because its its not work, it just seems like Im having a conversation with a friend and uh.

I meant to tell you this recently Vanessa and Steve, and I work together on a streaming thing, but you guys are are super cool and I really enjoy working with both of you. So I just wanted to let you know that and uh. It has nothing to do with the Amazon tablet, but its just its just its just cool to be able to have a conversation with a friend, even if its a new friend and – and it makes my job a lot easier. So I really appreciate it anyway. That said now that Ive embarrassed everybody. Thank you Brandon. Thank you, thats very kind of you. Thank you. Thank you for that. Thats really great yeah by the way, were also offering a tablet. Tonight. You are exactly right. There are. There are four colors that come along with this and it doesnt matter which one you pick, because they are all the most recent version: 11th generation, uh 10 inch, uh high definition, screen first thing you could think of. When you see this pricing go. Ah man, it cant be high def, it is 32 gigs has died but expandable up to a terabyte and were going to talk about this quite a bit over the next hour, because this is one of the big things that thats Amazon uh. Apart from all the others octa core processor thats fancy computer speak for it fast three gigs of RAM means you can multitask. That means you can go from one to the other to the next and all that good stuff.

Without that lag time and look at this guys, 12 hour battery life on a portable device is kind of unheard of, and then of course, the USBC charging cable is the latest uh version of charging. This means its going to be faster and its cooler, and you can tell everybody you have USBC but but Steve you had mentioned at the top. You know all of us. You know our lives changed over the last couple of years um when we were all locked up right. We had nowhere to go and we had to find a new way to interact in a new way to communicate and a new way to keep our sanity. Because for many of us you know you, were, you were locked up in the house with family members, and maybe you only had one or two TVs and the kids were watching what they were watching or her dad or mom wanted to watch a sporting event. And you had your second screen and thats whats Magic about these tablets is that you can go anywhere, you want, you can watch anything, you want, you can play a game and then you can go. Read the news. Dont read the news: you can play a game and you can go listen to some music but but its its a terrific escape, and it used to be that it would cost a small fortune for a tablet. A single tablet and lets pull out the 500 pound gorilla and theres nothing wrong with an iPad.

I always say even when Im showing you Amazon product, if you can afford an iPad, buy one, they are magnificent machine, but for many of us for most of us, what this device does not only does what the iPad does, but because its Amazon they give us Stuff that the others dont well get to in a second, but I want to run through some features. So take a look at my tablet here: Im going to walk you through real quick what its like to experience the tablet. So what are we going to do? Well, we can, we can watch QVC, we can shop anytime, we want, but lets go back to where it all began and thats the biggest bookstore in the world. As you can see here, Im barely tapping the screen, yet its reacting and Im page to page to page you go, I dont have my readers. I dont have my glasses. How am I going to see this look at this right on over? I love the sound effect thats great thats no charge for that by the way. So I can manipulate the background. Look at this in the middle of the night. My eyes didnt need a rest. I want the the background to be black and I want the text to be white. Its awesome, how you dont really have to know anything about technology, then lets go over to the movies man. What what cant you watch anymore right? It used to be movies.

How to be out of the theater for six months now they could be in the theater and you can walk in theres movies for the kids uh. We go out here to the App Store well find just about everything else. We just finished up with uh Halloween, but it could be a Marvel movie. It could be a game, it could be social media and you simply tap on the screen and boom it lights up and theres, Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter, and all that good stuff and Netflix Hulu, um, music. Sure any song I mean, did you ever think wed come to the day where you could listen to essentially any record any song. Any download thats ever been released. Thats there youve got two cameras, one in the front, one in the back. Youve got parental controls. Well, talk about, we have Audible and if all that wasnt cool enough inside here, theres an Amazon Echo so at any given time you could say uh Alexa. Will it rain tomorrow now not only do you get uh well, thats, not a great example. All right, Alexa show me a recipe for kicking category, so shes, our our companion and and if I wanted to, I could pull up. Okay, you get it so we can pull up the uh, the recipes we can bump the weather and all that stuff. You got a built in Amazon Echo inside there, which is pretty awesome uh.

That is, that is so great. You know I just want to tell you a little bit more about what we have to offer here with this awesome tablet by Amazon. So weve got a few different choices here: weve got the olive very, very popular weve got fewer than 2600 left in that Olive. That is our most limited. We have the black 2600 of the black lavender fewer than 3 000, and then our denim blue is the most popular. We only have 3 000 left of this. If youre hearing these numbers that were telling you were and were talking in, the thousands uh do not be fold, because this is your first look. This is the first time were seeing this and we have all of them available tonight as we get into our holiday shopping here at the queue that is not going to be the case very, very soon, and right now, youre, looking at the value of all of This amazing package that we have for you so youre getting the Amazon Fire HD 10 inch tablet at 149.99 here and that customizable case of ‘.99. The big deal price that were offering you is 84.98 and five easy pays of 16.99. For this tablet and the customizable case, so Vanessas got one of the cases right here and we can show that to you here. Look at how cool this is amazing, so so great so fabulous, and you know what, if you bring this home and its not for you and you want to return it thats, quite all right, because weve got our holiday return policy until January 31st.

So you have that option as well, but trust me youre going to get this tablet home for this big deal, price of 84.98 youre going to absolutely love it as Brett was just showing us the the features are so endless with this, you can just get all Of those different kinds of apps and watch all of your favorite things, do your email do your work, do what you got to do? Take this on the road for your great read a little book uh, the the denim blue is our most popular in the show. Right now, just letting you know this is going to be very, very quick to go uh if, if youre looking at this and thinking about it right now, you got ta press speed by now is the time, especially if youre, on sort of you know, looking at A tablet for a first time purchase, I think, or maybe you know, youve got a teen who youre thinking. Oh, maybe we will get them a tablet. This holiday season, Brett correct me if Im wrong. This is a great in intro into the world of tablet, owning right, yeah. I mean its the best of both worlds, its a fully functioning tablet, and it can also be converted into a kids tablet and uh. The nice part about that is you dont want to hand a five year old I mean, and years ago nobody would have thought well were going to give a three or four or five year old, this kind of technology in this kind of access, but its almost Like out of the womb, they know intuitively theyre, just like.

I know how to do this and theyre together, but you get your hand a kid. A computer or a tablet, a phone or whatever without any sort of protection and stuff is going to happen. Its not intentional so heres the cool part about what Amazon does that. I dont know that the the others off so youre. Looking at at my at my my home screen here – and you see, this is what the tablet looks like when its out of the box, but you dont have that fully functioning tablet to a child. You give them this version, which is a kids enabled tablet and the cool part about this is you can now set parental controls, durations restrictions and all that good stuff, and what do I mean by that? Well, even remotely, if youre not at home, you can go to your Amazon account and say you know what kids didnt do their homework. They didnt empty the dishwasher, their misbehave living Im, shutting off the web and turning off the videos. But I will let them get into the educational spec. So now they can go and they can supplement their studies and their school work or take a virtual field trip and go to the White House or go to visit NASA or go to the Smithsonian or whatever it might be, or or read a book. And then, and then just jump back to wherever we were in the same way that you do on a regular tablet.

You can also set a bedtime for the tablet, meaning that if the kids are supposed to be lights out at 7 pm – not 7 30, not 7 45, when they finally turn the tablet off. This will shut off um, even Vanessa. Whenever you tell it to and then they cant get back into it until the morning when you put the password back in but then you can disable that part and turn it back into that fully functioning tablet again with a password and as they get older, you Can turn those restrictions off completely, so you have the best of both worlds without having to buy two tablets, and I dont think theres, a parent out there thats going to go well thats a stupid idea. Why would I want parental controls? Well, if you have kids, you want to make sure that theyre not buying movies and theyre not supposed to theyre not going to websites theyre not supposed to and again it may not be intentional weve all been on the web before, where you put one extra letter Or you misspell something and the next thing you know youre like whoa thats, not Facebook yeah. I put three uh two es. Instead of one and now Im like you know, I better shut that off and your computer blows up so yeah yeah next thing. You know the FBI is knocking on your door. Like I swear, it was just an X3 in Facebook.

I thought it was too easy. It was freeze the other big difference and before I forget, because I I feel like we cant talk about this enough um, the other tablets that are out there, including the iPad, make you make a decision when you buy it on day, one as far as how Big, your Digital Garage is going to be, it could be uh, 32, gigs or 64 or 128 256. dont worry about what a gigabyte is just know that, as the number gets larger, your Digital Garage gets bigger and that means room for more stuff. So its tough, because when you buy a tablet, especially if youre gifting it for somebody or to somebody, you dont, know how many movies or songs or books or whatever theyre going to want to put in there so its tough to decide how big of a device Or that internal storage, you want Amazon to the rescue with what I call the Magic Door. So, as you look at my close up here, you can see that theres a little door and theres a little spot right there thanks guys right. There is where you can put a Micro SD card and we have them available. You can ask your offer greater about those. I believe we have 128 gig card. This will upgrade all the way to an additional uh or in total a terabyte. A terabyte is a thousand gigabyte. How big is that well, to put it into perspective, this tablet starts at 32 gigabytes.

You can go all the way up to a thousand. I can promise each and every person watching right now. You will never ever ever fill up a thousand gigabytes on a tablet, thats the size of a computer that Alec from HP would offer right. So when you talk about a tablet, most of us arent doing a lot of heavy lifting. You could and well get to that in a little bit about how how a tablet could replace the computer, but the cool part about it is in my long winded explanation is you dont have to pay extra when you buy this, if youre gon na to change Your mind later on and go oh, my gosh, the kids just keep putting series after series and book after book and movie after movie no pop this open, you put a really inexpensive SD card in there bam. That garage is a lot bigger. The the best way to get one of these home immediately is to get on the phone lines – thats. 1. 800. 500. 7590. So many of these are flying out the door at this amazing big deal price of 84.98. We know why and were gon na go through our colors one more time to show you what we got we have, the olive most limited is the Olive we have the black, we also have lavender and the denim is the most popular option of the show. Right now, so, if you were to purchase this separately, that would be the Amazon Fire tablet and the customizable 10 inch case.

You would be paying 189.98. We are knocking off a hundred and five dollars with this big deal. Price 84.98 16.