So i picked up the new amazon fire hd 10 with alexa. I picked this up on amazon prime day. I got it for 79, so you guys know if you follow my channel. Every year, when they come out with these, these tablets i’ve been picking them up. These make some great tablets that you can give them give out as gifts. You can throw it in your bag, they’re great for watching uh prime videos. Netflix youtube, uh they’re integrated! So well, you can do your shopping on that with amazon. You can read your books and you can do a little like gaming on these as well. Now they have increased the ram on this device. Here i didn’t i did not get the plus version of it. I got the regular hd10, but they have increased the ram a little bit on this. So we’re gon na get into this box check it out and see what it’s all about all right, guys we’re back in here’s the packaging, so the packaging is a little bit different from before uh the same color and everything. But it’s shaped different up here. So, on the front of it, you got fire hd 10 with alexa. You can see. I got the 32 gigabytes of storage, but they do come in 64.. This has a 1080p panel got a nice picture of the device there fire hd10 over there, fire hd10 on the bottom, just some regulatory stuff on the back here, a few of the specs so uh.

This has a 10.1 inch hd display 1920×1200 microsd card slot. Up to where you can put a up to a one, terabyte card octa core processor, three gigabytes of ram, dual band, ac, wi, fi front and rear cameras, adobe atmos speakers, uh here’s, some more spec. This is 10.1 inch, like i said, uh 1080p for hd display has a octa core processor, some of the other stuff. It has a usbc 2.0 port, so that is great and let’s see. What else we got here is uh widestream entertainment. You can watch your uh uh prime videos netflix disney showtime. This has the 802.11 ac wi fi uh does have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well. Uh let’s see you can multitask on this, so you can have more than one app open at the same time and then you have the alexa so made to go hands free with alexa. You can play videos, music, open, apps control, compatible home uh devices using your voice. You can make video calls to friends who have have an echo show or the alexa app using the landscape camera, so that is some of the features there and details of this device. So let’s get into the box check it out all right, so they have a little pull tab here. Make it easy to get access to the box and let’s see what’s in here Music, so nothing else in the box pretty much the same setup as years before.

So i got the blue color. I thought i ordered a different color, but i got the blue let’s put that to the side for now, and you get your hello card here and this kind of gives you an overview of the tablet, letting you know where everything is uh, how to charge it. Get started overview on what’s in the box. You also get your. What is this here so make the most of your tablet. So this is good you’re getting started guide here. So you get all of this stuff here. So paperwork as usual and let’s see. What else is in the so you get your uh charger here, type c to type a charging cable, i should say, and then you get your little brick. It has amazon on it and that’s your power, brick. There let’s get this over to the side and here’s the tablet. I was pretty sure i had ordered a different color. Let you guys hear that some people like hearing that so there’s the amazon logo on the back of it here now. This has a kind of a shimmy to the color. Here is the camera on the back of it i’m, not sure what megapixel i’ll notate it on display here and here’s the front of it. So this these bezels from what i’m saying are a little bit smaller than before. You got a camera there and it feels great man. So you got your 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack type c: charging port mic, mic power, button volume up and down speaker speaker, nothing on this side, and that is pretty much it guys. Uh, as you guys see, it’s, not very big. You can grab this with one hand. Very easily so let’s get this powered up i’m. Going to put my info in and we’ll come right back if there’s power, yep there’s the boot stream, so let’s get this powered up come back. Let you guys see what how it looks all right guys. So we back in, i have my information in so when you first turn this on you’re going to get an ad on the lock screen on the what version that i bought. Now you can buy some that uh. You could pay a little bit extra where they don’t show the ads on the lock screen. The ads could be anything from amazon. I don’t mind them so much that i wanted to pay the extra so be mindful of that. If you don’t want to see ads, but when you get on the inside here’s, the 10.1 inch 1080p display here – and i do have the brightness down a little bit but looks good colors look. Vibrant looks great no issues there here’s some of the apps that they have pre installed. Uh, you got amazon shop, amazon, amazon, music, prime video uh games, things of that nature and i think you can uninstall some of this stuff uh.

If you go this way, uh you’re gon na see your temperature up there. Recent apps uh, you got sports games, racing games, trending news, videos, good news, uh books. Here you got your books, your top three apps and so on and so forth that you can choose from and when you come this way, this is your library, so you got your kindle books, uh your apps, your games, audible and things of that nature. So this is set up quite a bit different from uh, the old style. You do have your search bar up here and you got your buttons down at the bottom here. Uh here’s, a button here, i’m, not sure what that is. So this is your dashboard uh, where you can set up different uh to control devices in your home, okay, so that’s pretty cool and then here’s your drop down menu uh. Let me lower that a little bit, so you guys can see it. So you got uh. You know things you can do blue shade. Do not disturb low power mode things of that nature. You can also go into and set up new users here as well. Uh you go into your settings, so this is your settings menu. You guys see all your settings there, apps and notifications, security and privacy, my account profiles and family library, parental controls, because you can set this up to be reused with several different people. So the storage out of the box, you get 23.

78 gigabytes free out of the 2578.. This is a 32 gigabyte tablet, so the system is taking up quite a bit there uh. Now. This is just going to be a unboxing i’m going to use it. A few days and come back and let you guys know what i think about it, but here’s the back of it so let’s do a little size comparison, so here’s, the ipad 8 gen. You can see these two are pretty close to being the same size. Man, pretty close ipads a little bit uh a little bit longer and a little bit wider, as you guys see, and the thickness is about the same. So i just picked this up for my wife. She got the gold one ipad 8 gin, uh and she’s loving it. So video will come on this soon and next, if you want to know just how big this is because the size has changed on this, so here’s, the big boy, my um samsung galaxy, note uh my samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus here it is so you can See it’s dwarfed by this, but this is just a size comparison if you guys wanted to see so the samsung is quite a bit. This is 12 point. Uh 12.4 inch display – and here is the older model. So this one. This is not the one that came out last year. I think this came out the year before i gave my one that i had from last year to my mother, she’s using it.

So you can see the size has changed. The one that came out last year is the same size as this one. So, as you guys see, they have shrunk the uh tablet down, but it has the same size display uh. This is a 10 uh 10.1 inch display here, but, as you can see, the top and bottom bezels are a whole lot, uh smaller on the newer version, so that’s what you get same size display, but you get smaller bezels uh here’s the layout. The button layouts are pretty much the same. Almost you got your volume up and down here. Let’S get this shot volume up and down uh your power button has moved your charging port is in the same place. Your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack has moved as well, and the speakers are on the same side now. This is the oldest design here, here’s, the bottom of it and here’s this side. The micro sd card slot is still in the same place. They have changed the logo on the back of it. The camera is in the same place, and the two different blue colors are different, so that is a look at the older style in comparison to uh the new one that’s out now. So that is that no double tap on these, i forgot so what i’m gon na do when i do my follow up video on this i’m gon na get the one from last year, i’m gon na ask my mother to let me borrow her tablet and i’ll.

Do a comparison between the one that was out last year year before last and this one, but this is just an unboxing first impressions of the amazon fire 2021 edition has a newer look to it. Has the shrunk down a little bit uh i like it. I, like it so we’re, going to see how it performs catch.