Stay tuned, hey so remember, to watch this all the way through. So you don’t miss what i say: how you’re going to enter to win this fire. Stick i mean we’re, giving away all kinds of stuff so be sure to watch hey everybody. What we’re going to do today is i’m going to show you this fire hd 10. With alexa now this is the 32 gigabyte, 1080p uh it’s, the black one, and this actually comes with 10.1 hd display uh 1920 by 1200. You have a micro slot, that’s up to 512., so that’s. One reason i don’t get the by the 64 gigabyte and just went with the 32, because i can add it right here with the 512 sd card. Has the octa core dual band: ac, wi, fi front rear cameras and it has a dolby atmos. Now it has the two speakers also, that is great. You have other stuff here that you can uh check out. Okay, so let’s go ahead and open this bad boy up now. What i did do is i got this one. I got this one that has the advertising on it. I know what you’re thinking, but i i wanted to see. I have one that uh does not have the advertising and i just want to see how good it is and that’s it for that box. Okay, so we’re going to pull that out, let’s go and take a look in here: okay, yeah things to try good stuff, good stuff, all right suggestions.

You know: okay, this is uh. Okay, it’s gon na give you the ins and outs of what’s on your tablet and what it comes with now. This has the charger here, i believe, it’s a 9 watt. Yes and the cool thing about this, is the usbc now i’m really happy that a lot of people are going with these, so we have that now this, i have to say from owning another one they actually are. Very very nice have a little smile here. I don’t know if you can see it, but i’ll see if i can get that this is the 2 megapixel camera there and you have one here too, so it has one on each side and what we’re going to look at here is right here. Right here is where you have your sd slot and you can put in, like i said, a 512 there up on top. You have your your volume buttons here. You have a 3.5 millimeter uh jack right there for headphones, and this is your microphone. Your usb slot – and this is your power and, as you can see here, are your speakers so you’re going to end up holding it like this, if you’re watching tv or whatever, this is actually really nice, feel it’s nice and light let’s go and start it up, And see what we get okay, it starts off with this screen here you have all your languages here. You can use this down here to for your letter, sizing so but let’s go ahead and do that one for english that’s, where i’m at and i’m going to go ahead and set up boy.

It pulls in a lot i’m going to go ahead and set up. My wi fi, real, quick and i’ll be right back. Okay, once you have your information set in that you do. The wi fi then it’s going to ask you about your amazon account uh your personal one and that’s. What it comes up for reading books to asking alexa for the weather, there are lots of ways to enjoy your new, so it’s going to go through and tell you everything that you need to know right there. Now you can enable or disable alexa i’m going to enable it. Okay, here we go. This is not bad it’s, a it’s, a pretty good layout. Now i have prime video or prime account, so i have all this on there. You can hit your amazon it’ll. Take it whatever you need, you can actually go like this. You can go books put in your books here. Uh your videos, let’s go prime videos. We sure tell it’s starting from fresh anyway, so you can go and you can go originals tv, uh movie. You got kids, okay, you can look at it like this or like this it’s really nice. Now you can go to gaming apps shop, your music, audible newsstand. It has everything. A tablet is gon na need, be perfectly honest with you yeah, i think it’s a it’s, a heck of a nice setup, works. Well it it is fast. You have a silk browser: the app store, prime, what you’re not gon na see on this? Is your google store? Your google play store uh, you do have like.

I said you have your app store: that’s fine let’s go ahead and in a video coming up i’m gon na show you how to get your third party software on here i’m, going to show you how to jailbreak this i’m going to show you that you can Use this for a whole lot more than what it’s designed for okay, i do like the layout it it just. I think it has a nice layout and i guess it’s going to change coming up with an update coming up soon uh. But this is where you go like your home. Has all your information uh, but i would say this is an extremely nice setup. I really like how they do it uh. This is cheap. Now i said this one here has the ads on it. Okay, i have not seen one yet i purchased it with the ads, so it was 25 cheaper plus i got it on a different cell, so you’re looking at probably 79 bucks. Okay, that was me um. It gives you a splash page that’s it when you open it up nothing else, then to get rid of it. You just do that it’s worth 25 bucks off just for that. I feel a bit sheepish let’s keep watching, but the one thing i do find out on these is the backs. Get scratched up. Pretty quick, i don’t know why. But i would suggest – and it was suggested by a viewer of mine – is to get a uh case for it.

Now amazon tries to sell you, the amazon ones for this that are like 50 bucks, 60 bucks – something like this now. This is pretty much the same and it’s from mofo it’s. A nice case has the where you can set it set it like this, so you can set it inside uh let’s go ahead and i’m gon na go and take this out here. Real quick let’s go ahead and put it in just to show you so let’s go ahead. The speakers are on the bottom. Let’S do that. So you slide this dude in and it holds it. It wraps it up and it’s just really nice or you have a stylus pen there. If you want, you have access to your cameras this, so you can actually hold it like that. You can take this around like so use it like that. Hey everybody! Just let you know we are giving away a fire stick on this video. What you need to do is you need to make sure you’re subscribed. You need to make sure you like this video. Then you need to put in comments what it says on the screen. Right here, that’s all it takes to win. We got lots of these to give away so make sure you’re entered hey. We might even give a bonus to the one who shares this video, the most that’s one way to do it. Alexa works very well on this. If you’re not familiar with alexa alexa, see as you can see, the bar right, there it’s ass it’s waiting for your response, so it’s a hands free and it’s writing down everything.

I said you can do a lot with this and i think with everything that’s in it. Um, like i said, and i don’t understand where my the ads are it’s kind of nice – that it’s not it’s, not showing so just remember you can it’s a it. Has a fast and responsive with full hd display it’s designed for a wide screen, entertainment, as you saw nice layout i’ll, have the links in the description for the case and and the actual fire hd uh 10. Just so you have it and if there’s any cells on it, i do believe it’s still on sale, that you can get out there and get it before it’s too late, but, as you saw, i never saw a ad come up now. I understand from what i’ve seen on others is. They will have a splash ad come up every once in a while, but that’s it it’s, not very intrusive, and i think it’s worth every penny. So please make sure you’re subscribed and you hit that bell notification, because that way, you’re gon na know that i put out another video and that when i show you how to turn this into a media device and how to get jailbreak to get your google play Store on here and all that and real, simple and i’m going to show you that so until next time i appreciate it and give me a thumbs up.