It is the best option for tablets in this price range for a bunch of different reasons that were going to go over. I know its tempting, i know its tempting. There are so many listings for tablets out there for 100 120 bucks that boast 1080p displays and android 11 and great ram specs and build quality and all the rest of it. But im going to tell you once we go through the entire list of things at the end of the day, the amazon fire tablet 10. Is the one youre going to want to own if youre looking for a tablet sub 300. The first thing i always talk about on a tablet, especially in this price range, is the screen, and if you remember years ago, the fire tab, tens always had 1080p displays, or at least for the past few years, for a few generations, but theyve always been on The dim side, even at max brightness, the color wasnt quite there they were a little dark. That is one thing that they absolutely cleared up on this generation: the 2021 thats. Why were taking a look at this after a year? I still think its your best option, and one of the reasons is that display super bright, great color, because you look at what you actually do on a device like this in this price range, its primarily going to be content, consumption youre going to be watching twitch Youre going to be on amazon, prime video youre going to be watching youtube, which well talk about in a moment, youre going to be watching netflix all that stuff is things youre going to want to do and thats going to be your main point of interaction with This device, so that screen is crucial, and this is going to be one that youre going to want to look at, especially for dollars.

Probably a link will be in the description where to get it on amazon. The second thing that i love that they did from previous generations – they upgraded the ram which, on budget android devices, is so crucial, as we learned from the phones going from two gigs of ram to three gigs of ram has allowed this thing to stay smooth run. Well, and for me gotten better over the past year when it comes to updates so no issue there with performance its going to run everything that youre going to want to run its going to do it smoothly a lot of the apps. In fact, some people reported me back on videos when ive done on this fire tab 10, that theyve been able to run some higher end stuff, not the fastest in the world, but they do get it done, whether its the higher end games and all that stuff. So you might get more of an experience than youd expect from a tablet in this price range for sure the other great thing battery life when youre talking about these, they boast upwards of 12 hours of screen on time. I think for the typical usage youre going to be having on this a lot of video intense stuff, like that, i would look more towards my experiences, but more toward 10 thats still really good if youre getting 10 hours of screen on time, plus its usbc charging For the past couple generations, so thats really good makes it a little bit faster, still not a speed demon when it comes to charging but fast enough to where, if you leave it on the charger overnight, youre going to get through the next day without any issue Whatsoever but the main point when youre talking about other tablets and android tablets in particular, there are two things that come to mind.

The first thing is the support these devices and thats. Why? I can absolutely feel comfortable recommending one of these tablets now even a year after release in 2022. Is that this tab here, the one that came out in 2021 will be supported by amazon software updates, all the rest of it until 2025 2025.. You know go get to 2025 and then call back and see how many of those budget tabs that youre looking at for 100 150 bucks are still going to be supported three years down the line, and that includes the samsung. I know a lot of people said while the samsung cheaper tablets, tab series is a competitor to this. I i know technically yes, but from my experience in the past, the samsung tablets and android tablets in general. Just do not get the support for the longest amount of time, even the samsung ones, the tablets a year or two, and even if theyre still supported, they start to run horribly as android. Newer versions demand more and more on the processor. They just lag up and its just not a great experience. Amazon has been able to heavily modify the version of android 9 that they use and tailor it to this hardware, to where these devices dont really suffer the same slowdown and on top of that theyre supported that much longer. Now this its not a charity operation, theres a reason why they do that this is a portal to their ecosystem, so you could spend money youre buying books on kindle youre buying prime videos rentals, whatever it happens to be, they want you using this device for years And years down the line, but if you could get some benefit from that as a consumer go ahead and take that advantage and absolutely having a device supported for four years after you buy it in this price range.

To me, i think, is unmatched in the marketplace. Its just not something that you see a whole heck of a lot. You see these devices, like i said one or two years, and even if they are supported theyre running in a way that you dont even want to use them anymore. These tablets are updated. Well, amazon does a great job tailoring the software and even though its heavily skinned its not in a way that really bogs anything down and well talk about that skin. In a moment, i understand a lot of people its an easy process. You can very easily sideload google services on here, so you dont get the regular google apps you dont get the regular youtube app. There is a youtube app on here, but its kind of sloppy, its its not great to use you can use youtube through the web. Browser thats not a great experience either, but you can easily put google play. Services on here. Ill leave some sort of link in the description on how to do that. There are four things you have to install and then you have free rein over the google play store, as well as the amazon play store or the amazon app store, which is great. It opens up a whole realm of possibilities with this device. The other thing is that, if youre worried about them coming out with a new one right away, this ones not going to be updated for another year and most likely two, it seems like they do a three year development cycle on each of these tabs.

So this one was updated last year in 2021, so you can expect another update in 2023 or 2024, so i dont think youre going to be really missing out by or or have to worry about upgrade anxiety that theyre going to come out with another one really Soon, you dont have to worry about that for another year or two. The other great thing is ill put the link in the description for the 149. I absolutely think its worth the 149, but they run ridiculous. Deals on this amazon day is coming up, but usually thats, usually may or june something like that. Then theres usually another sale black friday towards the end of the year. These are giving away for eight, but i would think its 100, maybe less might be 75 or 85 or some something crazy like that. So if, if you could pick one of those up on a sale, if youre watching this month or two from now a little bit later in the year, go ahead and absolutely dont run dont, walk and grab one of these because youre not going to be disappointed. The build quality is exactly what youd want in at this price point. I understand its plastic. This to me is kind of the build the bend dont break philosophy as far as build quality is concerned. Yeah, it gives you like that. Little noise yeah: it gives you some creaking sometimes, but you could throw this in a messenger bag.

This ones been tossed around for a year no case on it. No, nothing still looks brand new and this kind of polycarbonate that the guy the plastic on the back youre gon na have no problem with a wear and tear on a device like this, its not an issue and thats great because thats, something that you want. You want to be able to give this to a kid. You want to be able to take it on the road with you. You want to be able to take it to class, throw it around in bags with keys and other books and all the rest of it. So this certainly unlike a lot of those aluminum, builds that youre going to get on tablets in this price range 150. Bucks that are going to dent and scratch and all the rest go with something like this, that absolutely will get the job done and still be pretty good. Now, let me tell you something for that price point. Still one of the best social media experiences that youre going to have on a tablet. This is tick tock, its fantastic. You get all of this big wide screen. If you dont want to view tick tock, just on your phone, you put it on one of these and its a fantastic experience, its huge its nice big screen, all the rest of it. No issues there same with instagram its the best app it ipad. Doesnt have an instagram, app instagram app this good and thats after, however, many years runs great big pictures.

Oh look at that long. Island watch by the way channel sponsor link will be in the description. Look at this ice: blue, the sky, blue waffle dial. If we can get that to actually focus fantastic, fantastic watch link will be in the description sapphire crystal seiko automatic movements, all the rest of it hes running a sale right now, 30 off selected watches just great value for the money so to support those who support The channel it certainly helps us out, but at the end of the day i think youre going to really want to pick up one of these and have these as your tablet in 2022, if youre in that sub 300 price range because of the quality because of The support it just makes all the difference, knowing that youre going to buy something that you can use two and three and four years down the line and get a quality experience to consume media, especially if this is like a bedroom tablet. If you want to use it as one of those amazon show devices, you want to put it in a kitchen and have you know what i wont say that starts with the name. That starts with an a that you say, and it wakes up and asks questions recipes whatever it happens to be thats, something that has a lot of utility in a price point that makes a heck of a lot of sense for a lot of people.

Dual speakers – headphone jack, expandable storage – bluetooth, works great on it now its been updated quite a bit. Youre gon na really enjoy this for the 149 bucks if youve made it.