It is a choice of your black or your white, and it is your amazon. 10 inch tablet. Your fire tablet, with 32 gigabytes of storage, connect it to wi, fi and you’re good to go everything from watching tv watching videos, reading, exploring planning your next trip making goals. You name it this thing. Does it look at the price it’s, a 249 dollar if sold separately? This is the reason you’re only going to see it once today, you’re getting it home for a hundred and forty dollars, less it’s, five easy payments of twenty two dollars and it’s free shipping and handling. So it gets directly to your house in seven to ten days. No interaction with a human being uh. Let me update you already on this in the white, the last 850 of you who can get to or download your mobile app. Oh hey! You could put your mobile app on here, just saying and be a lot quicker, and if you want the black, we only have 1800 left once again, 140 off one of the hottest names in tablet, amazon, fire that’s. Why? We have just one presentation today and this price is going to go away and five easy payments of 22, so maybe you stock up and you’re giving some of these as gifts or you’re holding on to them, as the kids start to get back in school hallelujah. This is the time to get them with me. Right now is brett hamilton he’s, one of our chief electronics correspondents ooh brent.

Did you put a new guitar on your wall? You know what that is: that’s the wedding book that’s instead of a book uh that people sign for my wedding when megan i got married 11 years ago, we had everybody sign that your wife is so smart, that’s, brilliant and i had to cut yeah. I had to cover some nail holes, so i figured that was a large enough. That looks great great to see you, sir um. You know you could you could you could browse pinterest for ideas like that on this thing, you see how i segued here, yeah well that’s, exactly what meg does i have her to thank for this room, looking like a real room when we know it’s all just A fantasy, no uh when you were talking about you, know the tablet and using and all that good stuff. I think to myself. I think i would have lost my mind even more than i have over the last well we’re, looking at a year now being at home and stuff like that, without a tablet it’s just a it’s, an incredible companion, because a phone is cool. You know it’s small it’s, portable and a computer is great, but they both you, know one’s too big one’s too little. This is that perfect go between to be able to do what do you do in your digital life and every and i can’t give you i give you a laundry list, but everybody does something different.

You know whether it’s yeah it’s, social or you’re, watching a video or you’re watching qvc in real time. So the best way to show you guys how incredible this device is is by taking a look at my home screen, and i want to walk you through what it looks like and what you can do with this tablet. So where are you going to start? Let’S start with what we’re doing right now scrolling through you’re, like ah the kids, have the tv right now i need to escape. I want to watch some qvc or i want to watch qvc2 or i want to watch pvc 3 or i watch beauty, iq or hsn or whatever it might be there. It is in real time shopping while i’m watching and if i want to go to a different channel, i simply select it look at this. Look how reactive it is look how fast it reacts uh to be able to go to wherever it is. You want to go and you go well they’re, not showing me what i want right now, no problem it doesn’t have to be on live tv. You can search for whatever you want. So if i wanted another amazon device instead of the tablet at qvc’s app, i can find that but that’s just the beginning, because where did it begin for amazon? Well, where it is today they are still the biggest digital bookstore in the entire world. Pretty much any book that’s ever been in print uh there’s, a digital version of it now and look how easy it is to access the book you tap the icon.

The book opens i’m sliding side to side and i go well. I don’t have my readers on well, no problem tap the little plus sign and make the text as big as you want change the font change the look go. You know what what if the screen was black and the uh the text was white boom. I can change that if it’s easier on your eyes and all i do is tap the screen – i’m, not going through right, clicks and left clicks and all the other good stuff, so we’re done watching or reading. Now we want to watch and what do we want to watch well, that’s up to you just like what are you going to do with your tablet? What do you want to watch today, stuff that’s not available on broadcast or cable tv, including the marvelous marvelous, mrs mazel, what a great show it’s coming back, uh, jack, ryan or whatever it might be, but netflix and hulu and and disney plus baby, all the good Stuff that goes along with it, then you can jump into the app store and just go crazy, there’s. So much free content in here i always say this in theory: you can get this device because there’s no monthly fee to use it and never spend another dime again, of course you can shop and of course you can listen to music. I’Ve been listening to a lot of older stuff during our year sitting at home, but you can also listen to your books and if you don’t want to read and you’re and you’re tired and your eyes are tired, close your eyes and let the author or an Actor, read it to you and finally, there’s a newsstand and the newsstand.

Will let you get your your magazines and your newspapers right to your tablet so that you don’t have to wait for them to get delivered in the snow and the ice and all that other good stuff uh? What else does it do? Well, if you’ve got kids, this is super important you’re, not going to hand them a fully loaded tablet uh and not expect them to find something that they shouldn’t or buy something that they shouldn’t. So, with the click of a button, you can go into something called free time, and i know kirsten used this for your kids so that they don’t go someplace, that they shouldn’t or start just buying random things, uh complete control – and that includes the durations and and Sites that they go to and all the people you’re holding that’s funny complete control, sir. Yes, all right. Finally, what else can we do with it? Well, you can do what you can do with a computer. What do you do each day? Well, you go online right. You go to www dot wherever you’re going well, you can go to any website on here, just like you would on your computer and whether it’s qvc or it’s, espn or it’s, a news site and look. The screen looks exactly the same as it would as if you were looking at it on a computer on a desktop on a laptop whatever it might be, and then, finally, if all that wasn’t cool enough uh you’ve got your email in here, any email can be Attached an email can be read, you can send any email from here.

Just like you would your computer or from your phone, and there is a a bunch of productivity tools as well calendars and there’s. Two cameras you’ve got documents. Finally, i promise. Finally, the last thing is there’s: a fully functioning amazon echo inside which we rarely talk about wow, but yeah you’ve got an alexa enabled device that will allow you to do whatever you want to do. Will it rain today you know that kind of stuff, and not only can you ask her questions kirsten, but she’ll give you the information verbally and then put it on the screen as well. So i don’t know if i didn’t cover enough cool stuff to justify this, then you probably don’t need a tablet, listen and you just scratch the surface. I could sit here and let you talk for about four hours and you probably wouldn’t cover everything that you can do with the tablet, and you know this right. Most of us know and here’s the thing you really these days. It’S like. Oh you do. You have a tablet that’s great. No, do you have two tablets? Do you have ones connected to the tv downstairs for the extra apps? Do you have one that’s just for the bedroom? Do you have one is for the car at 109.98. Do you have a new one, that’s faster and works better and has more speed and is brighter and prettier, and all of that i mean honestly that’s what this is here’s, what we have left there’s the white.

We have 600 left to go around in the white and that’s the most popular, and i can see why i really like that white, that’s kind of really pretty and then in the black. We only have 1500 of these left to go around in the black and then that one’s gone. This is the only presentation of the day and here’s. The reason why we’re very limited it is a sale price that will be going away. Look, how pretty it is, and a hundred and forty dollars off the if sold separately price along with this 140 off. So i want you to think about birthday presents that are coming up. I want you to think about special occasions where you might need one of these. Maybe yours is cracked or isn’t running as fast or isn’t uploading and downloading things as fast. This is a great new time to get this because you’re not going to find it at this price. This is a very, very limited time offer from amazon and qvc it’s a fantastic little relationship. We have going on there i’ll say, and on top of all of that, we also give you a case which is cool, because the first thing anybody buys when they buy a tablet is something to protect it. Well, we took it one step further. You can customize the case, you upload a photo to the little caseable website and they will put your pets. They will put your loved ones, they will put anybody you want on there and, as you can see, you can put multiple pictures so it’s, not just one image.

You can make a little collage whatever that might be. So this works not only as a case to protect the screen in the back, but it’s. Also the little accordion stand so now you got a stand built in there as well, and one important thing. We usually start with this, and i forgot to mention him. This has expandable memory and i know a lot of you go well. I don’t think i’m ever going to need. Yes, you will because eventually, you’ll probably run out of space with all that you’re going to download just like a computer. Just like a phone, you get the message that says: there’s, no more room start deleting well amazon, unlike everybody else put a door on the side here, this little tiny door of magic goodness and you can put a little uh micro sd card in there that’s, the Small version of there it is right there it’s a lot easier to see on the white one and when you put the micro sd card in there, you can. I believe you can take this to at least 500 gigabytes, but i i’m almost certain that a terabyte’s worth of information can be put inside here. So that’s, bigger than most of my computers, like the hard drive on my computer, isn’t, that big that’s phenomenal and it’s important. For this reason, because when we start going places again and you’re in the car with the kids and you’re at a restaurant and you’re wherever you are, and you don’t have wi fi, this is that digital garage that will allow you to download the movies, the music.

The books, the games all of that stuff – that normally you would be connected to the internet wirelessly for you download it right yeah, you could be in the back of a car or a bus or train whatever it might be, or the restaurant and you need that Digital babysitter for two minutes to get a bite of hot food. You can hand the kids the the tablet. I mean the content that you can get look at that just even like top free apps. The content is endless with these, and let me update you real quick, because this is the only presentation of the day over a thousand of the day on this one, a thousand so far today, uh, if you want the white 350 left to go around, that sold Out, if you want the black 1400 is all we have left and then it is gone. We will not see this again today. It is five easy payments of 22. It is free shipping and handling that’s, going to save you quite a bit as well. It’S 140 off by getting this home today and even if you already have a tablet, you cannot pass up this value here’s. The features tell me about them: yeah, so a beautiful high definition screen right, it’s, not that muddy standard definition, because you think at that price. Well, they’re gon na they’re gon na cut you on something nope 32 gigs of storage built in, but then, like i said you can take it to half a terabyte, but i think even now you can put more inside there octa core processors.

Just fancy. Computers speak for its fast uh. You’Ve got enough ram in there to jump from place to place to place that’s. What ram is it’s it’s for multitasking and then look at this. We never talk about this because i have so much else to get to it’s got a 12 hour battery life find a portable device that will last you all day and then, of course, the new usbc charging allows you to do some cool stuff. It charges faster. It charges uh or allows you to connect other devices and cool stuff like that, and one quick thing before we run out of time. This will work as a fully functioning tablet, and i know i mentioned it quickly before, but it also will work as a kids tablet. You’Ve got both built in, and all you have to do is enable what they call free time, and you can build profiles for all of your kids. So a six year old can only look at six year old, stuff and 10 year old can only look at 10 year old stuff, so pretty cool covers everything for you and two cameras and the 43 year old can only look at 43 year old stuff. Just saying that’s definitely that are there anybody controls for my age, just saying real, quick uh. I said to meg today, you’re starting, you look a lot like sybil shepard right that’s, a compliment. Thank you. I will both of us are like she she’s got her simple shepherd look going on today, so there you go.

So you could be your stunt person change that change it up. I wonder if she’s available, uh moonlighting. Oh, that was the best show. I wonder if moonlighting’s on here i’m gon na go watch that tonight sure it is hey uh thanks and tell meg. I said hi and lover: oh well, uh all right! White 200 is all we have left there 1200 in the black and then it’s sold out. My friends, this is going fast if sold separately, price of 140 off plus free shipping and handling can’t beat that grab this 30 day, love it or return it guarantee. Even on our electronics, hey. Does that mean i’m bruce willis? How fun would we have if we were those two i mean you know, die hard and all the other great stuff too.