A bit like amazon commissions as well, but look in this video what ill do is ill walk you through this process, ill share with you. Some of my earnings ill show you how to set all of this up and well look at two different methods and both of these ill drop links and resources below for you and look if you want more ways to you, know, learn affiliate marketing just come over To my blog, not taught at school, click on here youll find lots on here. I always share. You know case studies. What im doing you know free courses, tools and lots more so lets jump onto amazon and ill walk you through this process. So this is inside of my which one is this. This is over in my us account, so you can see here so far. This year, ive currently had 236 dollars and a little bit of change from one of my niche blogs on niche website. So you can see the earnings over here now these earnings have come from this blog. Our website over here is called this one down here, theflykillerguide.com now i purchased this a number – probably probably coming up to about a year ago. Actually, but this is a very niche and its obviously its in this category here about you, know, killing flies and we have reviews on here and other bits. Now, if i come back over to amazon, i want to share with you a couple of pointers.

So the reason why you know i purchased this website before was purely because of the passive element to this. So if i scroll down here, you can see, number of clicks generated from the website is coming up to 3 000 number of items ordered is 175 shipped returned conversion rate. I mean look at this shipped items on amazon over 7 000 in sales and for that theyve. Given me in return 232 dollars its not a lot by any stretch of the imagination. Now one of the cool things about this platform over here is, if i click on ends and scroll down here, what happens is once somebody clicks any of the links over on. You know this website over here. It sends them over to amazon if they purchase the product that they was interested in, like this one here, for example, or even if they didnt purchase this. But you know they did a bit of online shopping within 24 hours of clicking my link, i and a commission so thats, pretty cool and if a scroll down here can say i mean look whats this here flying bug killer. I dont even know that is essential. Oil, so someones, you know gone over to the website over there theyve clicked a link. Theyve landed on amazon, theyve paired just something here: ive been this amount of money here, but then what happens is obviously theyre on amazon and you know people purchase other things.

I mean what is this storage containers? I dont have any links directly to that. This is how much theyre paid yeah. I am an affiliate commission. I mean what is it a variety variety pack of sir 52 and i am 1.58. So this is one of the benefits of amazon associates and you know joining their affiliate program because you can air money in a number of ways. Its not a lot as you can see here and if you scroll down here ill quickly, show you this. So if we go to commission income ill show you this, so you can see the sorts of commissions that you can earn from the platform. So if we scroll down here, look they have categories now, depending on the category you can add up to 10 on the high end on the lower end, you can well, you can end zero, but realistically youre going to be sort of around at this s. This here, three to one percent: realistically, you can see weve got pc, pc, compartments, digital video games and whats this video games and other bits, so the commissions over here theyre, not that great. But if you set up your affiliate marketing campaigns correctly in the right way, you can be earning money for many months and years down the line a bit like what ive done with this website over here, because i – because literally i have not touched this in – i Cant, i remember the last time i put an article over on this website here.

I probably realistically should spend a little bit more time on this, but genuinely im, not too fussed about it, because you know its bringing in a passive income, essentially its not a lot, and i focus my time on you know better producing. You know affiliate programs and you know different products and services. But if i come back over here how this method works, is we literally ill share with you two different methods so method number one is we can create a website or a blog in a particular category or a niche, and what i would say is you know, Look at these on here, you know, try and focus. You know on something like physical books, kitchen automotive. You know these sort of higher commission things up here and once weve decided on our category our our niche. We then create content around this, and you might be thinking well, you know i dont know how to create a website or a blog – and you did say mark at the beginning of this video youre, going to share with us how to do this for free, and I absolutely will, though, so the first one is the first result i have for you is this one over here and the reason why i use and recommend this is for a number of reasons which ill share with you now. So if i scroll down the page here, this is the platform you can see designed for affiliate marketers of all levels.

But, more importantly, look you can transform your ideas into profits, and this is a great thing about. You know partnering with a brand like amazon, or i mean you can do this – also with ebay and etsy and other platforms, if you, you know, have a particular hobby or an interest, you can take that and create content and earn money now over on this platform. Here they will allow you to build, not one but two websites, absolutely for free. It takes. I mean it says on here: it takes less than 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking mobile and revenue ready website. Realistically itll probably take you about 10 minutes. What happens? Is they give you a template, and then you can edit that template and youre up and running, but once youve got your website and theyve shown you how to do this theyll share with you how to attract loads of traffic? Now traffic basically means you know, website visitors, people landing on your website. Theyll also share with you. How to you know, make money with amazon, xc, ebay and lots more, but its free and its awesome theyve been around for a number of years, and i have no. You know no qualms or issues recommending this to you. I mean i use it. I recommend it and its free so ill drop a link to this one here below for you now. The other thing i want to talk to you about is in terms of over on amazon.

Obviously, you can sign up and become an affiliate, and you can add commissions for anything now. Websites like this – and these are great because you know theyre bringing in a passive income, but the problem with these is you know you need to get your articles ranking on google all the search engines, because if you dont get people on your website, then unfortunately youre Not going to earn any money that brings us on to method number two, which is using this platform here youtube now. Dont worry when i say youtube im, not saying for you to be. You know you dont have to be on camera. You dont have to talk or anything like that, but i just want to share with you this. So if i come down here and look at typing best laptops for students, this example here has 90 500 people a month searching for the best laptops for students. Now, if i come up here as well – and if i just go back, let me just do this ill, just leave it on best laptops, for it will also give us some more well. Normally it does actually yeah there we go. It will give you suggestions. So look best laptop for video, editing, 33 000 people best laptops for students, etc, etc. So these here these are all ideas for videos that you can create and again you can do this for free. So if you come down here, look i mean these sorts of channels.

You know over time, theyre literally they get lots and lots of i mean look at this best laptops for students, 4.7 million views. This was done at two years ago. Come down here. Look 10 best ones at this this channel here. This look, you can see here. Look amazon links straight away, confirmed on the page here, well find the number one without look top five picks unboxed daily. What is this and engadget? 1.2 million subscribers? Now, lots of these videos ive been through and had a look at these so lets just go into one of them so lets go back up and find this one here, top five picks this channel here. Not only are they earning money from amazon theyre? Also earning money from you, the youtube partner program. You know the annoying ads that we see on videos. But if i come in here and well, look at some of their videos ill show you them really quickly, because theyre not difficult to do and ill show you. How to do them for free in a second? So if i scroll down here, look you can see. Look oh look, fridges, laptops, workout and rice cookers come further on the page. Here. Look best android tv box, 641 000 views a year ago. Now. Look at this video here, its literally stock footage, and you might be thinking well, you know what is stock footage and its the same for most of these theyre using images and videos that you can simply get from amazon.

Now let me share with you how you would do this, so if i come back over here, lets go to amazon.com and lets just click on shop by category so were going to computers and accessories and were just going to the computer. I just want to share with you an actual example of this, so lets go to lets. Have a look at this one here. Look inside of here see this here i could. I could download this image here. I could also download this image this one, this one. I think you get a picture and also look at this at this three videos on here, which i can download, and i can use these in my own video about this product here. So i have download all of these images and these videos, the other cool thing as well, is, if i scroll down here, i mean look to give us all of the information that we need about this product. So look all of this here. Look. You can use all of this inside of your videos now the videos we like to make things simple and easy when it comes to you know, video creation, you can use this platform over here and again ill drop, a link to this below for you, you can Start out for free with this platform, the only thing on the free account is: it has a very small template in the bottom. At the bottom right hand, corner of the is a paid pricing plan on this.

I think its, i think its like 18 or 20 dollars a month, but you dont have to start with that. You can just go with the free version and you can see here. Look weve got 4. 000. 10 players. So if you scroll down here, theyve got a look, you can go with the wide weve got the square. Videos and weve also got vertical. So you know this is for tick, tock, youtube, shots and other bits. But if i scroll down the page here, let me just share this with you now, so we have got top categories. Weve also got video ad, so we have got intro and logo reveals come further on the page. Weve got slideshows business presentations invites and lots more. So lets just go with. Actually, these are just templates, so you can edit any part of these so well go with offers and discounts lets just click on here and ill show you how you can get this up and running so well. Go with wide and well click on use. This template and it takes a second to load up, and basically this here is our video editor. So you see this is the current one, but bearing demand, this is a template, so i dont want that so im going to click on scene and ill click on blank scenes, im just going to add in a new scene for now so in here we could Upload our image or our video that weve downloaded from amazon, okay once that has been uploaded onto the platform here ill show you how to do this now.

Sorry, i dont know whats going on there. There we go so look so now. Weve got a scene so over. On the left hand, side weve got uploads where we upload our images and videos, but very quickly. Let me just click on video because they do have literally thousands of videos built in into here, so im just going to type on. Let me type in laptop and well hit on enter and its going to bring up all of these videos and itll go ahead and itll check for eyestock results and also go and check through premium media and once it loads up. You simply click on any of these and we drag them down to here and you can see we can build our own scene. We can you see the text on here, so we could just type in here. Click link in description. You know, or what you could do is you could go up onto amazon and you know you could get the information from that listing and you could have this over the top of your video. Sorry. Why is that not done now? Let me try that again. Weve got images, maybe lets try our video again. So here we go heres all of the laptops. So if you just click on that one there or i can just drag and drop it, and this would be the video. So, look, you can use the full video you can trim this etc so im just gon na click on trim, video to fit a scene and im gon na click on done, and you can see this now is our video and basically all im doing here is Im just going to go through and pick these, so obviously we dont want this original scene, but you you know you can delete this here.

So let me click on delete scene. Yes, i want to delete that scene there, but all you do a video using this website here and, as i mentioned, you just use the images and the videos that you download from amazon, and you see the text here. You know you can move this around. You can change the font of this. You can change the text color. So if you know, if you wanted to say black, maybe put that to there like so you can make it bigger. You can make it smaller. So you can see on here. You can change the font and lots more. So if you want to go with this one here, you can just click on here. Youve got many. Many more in here that you can do, but essentially all were doing here is weve got a complete video using the images which amazon have given us, and then we could go over there and we can include, you know, were getting more information about the product here. We can also inside of this software here you can have music on here. You can add in logos, you know theres lots, you can do around it. You can play you can play around until your hearts content, but basically, once youve done this, you can download and share this and basically when, when it says share you can share it share this onto youtube. You can put this on facebook twitter wherever, but but then you take that video and you include your affiliate links.

You know in the youtube description, like these channels are doing over here and thats, basically the whole concept, so we go over to amazon and not just amazon. You can do with ebay as ive mentioned and other platforms. You can either create content like this over here whereby were creating a blog or a website, and if you wanted to go down that method, youd also, you could take it a step further and you could incorporate you know the videos that you create. Inside of your articles over here so youre, potentially getting people from you know the search engines, but were also getting people over from youtube as well. So that is probably the best way of doing that. I think yeah you can see on here. We have a video down here over the actual products which were speaking about article over here, but i have aware look. All of the links are down all of these methods that weve looked at today using the nvidia software use the affiliate platform. There are all three options for you now, as ive mentioned, i dont spend too much time on amazon purely because of how much money you can earn. I like to focus on high ticket and also recurring items if you want to learn more about that ill. Also drop a link below for you to a course which costs seven dollars its awesome.