Recently, i did a full video tutorial showing you how to set this up with windows and since then, i’ve had a lot of people asking about the android version so that’s. What we’re going to cover in this video now duck station is an amazing playstation, 1 emulator. They offer a standalone app that you can download for free from the google play store or you can use the retro arch core in this video we’re going to be going over. The standalone app and one of my favorite features about duck station is the internal upscaling. Now, what you’re seeing on screen right now is the arcade mode of gran turismo, 2 upscale to 1080p. This is the samsung galaxy s6 tablet does have that snapdragon 855, but you don’t need this much power to run most games at 720 or 1080p. Even with this setup here i can’t run bloody, roar 2 at 1080p. I do have to drop it down to 720 or i’ll get some lag in it now, in my opinion, this game looks great at 1080p, but it’s really hard to tell the difference. Unless i do a side by side, so here it is, and it makes a world of difference upscaling these games. Now some games do look better than others. When i upscale let’s say tekken 3. It doesn’t look as good as when i’m upscaling gran turismo 2, but as you can see, this makes a big difference on the left hand, side we’re at 1x resolution on the right hand, side we’re, upscaled, to 1080p, i mean the card details, the road we can Even read the text on the banner in the background there when we’re upscaled, so if you’re interested in getting your playstation 1 games.

Looking like this on your android device, let’s go ahead and get started all right. So here we are, with the tablet, i’ve just plugged into my game capture, to make it a little easier on the eyes before we really get started here. There’S a couple things we’ll need. First up, i recommend getting a file manager application. You can download one from the google play store, but most devices do have them pre installed. This is the stock samsung file manager called my files, and inside of here i’ve taken my games from my pc and i’ve actually transferred them over now. This is definitely a very important part about getting the duck station emulator up and running. You will need some games and a ps1 bios. Unfortunately, i can’t link you to them. I can’t tell you where to get them, i would recommend ripping your own from your own discs, but you can do a quick, google search and you’ll be able to find everything you need. So in my file manager, i’ve just placed these on my internal storage. You can also place them on an sd card if your phone or tablet supports it but i’m going to go to my internal storage and i’ve just placed them in my downloads, folder in a folder called sony. Playstation i’ve also created another folder inside of here. For my bios, so this is the bios we’re going to need for duck station to work properly, it’s called scph1001 basic playstation, 1 bios we’ll back up and here’s my games now, unfortunately, as making this video duck station does not support pbp file, so we’re going to Kind of be stuck with bin and q files, but, like i mentioned they’re, actually easy to obtain.

If you have some playstation 1 games laying around you can actually rip them very easily from your pc or you can just do a quick google search. So i’ve got a few here: bin and q now duck station is going to be reading from the bin file itself. I’Ve got bloody, roar 2 crash bandicoot gran turismo resident evil, tekken 3 wipeout 3.. But when it comes down to it i mean you can add. As many as you’d like so now that we’ve got that out of the way it’s time to download the duck station emulator we’re just going to head over to the google play store. This is free to download we’re just going to search for duck station we’re going to install it here. Give it a second to download and it’s now installed, so we’ll go ahead and find it here. Duct station let’s launch it. For the first time we will have to allow access to storage, so we’re just going to choose, allow and now it’s time to set the emulator up. If you don’t have a bios or games you’re, not even going to be able to use this, so i would recommend getting those first, so it’s a very basic looking screen down here. We have a play button over here. We have a plus button, our settings and a little drop down menu here. So the first thing i want to do is set up my bios and my games directory so i’m, going to go down here to the little plus icon we’re going to choose this, and we need to allow access to internal storage so i’m, actually going to go Up to these three little dots here, you can hide internal storage, but we want to show internal storage, make sure that is checked over with the three little lines in the top left hand, corner galaxy tab.

My bios and games are located in my downloads, folder inside of another folder called playstation, so i’m going to go right here. Allow access to sony playstation. This is just what i named my folder we’re going to allow it to scan and it scanned my games now for some reason, just like the windows version. I can get all of my games to show up in this list here, but the games do work and i can load them individually if i want to so we’ve got our games imported. But if i go to play a game right now, it’s going to give me a warning about my bios. We can actually import the bios right now by choosing yes or we can go up to the three little dots here: more options, import, bios and it’s going to bring us right back into our file manager. So mine’s located on my internal storage. Under my downloads, folder sony playstation, bios i’ve just set it up like this to make it easier to find it’s the scph1001.bin so i’ll, just double click that and it’s now imported. We can actually start playing our games if i go to play gran turismo 2. Right now, it’s going to start up, we have on screen controls but i’m going to show you how to set up a controller if you don’t have a controller and you’re using a tablet or phone. You can use these if you want to no problem at all i’m, also going to show you how to skip that playstation screen so we’re actually going to close this down, just want to go to quit back into duck station and now it’s time for a little Tweaking to get our games looking better so up here under settings, we do have a lot to mess around with general display audio enhancements controllers advanced.

I usually mess around with general enhancements and controllers, so starting from general i’m going to scroll to the bottom here and my gpu renderer is set to opengl. Some might work better with vulkan, but i find that the snapdragon 855 works really well with opengl. So i’m going to leave it here now we can move on to display. Now, if you take a look at each one of these, it gives you a little brief summary on what it does. Basically aspect: ratio. A lot of people complain about the black bars on the side, but that’s how these games were meant to play we’re playing on 16×9 or 16×10 screens, and these were meant to be played at 4×3. So there are going to be black bars on the side, but you can change it from here. If you want to, unfortunately it might stretch out some of the games, so i usually just leave it at 4×3. The way that playstation 1 was meant to be played under enhancements. This is where we can get our games. Looking really really good resolution scale it’s set to 1x the stock resolution of the playstation 1 that’s pretty low for bn2020. We can go all the way up to 16x for this tablet. Here i usually choose 5x, but i can go to 1440p if i want to at 6x 1080p – and this is really going to depend on how powerful your device is, if you’re lagging at 1080p drop it down a couple, but even going from 1x to 3x, which Is 720p makes a huge difference with these playstation 1 games next thing fastboot i like turning this off, so i don’t get that bios boot screen it’ll bring me into the game a lot faster, multi sampling.

I go to 2x msaa again, if you start lagging make sure you drop this back down for this tablet here with the snapdragon 855 2x to 4x is fine, but i don’t notice much of a difference between the two we’ll go to two here and finally, texture Filtering this is set to nearest neighbor. Now i personally like xbr on a windows, machine that’s, more powerful, but unfortunately at 1080p, with xbr on even with the snapdragon cpu, it lags a bit so i go to buy linear. I think this is the next best thing. So we’re going to go to bilinear and that’s about it for the enhancements. You can go through this and test and tune as much as you’d like last thing here controllers. So when i connect my controllers to my android device, i like to use x input mode. If you have an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth, it’s going to automatically detect it or if your controller just works in x, input like the 8 bit oh controllers, and things like that they’re going to work, fine right out of the box. But there is one thing we can change here: controller type, digital controller for gamepad or d pad or analog controller for your dual shock. I personally prefer using dual shock, but you can experiment with this also so i’m set to analog here and the last little tweak. I usually do auto hide touch screen controls because i’m using a controller.

So i make sure this is enabled when i have a controller attached it’s going to hide those on screen controls, so they don’t get in my way. If you don’t have a controller, i would recommend leaving this on just so they’re on screen all the time and you can play with those touch controls and now we can start playing our favorite playstation games on our android device. Upscaled with some filtering now, like i said all of the games that i have in my folder aren’t, showing up here for some reason, there’s something i just can’t figure out here with the bin in queues not showing up correctly. But if i do want to just choose a game manually, i’ll go up to more options, start file and i’ll find my games. So if i want to do bloody, roar 2, which isn’t showing up i’m just going to choose my bin file here and it’s, going to load the game right up for me now. This is a harder to emulate game for playstation, 1 emulators. So, even on the snapdragon 855, i do have to take it down from 1080 to 720 to get full speed out of this one. So i’ve taken this one down to 720p, just to get full speed out of it, and this is the only game i’ve run into issues with on the snapdragon 855. Everything else that i’ve tested can run at 1080p and even 1440 on this machine.

But this one has always given playstation 1 emulators a run for its money now i’m, going to give you a real time, scaling demo here, we’re going to go back down to 1x. Now take a look at the edges on the legs, the floor and the back fence. This is at 1x we’re going to take it back up to 720p and it is a dramatic difference, and here it is at 720p. As you can see, all those little jaggies are gone on her leg. We can actually see the back fence. The floor is cleaned up, and this is one of the main reasons. I love the duck station emulator and real quick here’s, a side by side comparison on the left we’re at 1x resolution on the right we’re. At 3x i mean even the text up top is barely legible at 1x, but when we bump it up to 720p, everything is super clean, so yeah overall duckstation is definitely easy to set up on any platform. Really. It is compatible with android windows, linux and even mac os with an experimental, build there’s, also a core inside of retroarch. But personally i like sticking with the standalone version on whatever system i’m running this on so yeah that’s, pretty much it for this. Video really appreciate you watching and hope you get duck station set up on your android device. It’S, definitely one to try out if you’re into playstation 1 emulation.