Carplay car lets have a look, so I imagine some of you are wondering what an AI box actually is. Well, they have two main purposes. One of them is to unlock an amazing amount of additional features for cars, which only have basic apple carplay, and by that I mean its going to give you the ability to watch Netflix and YouTube and install any apps. You want because its going to give you full Android access on a standard Apple, carplay car. It also makes Apple carplay wireless in the car if they do not already have wireless apple carplay and the beauty of these is that you literally just need to plug them. In using a USB cable to your car and thats it nice and easy now, if you frequent my channel, you probably know that Ive already reviewed the t box from car link kit this one here – and this is the sort of the budget version – the plus version. This one here has four gigabytes of memory and a decent processor, so it should be pretty fast. It also has a 4G modem built in, so you can actually pop a SIM card into this and give your car internet access all the time if thats, something that you want to do anyway. Lets have a look at this one Music. Here it is, and you can see that it has a kind of textured top and I dont know if you can see, but this has got a kind of a very dark blue like a navy, blue and thats.

What sets aside from the lower priced version of this box, which is black on the back of it, you can see its kind of vented and Im just having a look at the top here. You can see the USB entry point is here thats what you need to plug into the car to make it work. You can also put a SIM card into this to get a permanent data connection. If you want to do that, and over here, you have a micro SD card slot, that is, for additional storage or you can put movies and music or whatever onto that card and youll be able to play them back in the car and thats pretty much it. So lets go and plug it in and see what its like. So, for the purposes of this demo, Im sitting in my brand new Ford, Mustang Mac e, which has Android auto and apple carplay as standard. And here we have the Colin kit t box plus and the USB cable, which Im now going to plug into the USB port on the car and now that Ive done that. The only thing we have left to do is actually switch the car on and see. How long it takes to boot up so just booting the car up now loading your iPhone supports Apple carplay, enable connecting to Apple carplay, and there we go. I should remind you, I dont get paid to endorse any company or product, including this car link system.

However, I will provide you with links in the video description as usual and with car link kit in particular, if you use the discount code Saab, you will get, I believe, 18 discount off of your purchase, which makes this a really really good deal. This is the dashboard, and this is what youre going to see once you plug the t box plus into the USB port. This is what youre going to have on the display of your car and again. This is what it looks like on the Mustang, but this will work in any car that has Factory apple carplay and if you have an aftermarket hedge unit, which is compatible with apple carplay, this will also function as well on the top left. Here we have a widget that plays back music, currently its playing music back from the Spotify app thats currently installed. But if you prefer, you can stick your MP3 files on a Micro, SD card put it in and it will play music back like that as well. Below the music widget, you have four applications now these apps are your choice. You can pick and choose what you want to display here and I absolutely love that, because it means that the dashboard is always going to be functional. As you can see, I have Google Maps Spotify the car scanner, which is going to show me data from this car, which Ill show you in a bit and zap map, because this is an electric car and I need to know where I can find electric charge Stations and then 50 of the screen here is Google Maps, which means you dont even need to open the app, because on the dashboard, most of the screen is for navigation.

Already youve got your search bar up here, you type in where you want to go nice and easy and on the right hand, side here we have a bar with the time up here. It gives you quick access to the last application that you were using, and then you have this button down here which takes you to your applications, nice and easy, which has changed to a home button now. So if you tap that it will take you back home, this is an amazing dashboard and its 100. The best dashboard Ive ever seen on one of these portable Android devices in the bike that you have Google maps running on the actual launcher itself is absolutely fabulous and the music player is compatible with Spotify. Again it really ticks all the boxes really love it. So this is Android 11 and youre probably wondering how you navigate it, because theres no actual Android buttons on the screen and theyve done that with this ingenious little button down here. So you can actually drag this around and put it somewhere more useful. If you tap it youre going to get your Android buttons right lets. Do the standard speed test that we do with these Android devices, starting with Spotify there we go thats really really fast. You can see how that processor and the memory is reacting very very quickly. Thus, faster than any other AI box that I have tested to date, right lets try ways again that was the fastest low time for ways of any of the other AI boxes that Ive reviewed, which makes this the Best Buy.

So far. Now one of the main things that people buy these boxes for is video because obviously carplay does not allow you to play video in your car, and this box will allow that. So, as you can see, Ive got Netflix over here and you can watch pretty much anything you want from here or, alternatively, you can watch YouTube and theres no limitation to what you can watch with this and then, of course remember that its Android, which means you Can install whatever applications you want and what makes that particularly useful in a car is you can get card Diagnostics if you pair this via Bluetooth with a odb2 reader? So if you have a look, I have car scanner here and this will show me live data. Whilst Im driving of pretty much anything that I want to view, all of these sensors are visible and there are other things that I can do like diagnostic trouble codes here. So I can read and see if theres any problems with my car and the other reason why some people might buy this unit is because it gives you the ability to turn a wired Apple carplay car into a wireless Apple, carplay car and wireless Android, auto as Well – and you do that with the app Auto kit here, this card does already have wireless Android, auto and Apple carplay, so I wont be using that. I strongly recommend, though, that if you buy this unit, dont use Android, auto or apple carplay.

This full version of Android is absolutely spectacular. It gives you Limitless functionality in your car, including the standard stuff like navigation and music playback. So if you buy this unit, try to use it as it is designed like this, because it is absolutely spectacular anyway. I hope Ive answered all of the questions that you might have had with this unit if theres anything that Ive missed.