This is the GTR version that I've had now for a living day, so this video, the purpose of it, is just to update you now that I've had quite a bit of time on with it. I can give you a full update on battery life. Is it gon na meet that claim and well let's talk about that first, so I'm losing about 4 a day if I don't use the GPS, the tracking that really does burn through it. So my exercise that I did with the white show in for a bike ride and more about that later on, but that was on for about the GPS tracking for about one hour and 45 minutes and that's, where I lost about 10 percent battery life's there. So you're gon na get approximately, I would say, 20 days, if you're not doing any of that the sports tracking, if you're not really too fast about that and you don't want to use it. The GPS definitely does burn through the battery in here. So the watch face, I have right now there's over 100 and they keep adding more you download them and sync it to the phone via bluetooth. It does take a little while and I've noticed that I think this one is the best so far there's one of the first ones I came across and this watch face gives me a lot better visibility. I can actually see the time during clean sunlight, whereas some of the other watch faces where their textures smaller you will struggle a little bit so the build of it very good.

I have actually snagged this on a door handle if you've ever done that before on a door, that's not fully open, you go to walk past, and then you end up some house making a watch did that. I thought it would. I could have actually ripped this strap off, so that was a good attest there of the strength all these little clips in here. So you can remove this. If you just simply put on this little tab here, you can get them out and you can change course to watch straps, so the default one they use this rubber, very comfortable and you can see it's got a bit of giving it a bit of stretch, and I think that's what saved it, because it stretched quite a bit and that also allows you to put it on quite tight when you're getting their heart rate. Readouts. Now I haven't used the continual on screen. Sorry always on display mode, because that really does burn through the better I've, but I set the timer to 15 seconds, which is the maximum, if you're interested in that, so the heart rate, sensor I'm. Finding that I think, is pretty accurate. Comparing that to say my Garmin that I have that I use it's got a chest mounted one that I used to use that when I was going to the German things sizing, I think more or less. You know it's, probably not quite as accurate, but that is fine.

Now there's still that lag I've had quite a few firmware updates. In fact, there was a firmware update that just came through yesterday or because I hadn't checked the Bluetooth herb could've been a couple of days ago, and that updated a few things that updates the resources. Then the firmware and even update the a GPS which is the assistant GPS, so you can see there the steps I've done today. You can get a history of that that's just going back into the well to the heart rate reader. There you can see when you go through the different menus. There is a little bit of lag. I mean this doesn't seem to be running at 60 Hertz. The screen I don't think well it's, not 60 frames per second. It just looks quite choppy, so this button – as I pointed out in the first video, go over this in a little bit of detail that then you can assign to different things if you wanted to through the settings – and it is pretty straight forward to swiping up Here, that's we get into your menu, you can go through your status that's. Just your can't work out. Some things are the workouts, so I've noticed here that it's not particularly accurate a little bit on that now. Actually, I did do a test and I went mountain biking, so let's see how a tract compared to my mobile phone, okay, so I'm, halfway through my workout here, my rides it's 46 minutes and I've done 8.

4 kilometers according to the watch's GPS. Now, with a Google fit which I'm tracking currently with these Samsung Galaxy S, 10, plus, which I'm recording this on it's telling me I've done eight point eight. So there is a slight difference now, the heart rate monitor that seems to be tracking. Well, I have got my heart rate right up to 170 on the very steep climb here: alright, so I'm, just back here and it's reporting that I've done seventeen point two seven kilometers when in fact with Google fit – and I know the typical loop that I do Is actually 19 kilometers just a fraction over so yeah the GPS accuracy, not so accurate with just the watch tracking me here. So, as you can see from that that the tracking is not amazing, it's about imagine of era, I would say of around 7 or so so. The app for me amaze fit for some reason wanted me to keep logging in and then it would go and crash. So I had to delete the app uninstall it basically and reinstalled it, so I don't have access anymore to actually zoom into this map and show you some more details here and show you my sleep tracking and things like that. Unfortunately, because of that, I don't know what happened, but this was the the range I got here. So the thirteen point three kilometers the phone itself was reporting when I was tracking with Google fed about nineteen, which I believe is more accurate, so that's quite a big difference here now some people say why seven percent it's not much yes, you've got the GPS tracking Within the watch itself, which is great to have don't, get me wrong, I'm, not knocking it for that, but it's just I wish it was a little bit more accurate now that recent update that came through that did update the a GPS I'm.

Seeing in my small test, I've only just walked a couple of kilometers. It still seems to be a little bit out, there's still a bit there. I mean you walk two kilometers and you might have actually walked about 2.1 that's, the problem here. So what is happening when I see the GPS, because I came back along the same Road, so I rode down from my house went all around my normal route. Did I go on the route? Did I go through with with my mountain bike and you see? Can we make on the same Road, look at the difference between them? So this is what it's happening a lot. It just cuts corners or jumps the accuracy and that's. Why there is that big difference with the GPS accuracy there, which is be really quite annoying so going onto this? I want to bring this up that the sleep information, so you can see a 5 hours and 46 minutes. That is actually, I think, pretty accurate here. I know some people have commented on my first video that they said that, with the watch it's only tracking just a few hours or not working properly for them that's, because you need to put it on quite hard. You need to strap it on because I think it's, every 5 minutes or 10 minutes or whatever it's ticking on your heart rate and things that's. How it knows that, if you're resting or not and of course, what the other sensors if you're moving around and getting up – and I did actually wake up there, because I've got young children and that's what happens? You know got screaming babies at 5 o'clock in the morning and that's why I was awake for one hour there so that's all fun, so the rear of the watch you've got those little tiny connectors so that lock song with the magnet when you put the bass On it, that's in my first video to charge it charging time, I haven't timed it exactly it's a couple of hours and, as mentioned happy with a barrel.

Oh so far, so these are the senses. Here you got a little light in there that flashes, when it's, taking and monitoring your heart rate it's ticking. I don't know that somehow I would see through your skin and sees your blood thrown through there and that's how they calculate that they're with the watch. Now. One of the good things I like about this watch and it's the same as my me band 3. That I have is the fact that I never miss calls as long as I got bluetooth on on my phone. That is because it's sooner to get a phone call coming through if I'm, in silent mode on my phone, which can be annoying all the beeps, because I get so many DMS on Twitter and it's YouTube there's. Always these alerts coming through and – and I know I should disable them and whatever, but I just put it in silent. No, my phone but it'll vibrate, so you can even come in call it'll come up on the screen and it vibrates away, and that I find is very handy, so I don't miss any calls that way which was really good. The other thing, too, is with the alarms. I do actually use that. So when you set up alarm in the app you can then, of course, that syncs through to the phone, and that is another way that if you're using it for your sleep monitoring, then you got it on and even if you just got it next to your Say your bedside cabinet it vibrates away and it wakes you up, so i use it as alarm, so that's quite useful there.

So, overall, i think this is a shorter video here. I think this is a decent watch. The build quality is good, but it's, really just a larger screen and just with a few extra things really compared to the me band. For now. If you want to see more about the menus that i go through the different workout modes and all that that is in the first video, there is a link of that one in this description of this video, and it should be popping up right now, right here. In the corner so make sure you check that as well. I think this the letdown has is differently the tracking, though, if you want perfect tracking, then you're not going to get it out of the smart watch right here with the GPS, as mentioned it just seems to be quite a bit off, and the battery life is Impressive for me, I'm happy to only really have to charge this.