So this is a Helio x20 powered Android tablet, so this has 10 on it. With a Mali, T880 GPU, 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. Now it’s got a reasonably good resolution to the screen on it. So it’s eight point four inches 2560 by 1600, so that works out to be a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which I rather liked on my tablets. So you can see it’s boxed up quite well. We do have a pre applied, transit screen protector, maybe there’s a screen protector under this, so it does have a fingerprint reader. You can see on the front right there and hopefully the screen is going to be fully laminated but I’ll check that out and just to see can we have a look at what else we get in the box, so there’s a little leaflet here and it just Simply states quick guide on this, so that’s pretty self explanatory and in fact, it’s a quick guide that looks to be all and yes, it is, I know English and Chinese. Okay, so that’s good. Here we have our type c cable. So, yes, it does have type c sim tool and, and then the charger here, so this charger just check the rating of it. 5 volts 2 amps only so this is not going to be supporting media ticks pump Express at least the charger isn’t. So up the top, we have an earpiece, yes and earpiece. This tablet can be used as an enormous lis large phone it’s, going to make my me max to look small, a 2 megapixel front facing camera.

You can see right. There looks like we have a proximity sensor, I would say, and perhaps an ambient light sensor 2 on the bottom. We have a microphone there for your voice. Calls your video and your voice chat applications, the single loudspeaker, so that is one concentrate away. Just the one loudspeaker, which is a shame and then there’s some tray on the bottom, so this will take it micro, SD card nano SIM or 2 nano Sims. Now, on the rear, there is a 13 megapixel camera with an LED flash, something we don’t often see at least on tablets, now it’s metal, the whole back of it. This part here is plastic, so that’s also doubles up with, though the antennas are obviously going be behind that for their reception along the top just a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with microphone support, and you can see the edges of the tablet. They do curved away. So it’s a little bit more comfortable to hold, but if the volume and power buttons are made out of metal – and they have a good feel to them – 363 grams that’s not too bad for an 8.4 inch tablet, considering it does have metal and a slim. Eight point: six millimeters, so taking a look at the build quality next to the chewy hi9, which is a similar screen at least it’s a tablet. That’S got the same screen on it, also running Android 7, and this is plastic.

This enhance it creaks, it doesn’t feel so good. This feels very good in hand. It feels premium and there’s no flex. There’S, no creaks whatsoever it’s got their whole middle frame all around the outside and the only really good thing about the chewy ho9. I would say: it’s got the 2.5 D curved glass edges, which just make it a little bit more comfortable, alright, so just powering it up, get that screen protector off it, of course, and it looks like that screen is fully laminated, so that’s good news. Now, each time I do this there’s, actually a haptic feedback motor within this tablet as well, which is another little bonus. It gives a little vibration, so that’s done finished setup, so it’s, a very vibrant, looking display hover. You can see that this looks really good. Very nice and it looks to be running stock Android just want to check out that fingerprint reader before we go any further. Okay, that’s, pretty quick, not too bad for a mediatek device and it’s an always on fingerprint reader as well. So your first impressions of the screen are looking good and yes, stock, Android, so it’s running Android 7.1.1 and the patch levels November. So this display is very sharp and, yes, it does have adaptive brightness, which is a good thing to have on here. But of course I won’t be using that at the moment, because it’s too hard with a camera we’ve also got mirror vision, so you can tweak here the white balance.

Basically you’ve got color tuning. This is really good. If you’re not happy with the whites on this, then you can tweak it so just to show you yes, there’s the fire dialer, so you can make phone calls on this tablet, which is great, and we also have here FM radio, which is another bonus to have On a tablet that you don’t often see so looking at free storage, you get approximately 52 or so gigabytes free I’m, already starting to install my programs and things for my review. This is why it doesn’t quite line up what I’m saying but yeah it’s about 54 or so, and so you get plenty of free space and, of course, you’ve got microSD card support. Now it does have GPS support. Oh just went outside very quickly and it doesn’t seem that great the performance I mean it’s seen 18 satellites, but only locked onto seven and the accuracy is about 5 to 6 meters, so not crazy, accurate. It also does not have a hardware compass either. Now thought of choice and sample images of the display, because it really is a very nice display – they’ve got on this so it’s, fully laminated we’ve got quite a nice PPI on here sharp resolution, especially 8.4 inches, so it’s, looking very good. This screen and the touch response so far in my first hands on with it very good, no complaints with the screen there’s a little bit of you – can see bright oak sort of bleeding on the edge down the bottom there, but not really that much it’s to Me acceptable now the camera is actually looking like a step up above than what you’d normally get on these kind of tablet.

We can actually shoot on the fine mode here, which is 4k resolution, give you a sample of that, so this has been shot in 4k with the electronic image stabilization on which may be killing the framerate. It certainly looks like that, and the viewfinder here at the moment also give you an idea what kind of audio quality to expect – and this is what the front facing camera looks like, so it doesn’t tend to do a very good job. With the exposure of my face there, he goes exposing a little bit better, probably because I got those bright studio lights on, of course, which aren’t exactly helping okay, I guess that it wasn’t a hard guess, but that loudspeaker on the bottom is bad. It’S bad it’s hopeless, listen to this, so it doesn’t have good meds, it doesn’t have any base and it is distorting a lot at 100 it’s hard to believe that’s, an obscene volume it’s just not loud enough, so very poor loudspeaker on here. If you must have great dad speakers on a tablet, this is not the tablet to go for clearly so to quickly have a look at gaming performance. This is only my unboxing and hands on the performance isn’t that great here in pop G. You can see it’s quite choppy. Quite laggy I’m, not too sure says some thermals rattling happening, but it makes aiming difficult. I’Ve got someone actually shooting at me and you see when you zoom in with the scope and things it’s just quite choppy.

Now this is on the lower settings here, not the kind of performance. I was expecting to get at least playing a title like pub G here, so that’s disappointing. I thought because I got my sim card in here. Why not run a speed test and it’s not looking the fastest here, so I got a download there of 8 megabits per second. It could be the time of day it could be. The network I’m connected up to this is just a first quick little tester, but it doesn’t look wonderful, so I encountered some slow down there with gaming and I wanted to find out if it was actually throttling and what has happening here. This is CPU throttling tests around about the 2 minute mark it’s rotted down to 80, so it’s losing a bit of performance there and have a look at the performance difference right now. You can see their performance marks here that the chewy hi9 is actually higher and I’ve been running that now for most three minutes and it hasn’t throttled like they all do cube X wondered so this is interesting. I don’t think they’ve got the thermals quite right again. Audio Cube on the x1 and just about the nine minute market started to rattle again quite heavily so just ran, and just to give you an idea of the performance you can get out of so 90 2609 thats, actually not too bad for a tablet. For this price category that’s a nice step up over the hexa core and quad core MediaTek tablets, so that’s all cubes, x1 it’s.

Looking, ok, the tablet I mean the screen is really nice, really good. Build quality, we’ve got FM radio or gee. Now the 4G spanned support is limited. I’Ve also discovered that it runs into performance issues after a while it seems to be throttling, and the framerate dips down in pub G, for example, got quite laggy and choppy at times, and then it seemed to get a little bit better. So that’s a an area concern another area, concern of course, which it always is there as the battery life on a tablet either. So it’s got a 4000 500 milliamp hour battery. Just how long is it going to last I’ll have to test it out? I think it’s going to be around 4 to 5 hours. With this screen resolution, the battery life on the chewy ho9 was not good. That has a similar battery capacity and that’s only about 4 hours. Now the speaker on it it’s another con, not a great speaker, but the screen is really good. I do like it it’s sharp, very nice colors the build quality. The fact that we can make voice calls. Of course, those are some pros there. So if you want to game on it – and you expect really good performance and a good loudspeaker, I would skip this tablet. Don’T look at this one. Thank you so much for watching this hands on and unboxing. I hope to see you back on the channel soon.