com for 199 usd for the very early backers. I ended up paying 219 for this one right here and it is now currently selling for about 270. The key feature of this tablet and why it is getting quite a bit of attention because it has Samsung’s 10.5 inch. Super AMOLED screen on it. It’S fully laminated has a resolution of 2560 by 1600 and in my testing, the maximum brightness is 600 Lux, which is very good, so it’s a bright screen. I have a couple of minor complaints with it, however, and that is the saturation tends to be a little bit: oversaturated there’s, no white balance tweaks with the settings now. Normally you get mirror vision from mediatek it’s, an application to control the white balance in the saturation it’s missing for some reason on this ROM and then the lowest brightness to me is just a little bit too bright. So if you’re using it in a completely black room, no light on whatever it’s just a little too bright, I find for your eyes there, but it does have a blue light filter mode and there is a black and white reading mode here. It supports 10 touch points and it is a very premium panel it’s, not a second. You would think for the price of this tablet and that premium screen that they might have gone with a second there, but no, I don’t think it is there’s no defaults at all that I can find with my unit right here.

So has eight point: Android 8.1 has mentioned it might be getting an update to Android Pi Android 9. It looks like they may possibly be working with XDA with this, with the development of the ROM, which would be really good, but I don’t think we’ve heard anything else on that matter. There we run performance itself is snappy, it is quick, but when you do fill up that memory – or you start to do a lot of a multitasking, you notice as it expects that the six cores can tend to struggle a little with their maximum 2.1 turbo it’s. Not a high end chipset, the mtk 81 76, that this has now it’s paired up with 64 gigabytes of storage. That storage is MMC, 5.1 spec and then, when we look at the build of the it is premium, it is very good. We’Ve got metal volume up and down buttons, I’ve got slim, bezels, left and writer, so you can see top and bottom bezels. Okay, a little bit bigger there, but it’s a unibody alloy build that weighs only 496 grams, which is very good and it’s. About six point, nine millimeters thin sand very thin, it is light and when you give it a bit of a flex, there is no flex there’s, no creaks it’s. Overall, it has a good finish to it. A premium build which is great. We do have type C on here, so the type C port will support immediate ex pump Express and in my testing it runs at nine volts.

Two amps at about 18 watts is the charge rate, so will fully charge the tablet in approximately two hours and thirty minutes, which is much quicker and then a lot of the tablets that I’ve tested with other mediatek processes. They normally run it only 5 volts 2 amps charging and will take a lot longer three and a half to four hours. So it’s quick here and yes, if your gaming and charging at the same time it will charge the battery so there’s, no problem with that. There now the audio on it, so we’ve got two top firing speakers. They sound a lot louder than your typical Chinese tablet: there’s, no real bass to them. If you want a sample, please check out my unboxing video and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack supports mics. It is loud, it is clear, it has an a km audio deck that is handling the audio on this tablet. So normally you just get the run of the mill mediatek here you can tell a difference. It seems to me to sound just a little bit clearer, a little bit louder, so overall, above average audio with this right here now we have an 8 thousand milliamp hour battery in this, and I find the battery life to be a little disappointing. Now all the coop claims eight hours maximum use, and perhaps you may be able to squeeze that out with no brightness level, zero percent brightness and just watching video in my testing gaming about three and a half to four hours, light use which is just like web Browsing a little bit of streaming you’re going to get close to about six and a half seven hours.

Seven hours is really the maximum. I feel with this tablet, so a little disappointing there and of battery life. Now the other thing to note that it does not support Widevine level 1. Now this is a DRM cert for it and if it doesn’t have it which most Chinese tablets don’t, this jargon translates into Netflix stuck in standard definition. So, yes, we have an amazing screen with a high resolution and there we are watching standard definition, Netflix, which is really quite disappointing. We can’t fully take advantage of that, so Hope cube can address this. Hopefully they can, with the help of XDA, apply for that and then get it certified, which would be really great. Templar has a side fingerprint reader and I’ll place my finger on there now and you see that took about 2 to 3 seconds, so it’s, not the fastest I’ll. Do that again: 1. 2. So about 2 seconds so only 480p for the resolution on the front facing camera that’s disappointing. It would be great if it was 720p and I have noticed that sometimes the audio is also out of sync, when recording with the stock camera app when you’re using things like Skype, it’s not out of sync, then and then on to gaming performance. So the games that I have tested most of them will run really well lighter engines. They run perfectly fine, so games like hit lineage to all playable World of Tanks, and then your warships they can even run on high settings, find pub G.

It needs to be run on low settings, in fact, that’s the only option you get, you get a little bit of slowdown and lag, but overall playable the one game that I’ve tested that doesn’t run well is shadow gun legends. So this one starts out well with a good framerate, but then becomes a choppy stuttering mess which is completely unplayable. Now, applications like if you’re watching and looking at Amazon, Prime that’s going to work. Fine streaming is good YouTube. 1440P wireless range and signal strength is also very good and PDF files. Great there no problem, they look really good on the screen and, yes, the performance of reading very large PDFs is a little slow because of the medium chipset that it has in here it’s and not even that it’s very low end chipset, so it’s not super powerful. So when it comes to overall, this tablet excellent build quality is premium premium screen above average audio below average battery life, so battery life. I find to be, as mentioned a little disappointing there, the ROM its stock Android 8.1 and I’m crossing my fingers that we get Android 9 on this and for the price that it’s currently selling for 200 in 70, which is a little bit higher. You get the premium screen, but is it really worth it in the end? Well, it all depends on your needs. If you intend to game on this, and you want the best gaming performance, you need to get something like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab s 4.

For that or a more powerful tablet, with a more powerful chipset more than we paid for, for example, snapdragon 616 will be a lot more smooth more fluid than this one. But if you want a premium screen, high resolution screen and you’re not worried about the Widevine level, 3 it’s one to go for and it does get the thumbs up from me here – the alldocube X.