This was sent for me for a review. So thank you all the creep for that. Let’S start with the quick unboxing and then guys, like we’d, always do we’re gon na cover the specs of this laptop. It looks really good, as you guys can see. Let me just close it all right, guys, let’s start with the unboxing okay guys. So this is the box that comes in i’m, not sure if this is a retail box of the box, that audrey cube send it to me, but let’s see what’s in the box, Music. Okay, so very bare guys. You have the user manual, the power brick and the v book itself. We can see the logo there straight away there on the front. Okay, guys so unboxing done. Let’S have a look at the laptop itself in terms of weight, 1.35 kilos, so it’s very light and guys there’s, no fans here, i’m gon na turn it around. So you guys can see. You got the logo there and some rubber feet in terms of the computer body, it’s full aluminium all around and you have the logo, the old youtuber logo. There very subtle. I must say i like the design i don’t know. If you guys can tell on the camera but there’s these shiny, bezels, all around the computer and on the side here, we can see one usb port in this case 3.0 headphone jack and a micro sd card reader there’s, nothing on the back here and on the Other side, you have another 3.

0, usb, the charging port and usb type c port. I tried and you cannot charge a computer using the type c port, not much to say it’s light, and it does look good to open the lids. You’Ll need two hands. You just put the camera here, guys yeah it doesn’t open with one hand, you definitely need two Music, and one thing that was mentioned is you can flatten the screen like that, if you wish to after you open the lid, you are presented with a very, very Good looking laptop, i mean guys for the price it’s not too bad i’m going to leave a link down below. So you guys can check it out. You have this black bezel around the screen, 3000 by 2000 resolution. Ips screen, you have the old youtube logo. There shiny – and you have four leds there at the top of the keyboard above the f2 and the trackpad guys he has the chrome bezel around as well and so far from experience is responsive. You can open the apps with just a click like that or you can press and you can hear the click of the trackpad like so in terms of ram 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage. It comes with windows 10, but i think you need to supply your own windows key and it comes installed with the intel apollo lake processor, so that starts in terms of specs. The keyboard itself is very similar to a macbook.

I like the touch of it. Sometimes this shift, if you press that little end gets a bit stuck, but nothing major, okay, guys so let’s try to do a type test, see how the keyboard behaves. If you wan na type quick, i guess you get the idea guys right. I do like the keyboard – okay, guys so let’s test it in terms of speed. Let’S turn it on Music, so you guys can get the idea of how quick this laptop is. Do not expect a super super quick computer, because this won’t be. This is kind of focused to the students um for internet browsing one thing: i’m, enjoying it a lot it’s the screen guys it’s a bit reflective as you guys can tell, but in terms of resolution and quality it’s. Quite good i’m gon na play some netflix for you, so you can um have an idea in youtube and then we test some browsing and probably gon na. Do some benchmark let’s try to keep this video as short as possible. Oh one more thing guys before you go any further, let me just show you the screen brightness at the moment, it’s in the middle. So this is all the way down, and this is all the way to the max let’s start. We just see what will be the max resolution of netflix and, as you can see, guys there 1080p. So this will be the max resolution of netflix let’s play some titles here, so you guys can get the idea of the quality.

This could be the perfect laptop to watch movies. I did some tests with the battery and after i watched a two hour movie i’ll be left with 45 battery yeah guys, as you can tell there’s no issue with netflix. Tell me why he was there: okay, the peacock was there. The last time i saw myself moving on to youtube let’s play something there. Quality is amazing, guys trust me on this i’m really enjoying the quality of the screen, Music and yeah. We can pick 4k Music and guys. Let me try to show you the quality of the screen. The best i can Music, alright, so let’s talk about, in my opinion, the my least favorite point, which is the sound yeah guys not the best sound in the world. I need to be honest here, of course, Applause all right guys now, let’s have a look at cpu, z or zed, depending where you are in the world. Let’S have a quick look on the specs. Hopefully, you guys can see it so intel celero in terms of the the processor apollo lake and is running um at 1.1 gigahertz, not the fastest processor in the world. Moving on to the the main board, of course, manufacture all the cube and we have the model there in terms of memory, like i said, eight gigs of ram let’s run a quick benchmark. Music. Okay, so looks like it’s finished. Let me bring the camera closer to the screen, all right guys, so here we have the results on the right side there you can see the specs of the computer again and guys not not the best results, um we’re expecting.

Of course we can see them. The the process of the intel cell, around yeah it’s on the red, the graphics same yeah, guys not the best results, but for the demographic of this computer. Probably this is not very important uh, but yeah it’s there. So you guys can see it so guys in terms of browsing, which is probably what most people will do. Let’S have a quick look. This is real time. I’M, not spinning up the video and yeah nothing to report here, pretty normal yeah guys. I don’t think there will be an issue. Let me open another tab: Music, bbc news, for example, Music, Music, yeah, guys that’s – that let’s do a quick speed test as well. Since we are here using the browser and, to be honest, the results are not brilliant. I do have 500 megabits here and i know the wi fi will reach that 500 down and 100 up. So we get around 50 and the upload it’s. Quite all right. So no issues there it’s just the download. I did try the 2.4 gigahertz and it’s, even slower, so in terms of wi fi it’s, not the best, if you intend to play with this laptop. Probably this is not the laptop for you. I did try fortnite and it took like 10 minutes just to load. The game and i couldn’t get in um let’s just have a look at asphalt: 9. Applause yeah. We have a few breaks here: yeah guys it’s it’s playable, but sometimes you get this small breaks.

It’S stuttering, a lot yeah. If you want to play, you can play but it’s, not the best gaming experience, of course, Applause. So finally, let’s try, google meet nowadays, people use these laptops for video conference classes etc for working as well. So let’s just do a quick call to see how this laptop behaves. It’S a two megapixel camera, so it’s um it’s not perfect, but i think it does the job. So, as you can see, you can have a meeting. This is just us testing here in the studio, um yeah, not too bad guys. It does work if you want to um use this computer for that purpose and saying that guys let’s wrap the video overall. I think this is a very good unit, especially for the price amazing screen, guys that’s. My favorite part of this computer 3k resolution ips screen 13.5 inch in terms of design it’s, very lightweight, full body aluminium in it does look good the keyboard quite good as well. Um other features like 8 gigs of ram 256 gigs of hard drive ssd in this case all good as well, and you still have a type c port and two normal usbs in terms of hardware it’s, not the best, not the greatest laptop it’s, not a gaming. Laptop that’s for sure let’s put it that way, but apart from that it does the job i’m going to leave a link down below in the video description. So you guys can check it out and guys if you enjoyed the video, please click the like button and don’t forget subscribe to the channel.

Thank you very much for your support. Like always guys, thank you very much for watching and hope.