This is the thinker a35 from them, so it's built around a large 13.5 inch 3 by 2 ratio screen, which is, of course, the surface book screen that we recently saw in the Chile H o 13, so a premium display in it it's got a full alloy Metal design to it and it has fingerprint security, USB 3 ports, 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabyte SSD, and it is powered by a core m37 Y 30. So let's check this one out got my unboxing knife sharpened and ready. So the packaging looks a little bit a ver Ajay wish they put this in a box. They'Ve just used like bubble wrap and then this plastic over the top, which is a little unfortunate good, to see that this is still wrapped up with the factory protective plastic wrap all around it, which is good. But this also means that it's just going to have Chinese Windows 10 on there, I'll have to upgrade to pro and then install English. I think to get English on this, so no idea how to open this up. I think it's, one of those boxes that you just open from the side slide it out. Okay, art, okay, say flick up fold up type. So here we go some nice padding around there. So there is the laptop. There have a look at accessories. First, I must say nice packaging so far, so even the power supply has the thinker branding on it, and this is rated to 12 volts 3 amps at us, plug there, of course, I'm going to need an adapter for that there's.

Nothing else in that box and the laptop feels quite heavy. I will weigh that in a second just put it to one side. While I see what else we have so this must be just your warranty card. What not so QC pass that's good to see. Quality Control has done their check on this, so hopefully it's not faulty it. It not be after all of pace, and this is just ok warranty card information or something that is all in Chinese. Just before I open it up, I only have a look at the weight of it feels rather heavy, so 1.6 8 kilos, so the little bit is made out of metal and you can open it with just one hand: nice large, touchpad, there there's the fingerprint reader There for added security – and if I look at this hinge, apparently can go right back and yes it does. It almost lies completely flat. So looking at the keyboard layout, you can see we've got function. Media controls all along the shortcuts at the top, but there is no control for the screen, brightness that I can see on there, which is a little disappointing now. The power button is located just above the caps lock there and it feels like it has the same resistance as the rest of the keys. Now the keyboard pressing down hard, very firm, because this is a thin device, there's really not much flex and the keys seem to have around one point two or three millimeter meters, they're of key travel.

I would say now: that's, just a guess: I'll measure that later on, but so far the build quality is looking excellent, got some status LEDs at the top. You see there's no marking here whatsoever, mentioning cube, which is interesting and looking at the top of the screen that looks like it could actually be fully laminated I'll find out when I power it on in just a minute. I just wanted to point out that we've got dual microphones there. Next, to that front, facing 2 megapixel, webcam and they've put some rubber little rubber feet or space on the corner, and you can see right there that's to stop the screen from touching the keyboard, which is a nice little touch, and you see this on more premium. Laptops now looking at the ports on the left of the device, we have a full size, USB 3 port dcn for charging status LED and then a USB 3.1 type C. So that will be data power as well, hopefully, and of course display out and on the right hand, side. We have a full sized second USB 3 port and then, of course, the headphone jack there with microphone support. Now the hinge of the device feels really good. Very firm Shane we can't open it with just one hand, but I think I actually prefer it mean a lot firmer like this. That feels really good so for touch as you'll see when pressing on it it's still going to move around a little bit, but not as much as if that hinge was loose.

Of course, that would be going all over the show, so build quality is really top notch. So far – and I am impressed looking now at the underside of the note – what we've got four rubber feet, they feel very solid and sturdy. Good quality and the whole rear metal housing is screwed in place, so the whole thing is made out of metal. Apart from, of course, the glass touch screen and as here is the only logo we have, which is to speak thinker marking on the top of the lid there, which is interesting, no mention of cube so time to power it on and have a look and see. Just how nice this three thousand times two thousand resolution surface book screeners and it looks. I think this is fully laminated, which is great news. Okay, so, as expected, has started up and complete Chinese and I'm not going to have any options to install English here, because I'll need to upgrade or just backup all the drivers and do a fresh new install of Windows 10 so I'm just going to continue through This skip ahead and we'll get in and have a look at the device manager and a few things at least that I can understand that display is fully laminated and touch seems really good, so just quickly cycle through the display at the moment, it's 25 and as Mentioned this screen is fully laminated, which is awesome to see. Finally, some fully laminated displays on tick out of China, so 25 percent 50 there, 75 and 100.

The screen looks stunning, really good, just as good as the surface book, when I had that one for just a week as I remember unfortunately, I don't have it anymore, so I can't show them side by side but it's the same panel and to me it looks Really just as good here so just to point out a couple of things at the moment: I'm just trying to move from the Chinese Windows 10 single language Edition over and upgrade it into Windows. 10 Pro. So I can get and install the English language pack. So it's doing that at the moment, but there's some things. I wanted to point out here so device manager, the fingerprint reader for the security on there as an eland, wbf, fingerprints and sensor there now i've never used that. So i don't know whether it's good or not, but the dual band wireless AC i have seen and used before this tends to be quite good, not the fastest chipset, but it does normally get really good performance for me. So it's until a wireless AC, dual band 3 165 – is the chipset real tip audio i'll test out those speakers which are located internally in here in just a second, so to cause core m37 wise. That, of course, is with four threads, so that's. Why it's, showing up four times in there like it, is for CPU cores but it's, not there. So, while that's updating ram as well is running at 1867, megahertz, dual channel good, no problems with that.

So the real weakness, I feel, will probably be the internal storage, which is SATA 3, so we're not going to get that fast. Pci e speeds we see from the likes of the samsung 950 s and the 960 pro's, so 221 gigabytes free there, and you see here that, yes, it does actually support a stylus. Now I was hoping to strike it lucky and the high PM 3 would work on it since it's the same screen, but no, it seems to using a different technology there. So when I can get my hands on the pen I don't know at this point I can't seem to find it anywhere, but when I can get hold of one, I will have a separate video with that testing out the the stylus. If people really want to see that and request that, let me know please and the comments about that there. So looking back at the screen just again that touch accuracy for me, things good I'm, able to touch that very easily without any problems and it's very fluid. Fluid and smooth and a great looking fully laminated display here, of course, the surface book screen to quickly test out those internal speakers that you can't even see on it. They have a very staff like design they've located them. I think up here, so the sound must come out just through the gaps between the screen there. So I've just got my typical track. I'M, going to play here and let's see how loud it is: it's, 107 volume, Music, okay, so around 86 decibels, they've got a tiny hint of bass to them, they're not premium speakers, but they are better than what I've heard in the likes of the cube mix.

Plus, definitely a lot better than the chewy H. Oh 13. Speakers now to quickly check and see if the type c ports go into power, an external hard drive. So I have an adapter here that is lighting up blue, so full USB 3 speeds and I can see yes, I can access that so that port is good. Let'S try now the USB 3 port, and that is also going to access that just fine. So that is good. Those ports are working on the notebook. Just to add that I tested out my USB type c hub that I have here display out, worked fine, it powers all the ports and it can also charge it at the same time. So, as far as I can tell the USB 3 port 3.1 port is working perfectly fine here and a sample from that front facing 2 megapixel webcam, so it shoots 30 frames per second and in 720p I've done a recording of it tested out those dual array: Microphones it's got at the front and I must say that it sounds good to me and so does the webcam quality in general looks good. I mean it's, not the best. I have seen this thing better from 1080p webcams, of course, but I find it to be decent I've used the touchpad here now for a little while – and I must later the accuracy of it is quite good – I can easily go from one screen to the other.

Without any problems – and it supports gestures, so you double tap all of that now. The other thing is, of course, incorporated mouse buttons, it's, not just gestures, their hardware buttons in there now the fingerprint reader up the top once we get English all set up on this thing here, I 35 here they're not just set out properly in the fall of You lastly, just to demonstrate here just how far that screen will recline back that's the furthest position, so it doesn't lie 100 flat, but it's good to see a hinge that can do this and doesn't just top out or get stuck about there, which I tend to Find quite annoying okay, so this is just the unboxing. My first impressions so far are really really good. I am impressed with this build quality. Its top in this is premium very nice, fully laminated display. Now I don't know if it's got gorilla glass on there, but to me it feels like it has some sort of scratch resistant glass. I mean they haven't put a pre applied screen protector on there, which is a good sign now very thin. We'Ve got 2 USB 3 ports on there type c. One thing that, if I'm being a little bit picky that I think it missing is a micro SD card slot on there. That would be nice to have on there, but it's not a deal breaker at all. It'S not essential so keyboard to type on so far feels good touch pad also feels great and better than most now on the screen very nice, because it's fully laminated, we are getting the full glory of the surface book screen here, not like on the chewy ho 13, they chose Seventeen's got the same screen in it, but it's not fully laminated, so it just doesn't shine out as much doesn't look as brilliant as good, even though it is a very good screen, of course.

So I will have to check out the thermals of this the battery life benchmarks. All of that will be coming in my full review. Thank you so much for watching and I hope to catch you back in a full review of the cube thinker, iv5 bye.