It has 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabyte, SATA 3 SSD, and what sets it apart from the others is the beautiful display it has. So it has a surface book 13.5 inch, 3000 times 2000 resolution screen and you will see on the side there a familiar looking stylus. If you are a Microsoft Surface, pro 4 or surface book user. The screen supports the same in trig technology. So not only is it the surface book screened, it also has the surface book touch digitizer and stylus tech on there, and we do have down the front here fingerprint security which, by the way, works flawlessly every single time for me very quick to unlock the machine. The top has this full metal design. It'S very premium super high quality. I can't really fault it at all and the hinge on it goes all the way back, lying almost 180 degrees. Unfortunately, due to the design, I think the feet just aren't high enough there, as you can see a little bit of a gap there, so it's not laying completely flat, but it can be pushed down flat. It also has enough ports on there to satisfy most. We have a full size, USB 3 port DC in for charging, then a USB 3.1 type C port. Now this type C port will support charging data and display out simultaneously as long as you have a hub, any proper USB 3.1 hump will work. So this all key one that I have charging data display out working the me notebook hub as well.

This is the one you just get from show me that also works, and then my favorite one, which is the habit type C hub, display out port charging. All working, including the sdcard reader, and on the right side of the thinker a35, we have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack that supports microphones. The quality out of this port is very good. It'S loud it's, clear, there's, no static, there's, no interference and a full sized USB 3 port. Just like the one on the left side. It also powers external hard drives without any problems. The touchpad on the i 35 is quite good it's, I wouldn't say the best touchpad that I have used, but it is a precision touchpad. That means we have full control over it. We can disable gestures fully customizable under the windows setting, which is really good. Now it does have incorporated mouse buttons, left and right supports, as mentioned just those gestures there. So if you do find some of those ones annoying – which I do personally like the swipe down to minimize and maximize you can go along and disable that now the accuracy of it is good. I don't think the touchpad is quite as good as the mean notebooks, but it's still, one of the better ones I have used, and certainly not as good as top end touch pads, you'll, find on, say the MacBook. Now the keyboard I find is quite good. It'S, decent it's got 1.

4 millimeters of travel. The keys are spaced out well, it's, not really a noisy keyboard. Now I do find that compared to the mean notebooks keyboard that it's not quite as good to type on and of course it doesn't have the backlighting in there there was also no control for the screen brightness, but we do have control for everything else. Like media controls, print screen that all is there at least so? What really makes this notebook is it's screen srgb 100 coverage. It is super accurate to touch it's exactly how I remember it on the surface book and my surface pro 4, which just uses similar technology and of course you do have the stylus more on that later, but it works exactly the same, so very accurate to touch One of the best panels I have ever used, I feel in a notebook. It is just really that good maximum brightness comes out at 5, 105, Lux so it's, also very bright, and the fact that it's fully laminated it's not so susceptible to reflections. However, there is a bit of a con having a touchscreen in a notebook. Well there's, two cons, one that it doesn't flip right around to 360 degrees, which is a real shame. Neither does it lie completely 100 cents flat, as you saw on the start. The other thing is to like look. I can move an icon here, not press too hard and the screen won't really wall around too much.

But if you're something that's quite heavy handed with touch, then you see this is going to happen. The screen will bounce and wiggle around a little bit. It can be a little annoying. I have accustom myself to touching it a lot lighter now, so it doesn't really do that. So I don't have that problem because it is so sensitive. You don't need to tap away at it really hard, but I did see even in the press event from Microsoft would be surface that book sorry, a laptop they were holding the screen when they were using the stylus. They were also holding the screen when they were tapping away at it, just so it didn't wiggle around, so it comes with an unknown brand SSD if set of three I'll show you the speed to that in just a second. I wanted to point out that Windows is in Chinese on this model when I first got it so what I did was just decided in the end to completely wipe it out, put a clean, install of Windows. 10, English in there that went flawlessly most of the drivers already there because they're pulling through at least the touchscreen and other things from the Microsoft Surface book. But I did encounter a couple of drivers that were missing, but you can use the double driver backup. I have on my website for that, so upgrading it. You can actually get a Windows. 10 Pro license off eBay for around two to three pounds: I'm om ones – they apparently say are legit, but it works for me it's working now and I have used it on other systems.

If you're not happy with that. Of course, you can go to a store and pay a lot more get a proper key there, so system performance. This is Geekbench for the Core. M3 7Y30 performs really well here. This is a good score, not quite as fast as the cube mix plus I looked at only slightly less. The past marks core comes in to the 2130, which isn't bad and we do have Intel wireless AC, 3165 chipset on here now, there's something a little off here. The download speeds are perfectly fine, upload, I'm, not too sure whether it was something to do with my connection at the time. I should actually retest this, but it seems to be maxing out around 59 60 megabits on the upload when it should be a lot faster than this. It should really be around 300 as well. So wireless upload speeds not particularly happy with them, not sure why it's like it could be something to do the antennas. I really haven't had time to look into that in depth, but safe to say that it's not performing as fast as it should on the uploads. They also ran Cinebench, r15, 31, almost 32 frames per second OpenGL and then the CPU score of 234. That is a lot faster than the Apollo lake or the cheery trail, the old atom architecture. The Core M3's, I think, are quite good, these new ones and finally, the SSD speeds so benchmark that it's set of three.

This is perhaps a little bit of a bottleneck compared to more expensive models that have PCIe drives on them. I know if you've got a samsung 960 Pro in there that it's going to be a lot faster than this, but still they are decent speeds for a set of three drives and on to battery life. So it has a 37 watt hour battery in there. Just like the me notebook and unfortunately battery life is very similar, five and a half to six hours of heavy. Well, not heavy use medium use. Chrome. If you stick to using edge in this test that I did here, then you can expect about seven and a half hours of just browsing. That was what the brightness set to 25 percent. If you have the brightness set at 100 percent, then it will really start to chew through that battery, and if you gain 100 cent brightness, you can probably burn through that whole battery in under three hours, so it doesn't really laugh for too long now, charging times. I did a test, ran it down to seven percent and then to fully charge. It took two hours and 44 minutes which I thought was okay, not as fast as the main notebook which can char a lot quicker than out. I think that one's close to around two hours to fully charge them in notebook and here are the thermals. So I did a thermal model on this one in the end.

So what happens is if you're taxing this just the CPU? It will get up to 82 degrees C. I decided then to do. I think it was around 2 hours a gaming. Yes, 2013 minutes gaming non stop on it, just to see how hot I could get it. It got up to 92 degrees C when pushing both the CPU and the GPU didn't thermal throttle, as you can see where it says yes, along here that's, just your power limits now, that's normal that the power limits going to be triggered on a quorum and also The Apollo Lake, but at least there was no thermal throttling. My mod, however, has lowered the temperatures, maximum temperatures 25 degrees, and I really do recommend it if you're going to buy this. Now when I was gaming for two hours, it did get particularly hot around here. So very hot, around this area and on the bottom, when I think very hot, it was around 37 degrees, so it's not going to burn you, but it is quite warm to the touch. I did expect this because it's a thin machine, it's fanless that heats going to have to dissipate through the metal housing of it and with my thermal mod it's, actually pushing more of that heat out the bottom of it, so it doesn't seem to get as hot. Now on the top, but the palm rest will get warm to the touch on the left hand side, but I don't think it's anything.

I don't really see it as an issue it's getting warm but it's again: that's not going to burn you. So here is a sample from the front facing webcam it's 2 megapixels. You can record in 720p max 30 frames per second and, as you can see the quality I find to be really quite good. Normally, you don't get this kind of quality, often it's quite grainy. I am, of course, in good lighting at the moment that has quite an impact on it. If you move into low light, then it gets a little bit more grainy. Of course, now the microphones are located either side there's a tiny bit of static and hiss. You can hear in the background, but overall again not bad and typing on the keyboard. You can still hear those clean a little bit that it isn't as bad as once, where the microphones located next to the keyboards, then it's really loud. So I know there are a lot of you out there that looking between both of these models, this is the mean notebook 12, which has the court m36 wave 30, which one would I go for well. I'Ve already decided. I actually like the cube thinker. I 35 more because of the screen. I like this 3 by 2 aspect ratio. Now, looking at the me notebook, it seems like the screen is just too narrow because I'm, so accustomed to looking at 3 by 2 displays it's just got a much better display way.

Better colors, better brightness. Now there are, of course, some pros of them, the notebook it has a spare PCIe SSD slot. So you can upgrade the storage on that one. The keyboard is backlit it's, slightly better keyboard, slightly better touchpad as well, and the battery life on both of them is about the same five and a half to six hours, it's also cheaper. So if you want to save money, then I would go for that. One of course, by the end of the day, if you need eight gigabytes of RAM and more power, this, of course, is the model to go for ahead. Double the SSD capacity double the RAM around 15 to 20 faster performance as well, when looking at benchmarks – and of course it has touch and stylus support. So if you need to have touching the status and that's the clear one to go for – and the me notebook is, of course, is smaller – you can see. It'S also lighter this one weighs around just off the top of my head. I think it's about 1.3 kilos. The think is 1.6, but both of them are very portable machines and you see the thickness of them. Although the think of looking a lot slimmer, it actually really isn't when you look at it because they're about the same really okay, so just how fast does the notebook feel it is very quick. It feels almost like a core i5 I've noticed no problems.

Really you can push the coin Suri's the new seven way, 30 series and even the old six wife. They did quite hard doing lots of things. Web browsing performance, of course, is very smooth. Very fluid touch. Fluor does anything so I do have Photoshop open here now. Photoshop, you can do basic edits. You can actually get away with doing a lot more than you would think, but as soon as you start getting really heavy large images in there like 25 megabytes and things and then start piling on different layers, you will start to see a little bit slow down. You can see that's a little bit laggy there and it is doable, but I would want probably something like an i7 personally if I was going to be doing lots and lots of work in that the same goes for Premiere Pro. I was editing a 4k video just bring that up now, show you how fast it's going to load in, and I should have a project. I think that I can open up so I have to 4k files. I was editing recorded and 60 megabytes megabytes per. Second. Sorry on my sony, a6300 and the timeline was decently, pretty quick, actually not too bad. You see I'm able to scroll around there preview that the same goes just like Photoshop, the more you start to add different transitions. You put more and more clips in there, the slower it will start to become, and it really does have its limits.

They think more limited, probably by the RAM use, which i think is almost fooled up to like 91 percent Ram at the moment. Remember they still do have Photoshop running in the background. Yet so, ideally, you would only run, of course, Photoshop or Premiere Pro at not at the same time, just one or the other. So very quick look now at the stylus performance in Photoshop. So I have the surface pin, which is the one that works on it. The cubicles have their own model, but I would get this. The surface pen, of course, is the intrigue pen it's proven pen has the rubber tips on it, and you also have interchangeable nibs. If you're an artist, then you can change the style of the tip on there to suit what you're doing so I'm going to do basic stuff. Here I am NOT an artist. I have zero skill but I'm just going to draw some lines and we'll see how that performs. Now has all the features that you get on the Microsoft products. So what I'm saying there is the button works okay and the other end of as well works, and you can also click that it's connected up via bluetooth. So that brings up Windows ink workspace, double tapping. It will take a screenshot, so that's all working how it should so just to draw a diagonal line here you can see there is a little bit of lag there with the pin the accuracy and feel of it feels really good to me.

Just like the I'm. Using the surface book or I'm using a surface pro for one sketch pad so there's obvious cons here that you're going to have to hold the screen, you have to write on it up right now. You can try to lay it completely flat, as I've shown in my stylus preview. Video that I did the problem, is it doesn't sit completely flat, so it's not a full 180 degrees. The bottom is er. Then, when you try to write on it like this, I mean it is doable, but it just still moves around which is slightly annoying. So we have pressure sensitivity. We have all of that. The hover feature as well: that's all there. How do you press the darker that's going to get that's using the pencil tip there? If one thing I have noticed, I don't think the pressure sensitivity is as accurate as using the proper Microsoft Surface book or the surface pro 4. If there's something I don't have. Unfortunately, my surface book anymore, so I can't, compare them side by side, feel that it's definitely one of the better performers when it comes to stylist performance and we do have maybe the second best tech. I do like the work on styluses, but this seems to me like almost as good now there's. Also, this way, thanks to people, suggestions and the comments of the video that I did just previewing it you can reverse the screen around and what I've done I'm laying it down, as you can see and there's the keyboard, but I'll push that just up right there And now let's try writing on it see if it's going to be a little bit better without having the keyboard in the way we don't hope to hold the screen, then, okay, that is a lot better than palm rejection.

As you can see, it's working, I can of course, flip that around erase way I just wrote there. This works really well having it like this very good. This is, of course, one note, so very quick and fast performance in this or hand writing and doing things like that. The performance here to me and the rubber tip on it having the fully laminated screen seems exactly well. It is the same exact hardware as the surface book and you can hold it like a tablet, but it looks really stupid as you can see. So it has two internal speakers and, as you can hear from that little test that I just gave you, then that it's not really loud enough and there's a tiny little bit of bass in there. The speaker quality is better than most tablets. I just wish. I could get a little bit more volume out of those speakers look now at gaming performance. This is Grand Theft, Auto 5, 800 x, 600 on the lowest visual settings and you're, seeing that we're getting decent framerate here, 30 frames per second considering how demanding this game is, I think, is really good, aided by the fact we have 8 gigabytes of RAM over The other devices I've tested out that only have four its performance is a lot better. Now temperatures you can see around 75 degrees maximum. I have done the thermal mod on the system. If you haven't done the film mod, then it will get up to around 92 degrees, so it does get very hot around this area up to about 38 degrees of scenic getting so this performance, I think, is really really good.

Considering it's a fan, 'less laptop running a clorium now games like counter strike League of Legends, they are all playable. All you have to do is just tweak the resolution and settings. Of course you can't run in the native 300, 3000 x, 2000 resolution it's. Just far too demanding for any game really the older titles perfectly playable, you can do some gaming, as you can see. So. To recap: here, it's got this surface book screen and they're fully laminated powerful got the core m37 way: 38 gigabytes of RAM fast SSD. This. I feel is the best notebook out of China yet I'm, absolutely loving using it mainly because of that screen. It'S bright it's got great colors it's super responsive, very accurate, and we, of course have surface pin support on there, which I didn't expect that support the exact same hardware as the surface book. Even though it's got the same screen so typing on the keyboard, the on the keyboard is good, it's, not the best keyboard in the world, it's not as good as the mean notebooks keyboard, but I find it to be perfectly acceptable. Fine. The same goes for that. Trackpad, the touchpad and the fingerprint reader down here fingerprint security. It works flawlessly. It unlocks really quick, no problems with that okay charge time two hours. Forty minutes, I think, that's acceptable where it really has cons, are the ones that you've seen in this video that you can't flip the screen around 360 degrees, which is a shame if they'd had that.

I think that's sell a lot more of this model. To me. Personally, that's not going to bother me because I wouldn't be using it as a massive 13.5 inch tablet anyway, because I just find it too heavy the other con. Of course, as the speakers they're not, I wish have it now, they're just not really loud enough and it does get hot. So if you are going to don't get me wrong here, if you're just doing light tasks, it's not going to overheat it's not going to get really really hot. But if you intend to game on there or you're going to be doing things like CAD AutoCAD, really pushing both GPU and CPU it's going to need that thermal mod and that's, something that we should never have to do. Despite these cons overall, the package its premium, the premium screen the really good build quality. I feel it is a very decent notebook, and I really do like this one. The best yet, okay, better life, also is another thing that could be a bit better but other quarians. I have tested out even the Microsoft products I'm, only getting around five and a half to six hours, so sadly, we need larger battery cells in there.