In fact, this tablet I have already pretty much reviewed, so this is going to be a different video here. It'S me, a lot shorter, just cover the differences it's, the audio cube m5x. Now I reviewed the m5, and this tablet here is basically exactly the same. The only thing that has changed as we now have a Helio x27 instead of the x20 on the original model. So if you want all those full details there full complete review, then please do check out that video, because everything else is exactly the same. So it does have a dual SIM LTE and it does not have LTE band 20 it's got the Chinese LTE bands, and this was one of the cons with the original m5 model that I reviewed it. Has it room for a micro, SD card, so jewel sermons? You can make phone calls text messages and even run whatsapp, of course, so I'm going to keep this video as brief as possible, just not to repeat myself here but the screen. I wanted to point out that it is a little bit brighter here on this unit. For some reason, so when I measured the screen brightness on the m5 back in July last year, when I did the full review, it got a brightness of only 190 Lux, which was not good, but here we have 230 220. So it is up. They have increased. The brightness, either via software or the hardware but that's the same screen, it's a non laminated panel, there's a gap of about 1.

5 millimeters, and it is maybe a little bit distracting you get more reflections, it does have a pre applied screen protector. The touch response is good, so 10 touch points and it does feel a little bit smoother here. You can see when you bring this up. Sometimes you get a little bit of lag and this just tends to be the chipset. The Hallyu X, 27 X, 23, the X 20s they're all a little bit laggy I'm. Pretty much done. Checking out this chipset before I go crazy because I've seen so many of them now I only have one tablet left, which is the voya i8, which is in fact a 4 by 3 ratio tablet with an iPad screen that's the last one, I'm gon na check Out of the earlier X, 27, so we'll run through just a few benchmarks, because there are a couple of differences here to note that the faster chipset, which has a faster turbo, this one's, a team core, but the highest turbo I can do – is 2.6 gigahertz, which Is up over the 2.1? I think it is on the halyard 20, but we still get an an to to score here lower than that one. I don't know why this is and why this happened, and here is the speeds now of the internal storage. So it is using emmc. Four point, five point: one again: no changes whatsoever add to the m5, so they are identical tablets it's, just the chipset is the only difference.

Weightless speeds did check out they're more or less pretty much exactly the same there. And yes, we do have GPS onboard and you get around four meters of accuracy: it's, not wonderful, GPS performance. The first lock took about a minute which was a little slow and checking out the wireless signal strength. So this was on the 2.4 gigahertz band and even on 5g I've noticed that there's no real issues. This is the furthest away from my router. It still works. Of course the speeds do drop off. The same goes for the LTE speed, so here in Spain, I am able to get on to the 1800 megahertz LTE band, which I think has been. What does it been one or three and it works perfectly fine here, but you don't have our T band 20. You are missing a lot of bands. It does only have a Chinese modem on this one here so B, then in mind when you're buying it and again no surprises here, just two like the m5 – that we are missing a security level 3 on Widevine, so netflix you will only get it in standard Definition, nothing more than this, and no full HD or HD Netflix, sadly, because it doesn't have the level 1, sir, so better life more or less about the same as the n5 again. So please do check that review I'm, just kind of repeating myself here, it's about 7 to 8 hours. Max that you can get you can see.

I almost got about 7 hours here. I think the end result was yes just over 7 hours, and this was about 40 on data and 60 on wireless. So if you're more on wireless, you won't use as much and just to quickly show you here that the ROM that it comes with is completely stock. Android 8 wrong with a security patch level of July 2018, so it's old and it will probably never get an update. So bear that in mind. You won't get updates and it does come with a phone dialer there, as you can see something that the me paid for is missing, and we do have, of course, FM radio as part of the hardware on this, and it does work well now, when you look At the junior performance of the tablet, exactly like the Helio X 27, looking at X, 22 X 23 s, they all suffer from a little bit of lag it's, just not the ideal kind of performance. You really. You want something like the meet paid for with the snapdragon 616 that's, just a lot smoother, so I just bring up my website here just to demonstrate. This is quite an image heavy website that even the chrome scrolling sometimes is just a little slow here. You can see just to render and start to load in those images. It does play a little bit of a catch up there, but overall I mean, when you click one of the links.

I'Ll just bring this one up right here that it should pop up pretty quick. The loading time seems to be reasonable, it's just that it's not going to be the smoothest and fastest experience, and that really is noticeable too once you start to set up, for example, split screen the performance event against that so degrade even more so I was just Open something else up here and just like the original m5 that pub G its I'd say maybe a little bit smoother. It gets a little bit of lag a little bit choppy just like all the other Jaleo x27 tablets. Playable, yes on the lowest settings, but just be prepared for a bit of lag here and there, especially when you're in a big firefight when there's smoke on the screen, and things like that. It does tend to get a little bit choppy at times, alright guys, so that is the m5 X, which is basically exactly the same as the m5 that I reviewed. So please do check that review. If you want more detail, you want a sample. The speakers, the webcam so overall, I feel for the price here. You did get a lot on offer here. It'S gon na be good for light media things like that, but remember we don't have Netflix in Full HD there's, no LTE band 20 on this, the speaker's. The loudness is okay, but they don't sound, particularly wonderful. Webcam quality is not wonderful either.

The screens alright, but it's not fully lamented nominated there, but we do have voice calls that can be made on this and depending on where you live, you've got LTE. Of course. Dual sim micro sd card support, Android 8, with a stock rom with a no bloatware which is really good, FM radio, GPS and a battery life of maybe up to about 7 to even 8 hours, so that's the positive side of things. However, I do think that the Teclast T20 that one's the best mediatek helio X 27 tablet that I have reviewed were the fully laminated display with the same as a screen resolution of, and then of course, we also have shammies me paid for plus, which I believe Is probably one of the best ones in terms of performance because it has a much faster chipset and Snapdragon 660. Thank you so much for watching this short review and as mentioned, please do check that my Alldocube m5 review, which goes into a lot more detail. This tablet here is just a little bit more faster in real world use.