So this is a 13.3 inch 2560 by 1440 resolution screen tablets fully laminated, so it does have a very nice screen on this. This is by far the best feature we have on this, so it has a maximum brightness of 410 lux deep blacks, good, reasonable color reproduction touch. Accuracy in response is good, but there is a bit of a floor with the tough response. What happens with the digitizer? On this, it will go into a sleep mode after an on use for a while. So if you’re not touching the screen, all the time, for example, scrolling up and down on a web page – and you leave it for a while and go back to close down one of the windows, you’ll find you have to tap again after a few seconds because It goes into sleep mode and takes around two to three seconds to wake up again now seen this on other tablets. It means that at times it can be a little bit annoying because you’re gon na have to re tap again because it falls to sleep. The screen that is really the only con here by far the best feature of this tablet is that really nice screen so it’s super bite at 410 lux, but it’s also dims down really really dumb, and this is great for nighttime use. A lot of manufacturers tend to set the minimum brightness levels far too high for nighttime. You say just don’t actually think about that.

I feel so. The building design of it it’s a typical two and one here and we’ve – got a detachable optional keyboard. You can get now. This keyboard is really nice to type on. It has a rubberized finish to it. So it’s a bit of a texture to it. I don’t know how it’s going to hold up the long term. I have noticed that the rubber underneath it, however, due to a little bit of damage on one of the corners, is black. So if you do end up scratching it it’s going to probably end up looking a little bit messy over time. Now the touch pad well large and while it does support gestures, is not running windows, precision, drivers! Now this is a bit annoying. I found that the more finer movements using this, for example, you need to close down a box or minimize or maximize a window, can be quite frustrating and in the end I ended up using a mouse or just simply using the touchscreen. So not a great touchpad. On this keyboard now the keyboard is backlit, which is great to have and you’ll see that it’s got this purple color, which is rather nice, not too bad. Now, it’s, just an on and off setting. There is no levels of brightness. Now it cuts in with magnets Pogo, pin port on there and sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to align there to get it to clip right in.

You can see I’m struggling to this clip in it. There we go okay took about three or four tries there. One thing about it is those we cannot prop it up to a second level to get that angle on there for increased typing comfort, that’s one thing that this keyboard is missing now the design with the kickstand you can see. We’Ve got a free angle. Kickstand, you can prop it up about that it’s, the maximum, upright angle, and then this is as far as it will go back which to me, considering that this actually supports an active stylus to this particular tablet. I don’t happen to have it. I can’t find it yet to buy it. The correct stylus, I don’t even think, it’s out, yet it should recline more than this, so that it should go way back if we can get it right back like you can, for example, the Microsoft Surface and that’ll be a lot better for stylus use for those That are gon na, buy the stylus for it, so the the chassis over the build is actually a plastic frame needle on the rear, 5 megapixel camera can see on the back there. Now I won’t bother giving you any samples of this because it’s very average I mean it’s, I don’t think anyone’s gon na really probably use it. It is autofocus Hauer, which is good, so you can take a photo of whiteboards text. Things like that up close and you’ll notice too, that the hinge mechanism as well that’s all metal to there so that’s good.

Now, when you have a look at the ports, we got here on the left hand, side you’ll notice that hey where’s the full size, USB 3 port, no it’s missing. This is a mess of error and real low field. If it’s a Windows 10 tablet, especially it should have a full sized USB 3 port on air, so you can at least connect up an external hard drive on here, so that’s a shame. It does not have it and that will definitely be a deal breaker for some people. I know it is almost for me see you have to carry around the adaptor. Of course, they give you in the box and probably get yourself a Type C hub, so that type C port will support 4k up to 30 Hertz maximum. That I’ve been able to get with it, and the other thing too is that we’ll support charging as well as their DC charging. You have there now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on there that supports microphones as well. The audio quality out of that is good. It’S loud and there’s no static, overage widget, which is good too. I hate having static out of those 3.5 millimeter jack switch is often quite common. Now the micro SD card slot, you see my unboxing. If you have I’m going to sing, I’ve got a bit of a problem whether that it’s not well designed it just doesn’t align properly with the case. So you can accidentally slaughter a micro SD card behind the actual reader and perhaps even lose it or get one jammed in there, so not good at all.

But overall the build yes it’s. Good it’s got a good build quality, but there’s just the little tiny little quirks there that I don’t particularly like about. I feel that, of course, that the kickstand should go back a little bit further. They should have a full size, USB 3 port and the micro SD card reader should be done a little bit different. Now their micro SD card reader, just to point out as well, will support USB 3 speeds. The reader so you’re not limited at USB 2 speeds, which often happens so this K Note 8 is running Windows, 10 home it’s. Not the latest version you’ll see here the OS build they’ve got so you will need to run some updates when you first get it and it’s running 8 gigabytes of RAM, which is in dual channel and it’s running at 1866 megahertz, which is good. Now you will see that it does mention here that it supports a pin and touch support. You even got this right down here, which is Windows ink workspace. Now I do have right here. This stylus is Chuy’s H. I thirteen stars it’s the high pen 3. I think it is which actually tends to almost work, but you’ll see there. What’S happening is it’s jumping around all over the place. So what this means to me that it will support a similar stylus but on a different frequency. So you have to wait and see what happens if all your Kube are going to release the stylus soon, hopefully they will it’s.

Obviously coming it’s in the works now run a couple of benchmarks here wanted to point out too that the internet speeds. So I was able to get. This is about the best I can get here in the studio. However, connected up to my router at home, with a much faster wireless AC router than the one I’ve got here with my fiber line I’m able to push almost 380 megabits per second, which is close really to the maximum that that chipset is able to do. And under the device manager, so there it is the Intel wireless AC, 3165 it’s, not the fastest, definitely not there. So we have the disk drive here, which is just labeled as a setter SSD. Now, when I’ve seen this in the past, that means it’s either a B win or 4c brand. These are the speeds here, so the read speeds for SATA 3 days. Those are all good for K’s, the reads and the rights, also good, sequential writes. You can see a little bit on the low side, because this will be an MDOT, 2 22 by 42, spec 1, so that’s a slightly smaller drive and that does tend to put on some restrictions there when it comes to the kind of speed you’re able to Get out of this now the tests that I’ve run here so we’ve got Geekbench for the synthetic benchmark, not too bad for this chipset for the core m3 7 Y 30, that has a maximum turbo of 2.

6 gigahertz it’s, not the fastest. Nor is it the lowest score I’ve seen from that chipset either and the OpenCL benchmarks. This is testing out the graphics right there. I also ran n2 2, so it’s, not the latest version they have on windows placed all. This is the version 6. You can see and a score of 213000 there, so if you’ve never used a coin 3, the least the 7y 30 it’s quite a good chipset. I mean this supports native H, 2.6 for decoding vp9 decoding movie files are here, I’m streaming in krob 4k, and you can see that it’s only dropped. One frame here, of course, with my fast connection here. It all depends on your connection, but it can stream this back, no problem so really it’s over twice the power of say: the apollo lake in 3450 that’s intel’s cell wrong, one of the weaker chips and one of the ones that i often review here in the Channel because of the 8 gigabytes of ram as well, you can do quite a bit of multitasking and it’s very smooth and using the touch now will demonstrate here. The touch screen that I mentioned that look on my first touch. It ok didn’t happen right then, but sometimes you need to wake it first, though it doesn’t respond to the first touch, but now it’s, quite good, so that’s mode that scrolling the speed and it will keep up with everything so switching between your tabs and everything it Really does perform quite very similar to say an older generation Core i3 or i 5, depending on which generation like a fourth generation Core i5, even not bad at all, in terms of our performance.

With that now you can edit 1080p video just fine an encoder depending on the editor you use, use something that supports Intel. Quick Sync, for example, we’ve got power director that’s one that does support Intel, Quick Sync, but 4k video editing. I wouldn’t recommend that at all don’t touch that it’s just far too slow now better life is one area that I have found to be very disappointing with this tablet. I have done quite a few full battery cycles here, and I wanted to just point that out that you can see here low that this is probably the best I got actually most of the time it was under four hours. So I set the brightness down to 25, which I find is good for indoors, so it’s, not even on the what I would call the brightest setting – and this is the result here, so you can see after almost well three hours and 40 minutes of use. That I’m down to 20 battery from 100 – and that was really only with about six to eight tabs open in chrome now charging times, are also quite slow. It took over four hours to fully charge the 41 milliamp hour battery, so overall disappointing results here. This is probably one of the worst better lives. I have seen on a court m3 tablet. Normally I see around five to five and a half hours which still isn’t great compared to say the Apolo lakes.

So the table it’s got left and right firing speakers. They are a reasonable quality, they do have a tiny little bit of bass and some okay meds and things they’re, just not really loud enough. I’Ll give you a sample of them now now chickened out gaming performance. This is league of legends I’m, running it in 1440p. On the medium high setting and it’s hovering around 45 close to 50 frames per second, which I feel isn’t bad, so it’s, a big step up and performance from the quad core Apollo Lake seller on ships that I typically review and counter strike on the lowest settings. 1080P is reasonably playable here, see we’re getting it over 40 frames per second, which is great, so good for a little quick game on the side. Nothing serious, of course, what about a more demanding title, so I did test out fortnight. Unfortunately, what happened as I lost? My footage from that, but it runs in 720p on the lowest settings around 24 25 frames per second, and it is playable, but only just – and at the moment I see I’ve got a huge waiting time in line. This game is just proving to be way too popular for the servers. Okay, so take a look at these temperatures here, it’s just scorching hard – and this is on the screen here so long term. This is not good to have these kind of temps. It’S gon na eventually cause some sort of damage somewhere and after that little bit of gaming.

You saw well 95 degrees and for some reason, that hasn’t triggered thermal throttling, which is really strange because the t junction max is a hundred and five degrees or possibly even maybe a hundred they might have. The thermal throttling set it’s still far too hot, and this does need. I feel, a copper heatsink mod. If you are going to be gaming and doing really demanding things on this tablet know you put together a few watched most of this video here that there’s just too many cons, really I mean the screen. Is nice I’ll start off with the positives? It won’t be negative, then it is very bright. It dims down really dim and I do like the fully laminated screens. Of course, it just makes it look a lot better than most other tablets that aren’t fully laminated, so that’s the big positive day, it’s a good screen. The build quality is good, it’s, okay, but my unit, I have issues with micro, SD card slot, it’s misaligned it doesn’t line up properly. I feel that this kickstand really needs to go back a lot further than this that’s, not good enough, and one of the big cons is where’s, a full size, USB 3 port on there. There should be one on this side or the other side at least one. We need it, we always need that we can’t just have type C. I don’t like the move just to put type c ports on and if people want to defend, cube and say oh that’s, why they made it slim because they couldn’t put USB 3 ports on there.

I’Ve seen some devices slimmer than this that have full size. Usb 3 port, so they can do it. I know they can the keyboard as well. It’S really nice to type on so that’s good. If you’re gon na do a lot of typing you’ll be happy with the keyboard. It just feels good. I like it. I can type really fast with hardly any no typos that’s really, but the touch pad that touch pad is frustrating to use. So if you happen to leave your mouse at home or what you forgot, the little dongle adapters you can’t plug it into it and it’s, not a Bluetooth one. Yes, maybe you can get away of using it a little bit but it’s just when you need to do accurate movements, so I found that when it was really bad, for example, you’re in something like paint, you want to crop an image or you want to highlight Some text and things it’s just really annoying the cursor tends to jump around and I just gave up it so knows why I’m using this touchpad it’s just know not good at all. So as a package I can say no don’t get it. You probably bit off getting the cube mix now. You’Re gon na have to do make thermal copper heatsink mod to that model, and this model really does need it as well, which gets to my biggest con gets far to your heart. Doesn’T I mean it gets hot in this area that’s, where you’ll find the corium threes right here, hates being transferred to the rear, with cubes new and improved cooling technique.

Could pay commented on in the advertising material for this model, but it just cooks itself. It gets up to 90 to 93 degrees, so if you intend to video edit or game and be charging at the same time now, it’s not good, I feel long term that that’s going to probably end up damaging the screen. You could have the glue separate from here or the frame come away from it or something like that, which I think happened to the cubed. Think of i 35 as well. Luckily that it hasn’t happened to my cube thinker, mine hasn’t had that problem, so that’s, not great, and then the battery life hugely disappointing. I struggle to make 4 hours on this tablet. I mean the corium trees that have always had pretty much bad better life. In my experience with the tablets, at least even the Microsoft Surface, pro not amazing, but this is one of the lowest scores. I have seen from a quarry. M3 normally get five and a half five hours, but this won’t bad and then about four hours to charge. It as well there’s, just all this things, start stacking up that no. I cannot recommend this one here, so I do hope to see you back in the channel.