This is the Alldocube Knote 5. It is an 11.6 inch, 1080p IPS tablet. It runs Windows 10. It has 4 gigabytes a double data rate for RAM. It has 128 gigabytes of storage wireless AC, which will be the Intel 3165 chip that is very common, infrequent and all of the devices normally that I am reviewing now. So this also does support an optional keyboard, which I happen to have with me right here. So let’s check out and see what we get in the box and exactly what the tablet is like I’ll check this keyboard out first, so this is probably exactly like. They came out 8 keyboard and I can see that yeah very similar design, of course, it’s smaller, because it’s just for an 11.6 inch tablet. So we have this stiff hinge on the back to get your position right and you see that it just actually sits in here the tablet and we got well the looks of it. Yeah that’s actually quite good travel on those keys, so very, very similar and really the same exact design, as mentioned as the larger version. So this is going to be a decent keyboard. The touchpad I don’t believe, is going to be using Windows. Precision drivers. I will have to check that out. Of course, though, we do have shortcuts there for your media controls. Now the K Note 8 keyboard was backlit. I don’t believe this one is in fact no. It doesn’t mention it anywhere so safe to say that this is not a backlit keyboard.

This one do have buttons there for for print screen’, page up and down and now i’ll tablet, so it is wrapped up with a plastic wrap around it. Put it to the side for a minute and we’ll take a look at what we get here, so we do have an adapter there, so this is USB 3 to type c gon na need that because there’s no full size ports on this one. Alright, here we have a quick guide, so this is in chinese and on the other side, it is in english as well, which is great, and here is L power, supply 12, volts, 2.5 amps and the positive with the DC plug. There is in the middle, as you can see, negative on the outside okay, so I can see that it comes with a pre applied screen protector, but I’ll just check the weight of it at first, so 825 grams means it’s, not super light, but hopefully the total Package will be under a kilo, I hope, but I don’t think it’s going to be actually because that keyboard isn’t exactly the lightest either no it’s way over so 1.3, 3 kilos and total. The tablet is nine point five millimeters thick then, with the case it doubles. The size of it now to 18 point one millimeters thick, so the bezels are rather like we’ve got a webcam here and you can probably actually can’t make this out on camera it’s very hard to see.

But there are tiny little dots here, one little slot there and one here. Those are jewel ray microphones now that first layer of the screen particular mentioned some of the specs that you can see but I’m going to remove that now, because obviously I can’t review it with it on I can’t film with it on properly. One of my concerns was: is the screen fully laminated and I can see straight away that, unlike the K Note 8, this one isn’t, but the gap is rather small, it’s only approximate about one millimeter and not as bad as some of them that you get that Are up to about 2.5 millimeters, so the frame around it is rounded, it is plastic and you’ll see down the bottom. We have five Pogo port pins, well, the connector for it for those pins on the keyboard, and it just simply docks in like this. You place it here, then magnets will pull it into place and there it is now connected – and this is what it looks like so not bad at all. We’Ll test out to this stand on the back here. So this having that really firm hinge, is good, because if it was loose of course pressing on it that’s not moving in its current state, you can get it down about that low. Still pressing on that now it’s going to push down perhaps a little bit and about the lowest you can go, really is there and of course you can like that completely flat.

That is part of the design. So you can, of course, close everything up like that, and you have quite a nice package there that does look and feel really nice. Now the texture of this it’s rubberized plastic. Well, not plastic, you know. Actually, it is sorry it’s, just they put like a rubber over the top of the plastic over there. It’S got a nice feeling to it. Good texture it’s, not so for anything like that, and it doesn’t tend to show fingerprints too bad. So four ports on the left hand, side here, we’ve got DC in for charging the type C port and then a micro SD card slot. Now this type C port also supports display out charging and data, of course down. The bottom you’ll find one of two side firing speakers, the right speaker, 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack volume up and down and power buttons. These are made out of plastic, but they have a good feel to them and they are not loose and they’re not going to rattle around so overall, the build quality is very good. It is metal on the back here as well. The frame, as I mentioned, is plastic here. This has that rubberized coating over the top of it. The hinges made out of metal, the keyboard travel and how firm it is feels really good. Now one thing this keyboard cannot do. Is you cannot pop it up to the next level, like other tablets? Will let you like the Microsoft Surface line, for example the surface pro that you can put this up to an extra level there increasing the keyboard comfort when typing it’s, just not possible with this model, and just to confirm here that, yes, it does charge up via Type C, so you don’t even need to use the DC and if you do happen to have a Type C charger it just needs to have a course: 12 volts, 2.

5 amps maximum output, and there is a status LED as well. I have just powered it on. It did not take long at all to get to this setup screen here of Windows, so there’s our language options, we’ve got German, Spanish, French, Italian Chinese languages and Russian and Korean so just killed the lights here and I’m recording without any lights on. So you can see the screen a little better, because it’s reflecting a lot, probably because of the screen protector and the fact that it’s a non laminated display so for free, available space on first boot. You get a hundred and four gigabytes, which is perfectly normal Windows. Does take up a bit of space and when we have a look at the SSD, it doesn’t actually list what brand it is here, it’s just showing up as a setter SSD. In my experience, this is probably a B when is histy that they are using in this now, if you open it up, you should be able to upgrade it. It will be an MDOT two set of three is his D. I did benchmark it and you’ll see the speeds and nothing wonderful, so not really there good they they’re slow on the writes and even the reads a little bit slow that it should be up around 500. I mean that’s, not too bad it’s, still a hell of a lot faster than eat. Mmc 5.1 spec about almost double on the reads there, so that at least will help out with the performance so did benchmark it here with Geekbench, and this scores coming out to be a little lower than expected, especially with the multi core score.

And now this should probably be around about five thousand points. Five thousand one hundred two hundred it all depends that’s what I got with the jumper easy book, x4 that’s, also using the same chipset, so the cell run in four thousand one hundred. It could be down to this, so the RAM is running at only two thousand 133 megahertz. As you can see, it should actually be 2.4 gigahertz that’s what it supports so they’re, not using the fastest Ram possible here there. So that’s gon na make a slight little difference to performance. I mean overall, these scores are up, of course over say via polar lake in 3450, it’s gone up about three hundred and something points they’re the single core score, and this is up only about 300 points. Not a massive difference there I did install battery bar Pro just to have a look at the battery, so it’s giving me an estimate of approximately five hours and 41 minutes so you’re looking about five hours, which seems on par with only a 30 watt hour battery. So it’s, not a super large battery that this has in here because it’s 11.6 inches. I really wish they could have squeezed a larger battery and perhaps say 3437. What else would have been, of course, much better okay, so this is explaining why we’re not getting those kind of scores and Geekbench for that? I saw with the jumper easy book x4 because this has a six watt TDP and not the nine that they have said so.

The six watt is what Intel recommends for tablets and most people to use that, as you can see their power max as six watts. The time is 28 seconds, so that explains why we have that difference there. Now you can override this with software, but in a tablet here would probably actually get too hot and run into thermal throttling. Now, if you’re worried activating no problems here, so it is using Windows 10 home with a valid license that will be part of the BIOS, so you don’t have any problems there. So if you do do a clean new install make sure you use a driver, backup I’m actually going to create one now, we’ll double driver and upload it to my website, so restore that and everything should be fine. Now it’s, not the latest version either because it says 1709, so you have to run Windows Update to get the latest big huge updates that come through. So they will take some time to do all that. So just make sure you set aside an hour for updating it now we’re checking that micro SD card slot now and it’s not running at USB 3 speed, so maximum speeds about 2.6. As you could see, there reads: that’s all you’re gon na get rights are slightly slower, so it’s just wired up via a USB to hub, which is unfortunate, I’d love to see them using faster, USB 3 real tech readers. So we do have some positives and I have discovered that while the touchpad does not support Windows, precision drivers, it is in fact very usable it’s.

Good. The accuracy is good. Finer movements are ok, left and right mouse buttons there of the clicky type. You can probably hear, and then I’m too loud and typing on the keyboard as well as fine, because it’s lying a huntress in flat, there is no flex and they do have a good feel to them. So this is a quality keyboard. Voyer need to take note and try and find whoever the odium for this keyboard is and use it on their tablets, because that v book that I looked at the vo, what was at the V book, I 5 terrible type cover on that one, absolutely horrible. This only how the other hand is good now, looking at our screen, so it’s an IPS panel 1920 by 1080, 16 by 9 aspect ratio, and it looks alright for an IPS we’re, seeing good color reproduction maximum brightness White’s is 220 lux, which is an ideal really. I want to see about 250 or over, especially with a non laminated display so indoors, it’s going to be perfectly fine. You’Ll probably run it with about 70 60 percent brightness right now. I have it set to 100. So when I do dim this down here, you can see it it’s, quite dumb, so that’s great for nighttime use without damaging your eyes or reducing some of your eye pain, eye strain of having a really really bright. On the last sitting, which a lot of manufacturers do do, unfortunately, so all in all, I feel it’s a good panel it’s, just not an amazing panel at all, because it could be brighter.

That would be good, and I would also like to see fully laminated displays. A lot more of them since that’s what we had on the K note 8 time to take a look at 4k streaming. So this is you to one of my own videos here, so I don’t get hit with any copyright problems. I’Ve got the speakers on 100 and they are definitely not loud enough. So what I will do is to spin the microphone now and give you a sample of the audio okay. So just like other aldi cubes that i’ve tested out these speakers are really lacking volume. It’S, it’s really bad. So if you’re in a room – and you want other people to hear a video or something, then they will probably struggle to hear it. If you by yourself and you’re in a room somewhere, then yeah they’re going to be fine. But if you’re in Skype calls as well, they did just going to be lacking. So not good speakers at all on this, but at least it’s streaming perfectly find the wireless is keeping up. Zero dropped frames with Internet Explorer with playback here in 4k. Okay, so that is the OO dqk note 5. It has a very good build quality. The keyboards nice to type on touchpad is okay, it’s not controlled with the windows. Precision, drivers, unfortunately, but it still does a decent job, with tracking with your fingers with movements and things left and right mouse buttons there.

So we have a battery life that’s, only approximately four to five hours and I think you’re gon na really struggle to get five on here. So that is quite disappointing to me. Another disappointment is the screen brightness, so I thought that they may have changed and put other different panel in here or boost the brightness up through the BIOS setting and the way it’s configured, but unfortunately 220 lux, and it probably kept it in there capping it at That to help preserve battery life, so you won’t burn through it. So quick having a non laminated display also means a lot of reflections. We do have to know USB 3 port on this, a full size, USB 3 port, I feel, is really needed with this model. Here so you’re gon na have to carry around a dongle you’re gon na have to use a adapter, of course, or carry around a hub with you, and we don’t have stylus support on this either the speakers they do sound, very poor, they’re, very weak they’re. Okay. In terms of sound quality for what it is for a tablet it’s, just the volume is not there it’s about half of what it should be a noise sorry, it sounds like it’s at 50 when, when it really should be 2 times louder than that at a Hundred percent, so that really does disappoint it’s a little heavy at one point: three: three kilos as well – and I real it’s good, but it doesn’t warrant me going into a full in depth review with this one here, unfortunately, there’s just really too many cons and things Against it here so, hopefully, older cube there watching this video and with the next models, please full size, USB 3 ports, louder speakers, brighter screens, larger batteries and stylus support would be really great.

On a model like this ad for Linux users out there it will run Linux and it seems to be running fine, so you use the latest builds for something. I used a Linux Mint, it works on there, and that is fine.