I work gt. This is a tablet, a relatively small size tablet, with a 10.9 inch screen that can hold with one hand, although this is a fully functional tablet, you probably dont want to use it just as a tablet, because this thing runs windows, 11 and windows as a tablet Is just absolutely terrible, but you will want to use this paired with a keyboard. This is indeed built designed to work like a microsoft surface. Go so if you get this, youll probably want to get a keyboard on the side which, although cube the company, also makes one – and this is the keyboard. Yes, this looks just like apple magic keyboard, so this is the ipad air, and this is apples, magic keyboard right here, and this is aldo cubes keyboard. The good news is that build quality of autocubes keyboard, its really good, considering this is only 70 dollars, whereas apples selling this for like 250 dollars, you still get a pretty sizable trackpad and pretty good keyboard will well place key travel and the best part is this: Really does prop up the aldo cube, iwork gt tablet. The same way: the magic keyboard props up the ipad. So yes, even though this design is not original, it is a ripoff. It does work very well and for 70 dollars. This is almost a must buy if youre buying this tablet. So this tablet by itself costs 599 us dollars so 600 bucks. So that means, if you get this whole set, is around 670 us dollars.

So for 600, you get a 10.9 inch lcd display 2 000 by 1200 resolution. Now its not the best looking screen, obviously its an lcd panel, its very glossy and reflective if youre shining out a window like this, but under the right lighting conditions. Indoor. This looks perfectly fine to my eyes now powing this tablet, its an 11th generation intel core i5 chip, its a tiger like cpu, i5, 1135 g7 with intel xe graphics. So this is actually pretty impressive because if you buy it on microsoft, servers go the base model. Anyway, it has a cpu thats, actually weaker than this, and the fact that it has intel xc graphics in here means that you can stream 4k 60 videos without stuttering on youtube and also when you play games. You know the frame rate keeps relatively consistent, youre not going to do heavy gaming on this machine, but its capable. Now you have eight gigs of lp, ddr 4x ram with 256 gigs of ssd storage. Now this tablet is a little bit of a chunky board. It measures 10.5 millimeters in thickness, which comes out to around 0.4 inches compared to the ipad air. Its definitely a little bit chunky, youll notice that theres also a lot of vents thats, because this thing actually has a built in fan. You do need a fan mover intel processor, its not as efficient as a mobile chip like a snapdragon chip, its a little bit thick, but then you do get a lot of ports.

So, on the right side of the tablet, you have a full size. Usb 8 port, a headphone jack and an sd card slot on the left side, you have two usb c ports. Both of these can charge the tablet, and then you have a micro, hdmi port. However, the battery capacity is very disappointing. Its only a ’00 milliamp hour battery powering a 10.9 inch display for my testing. This thing can only last about two hours and 20 minutes away from a charger. Okay, so youre watching video footage from the webcam with the autocube. I work you should be hearing the fan right now, thats unfortunate. So if i stay quiet, youre gon na hear a fan, so its quite distracting. So this tablet runs on windows. 11 is windows, 11 home and everything works. Fine and as i said, the keyboard is actually really good. I can type almost full speed on this thing, and this trap has actually surprisingly decent. It does support tap to click. You also can physically click into it to get a haptic feedback and um precision is okay, like i can actually move stuff around its not as good as um. The trap in the ipad pros magic keyboard. Obviously, but considering this is a budget keyboard of a smaller sun gem brand, its not that bad and, like i said you can stream 4k videos on this tablet without any issues and the screen looks great right now. The speakers are a little bit weak.

Unfortunately. Well, go up to max volume. Now earlier i said that windows 11 sucks as a tablet, because its just not an intuitive touch. Experience like you notice all the buttons are designed for a mouse arrow. So if you use your its actually like a little bit cramped, if i want to tap into things like you see, look at how small these icons are, i could skip miss taps all the time and then see right now. I just try to close the window and actually tap the hamburger menu. Also when you rotate, you have to wait like one and a half seconds for the orientation to flip and its not this tablet its windows. 11.. I see just me like moving stuff around kind of like theres like a little bit of a weight and then scrolling theres a little bit of a delay. I forgot to mention the weight. This thing is a little bit of a chunky boy, so just the tablet by itself weighs 0.55 kg that comes out to 1.2 pounds for us americans and if you include it with this magic keyboard knockoff, then the whole thing weighs 1.2 kg, which is 2.7 pounds. So its a little bit bulky its a little bit thick but um its still pretty portable, its pretty small so overall for my usage im, pretty satisfied with the performance of the iwork gt other than the fact that the battery life is terrible. Now, for a lot of other people, the terrible webcam is also going to be a deal breaker its not a deal breaker for me, because i dont really do video calls that much, but for other people the two major flaws are the battery life and the webcam.

For me, its just the battery life now does this mean im gon na use this tablet over the ipad pro or the galaxy tab, say ultra hell. No, of course not. Those tablets are much more powerful, much more capable, but also much more expensive and also those tablets do not run. Windows ive never been a fan of windows, but there are definitely people out there who actually like using windows machine. So if you are one of those people, this has an operating system that better suits your need than say an android tablet. I still think if you can afford to pay a little bit more, you should just get the microsoft service go because you get a much better webcam. You get better software support better after sales support too, but then this clearly appeals to a certain niche. Someone who wants a windows, machine, thats, versatile and also dont – want to pay more than six seven hundred dollars its a small group out there. But these people do exist. So if all you can spend seven hundred dollars – and you want a machine that can do a little bit of everything – the iwork gt kind of – does the job it is more than serviceable as a basic productivity machine. Youre not gon na. Do creative work on this like youre, not editing, videos or graphics, but you can send emails, you can read articles, you can write articles and just do all the offers productivity tests.

I do think you know, like i said its really tacky how theyve straight up ripped off apples design right here, but if you can get over that the complete lack of originality, this thing does work pretty good. I like this trackpad and keyboard better than you know, a lot of of the keyboard cases for bigger brand products like the xiaomi pad 5, that keyboard case doesnt have a track pad the huawei mate pad 11 that keyboard case doesnt have a trackpad. I want a trackpad with my tablet, and this is one of the better ones out there, despite the fact that it is a complete rip off anythings a little bit bulky, so yeah thats about it for this review of the iwork gt. I5 670 dollars. For this whole package, so thats it for now i have a lot more content coming up. Please stay tuned and subscribe to my channel already.