So this is a pretty rare moment that i get to check out a pc ive looked at alder cubes other tablets in the past, and they do make some really good tablets. But this is not a tablet. Guys this is an actual pc and you can see there with all the peripherals with the vents usbc on this side, and you have the power button, volume rockers and next to something like the lets say the ipad pro you could pretty much say these are pretty Much you can see theyre pretty similar sized. I do think this iwork gt is a bit more like a surface device but its interesting to see how it stacks up next to this ipad pro but thats, really where the similarities end, because in this ultra cube iwork gt, we have a laptop a 256 gigs Of storage, core i5 laptop and thats right guys, it does have this extension keyboard and once you include that keyboard case it does become a pretty thick device here, but on its own i mean i like using this as a tablet and its pretty solid. But lets talk about the pc side of this and, of course the other great thing about this system is that it is running windows 11 out of the box, and there you see the iwork gt is running an 11th gen core i5 2.4 gigahertz with install ram Of 8 gigs and 256 gigs of storage and considering this is a tablet form factor.

I must tell you guys. I was pretty impressed with the results with a single core score of 1300 4000 multi core its actually one of the better performing single core systems that ive actually tested here, even faster than a snapdragon triple eight, and you know getting close to what we see with The a14 and even a15 bionic in terms of single core scores, so pretty impressive there. Beyond that guys, the design is nice. You do have this nice metallic build quality, although i will say alder cube. My unit came a bit scratched up its almost like this unit was used when they sent it to me, not a very good look and the display is nice, but, as you can see its not very bright, and you can just clearly see it there next to An ipad pro this display just cant, really compete in terms of brightness and just in terms of the contrast ratio. The ipad pro is just miles better in this case, but ill tell you guys. The biggest issue i have with this iwork gt is not so much the unit itself, its the keyboard that it comes with and, as you can see, it does have magnets. You are able to use it in a stand mode and the keyboard itself is not too bad its actually pretty clicky, but theres. One major major issue with this keyboard and i think, if youre gon na do a hybrid system like this to not nail.

This is a problem, and that is none other than the trackpad folks. How can i say this? The trackpad on this iwork gt is not good, in fact, its almost unusable. I dont understand how this trackpad came out of qc to be able to be included in the system. I know that they were trying to do it as a capacitive touch interface, but i think ultra cube. You really should have just gone with something like the magic keyboard and have an actual physical button on this trackpad look at the magic keyboard, its also larger, but it does have a physical button that you can press. I think they got a little bit too cutesy here with this trackpad and it really lessens the experience of what is otherwise a pretty decent in terms of performance and in terms of build quality system. But you know if youre using this in a tablet mode, the audio experience is actually pretty solid, youre, pretty good quality. Dual speakers, you do have a touch screen, so you know this in tablet. Mode is actually something i do enjoy and i think for a lot of pc fans out there having a touchscreen on your pc is a pro and a lot of you guys dont like macs or macbooks. For that reason, but if you dont have a decent, trackpad and keyboard experience, then it kind of negates the purpose of this being a hybrid device, but all in all guys, i think, for the price that they are offering this iwork gt.

It still is a pretty compelling system, given its got that touchscreen its got that core i5 performance a decent display, solid, build quality battery life has also been very decent with this unit and the cameras well lets just say you better not be using the cameras on This device other than for quick video calls. Yes, there are cameras here on the back good peripherals, hdmi usbc, and you have a full usba output as well, which is great 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack and an sd card reader, all running windows 11. A pretty solid system here, but i do think, if youre going to be picking this up for use with the trackpad, you may want to pick up an additional mouse to go with this unit as well. So once again check links in the description for this iwork gt from alder cube and thanks once again to all the cube for sending this one out, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on these hybrid pc tablet systems? I dont use these very often, but i know a lot of you guys out. There do appreciate these so hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video. If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit that bell icon for future updates, and that is right guys. So many pcs on the channel.

Never before the chewy lark book x, a jasper lake, laptop gon na be checking that one out very soon stay tuned, so thats it – and this is what i leave you by saying. This is frankie tech.