It is a 11 inch windows, 11 tablet that does have optional keyboards that you can get with it. Now. It is powered by the core i5 1135 g7 with Iris, XE, graphics, 80, executional cores. That is the same processor that they do use in microsofts surface pro 8, but that is also where the similarities end with this particular model. Here now. This configuration that i have that was sent out to me from uldu cube, has 80 gigabytes of ram its very quick. The lp ddr4 x, 4 266 megahertz rams really quick. It should aid that iris xc, graphics and paired up with a pcie 256 gigabyte ssd. The screen resolution is 2000 by 1200 and i dont know if it supports a stylus. I dont think it does, because i did not get one sent out to me so ill. Be covering this in detail and give you my honest, take on the iwork gt. This video is sponsored by the all new tuxedo infinity book, pro 14, with 3k screen, 11th gen intel core i7 and optional. Rtx 3050 ti graphics and it can be configured with linux or windows. Dual boot see the link in the description for more info inside the box. Youll find a power delivery power supply, so this is 45 watts. Maximum, a type c to type c cable firework gt is just over 10 millimeters, thick its about 10.5 millimeters, which is not bad, considering it has a 28 watt chip in this and it weighs almost 600 grams, but that is just the tablet.

So if we add the keyboards, there are two styles. This is the cover, one that props up. That then brings up the total weight to one kilo and if you decide to get the heavier, which is like basically an ipad pro style keyboard, then that is 1.24 kilos ill show you both of these keyboards now in detail. Now this ones what is called the light keyboard and its made out of the synthetic material here it has a touch pad that folds out its right here, its a little bit hard to see and ive used it a few times its, not that great the touchpad. But it of course, is better than nothing, and here is our keyboard, so it does sit completely flat. The keyboard and youll see that the layout here there are a few compromises with the arrow keys, because its only 11 inches the tablet. So i was expecting this now. You can see that weve got a lot of function, keys there for, for example, home page up and down end. Is there print screen button? So when you put the tablet into it, youve got two options, and that is the more upright and then slightly reclined. Okay, weve seen this before with other tablets. So it simply just connects onto the back here. Magnets are very strong and theres that pogo port pin connector. That does keep it in place where it should be so. The first level here is, you can see about there, which i find to be a little too upright and then theres that level.

Here too now the screen you can see is flickering away on camera thats, just because of my current brightness level, its not doing it to me in person, but there is a little bit of pulse width, modulation, flicker, once youre done with it, you simply just fold: It all up like so, and you get this package, which is a little bit chunky almost about 20 millimeters, but not as thick as the next keyboard. Now this one, i do like the design of a little bit better. Now neither of them are backlit, so it just has the backing on it. The magnets here are quite strong, and we get this a little bit of an angle that we can tilt it back at. You can see right there, the pogo port pin connectors and it simply just lines up, sits on like that and theres this gap, so thats like an ipad pro style keyboard. Now the thing with this keyboard is that youve got a limited angle, that you can get it back its about there and i can put it more upright. But if you tap on the screen, it tends to bounce around a little bit more. So i dont really know if its actually a better keyboard there. Now the keyboard layout here is pretty much the same. A few compromises, half arrow keys there that you can see – and the other thing too is the touchpad pretty much just like the other one.

The touchpad i dont think, is really that good. It is semi usable, but a lot of the times its a bit laggy that when you touch it its unresponsive to finer little movements – and i find it frustrating – i would definitely be using a mouse with the touch pads on both of these keyboards then ill tablet. So it does have okay sized bezels, i mean theyre, not huge theyre, not super slim, so weve got a hd camera right at the top here, theres two little gaps where we have microphones and this screen has fully laminated, but it comes with this pre applied screen Protector, i just wanted to point it out because the screen protector isnt even the correct one, because it doesnt cover the top here and theres a cutout for where there is no actual camera not on this model. So to me its like a android tablet screen protector. They decided to use so the frame around the outside is all made out of plastic ill. Just get this screen protector off and the back you can see there is a camera on the rear and we do have this material plastic. I believe its plastic im not too sure if it is aloe but to me its plastic and it scratches really easy theres, a few scratches on it already and theres. Those poke pin connectors for the keyboard that i just showed you they do label. As you can see all the ports here, just in case you were confused, they dont really need to do that, but its something that a lot of these chinese brands do for some reason.

On the right side, weve got a usb 3.1, a combo jack 3.5 millimeter micro sd card reader, and there is a speaker on the side and also this is a vent for well sucking in fresh air. Then, on the left here, weve got our two type c ports, so both these are usb 3.1 gen2. They support power, delivery, video out both of them. I have tested 4k 60, but we do not have unfortunately thunderbolt 4, which this chipset does support. So the core i5 1135 g7 does support thunderbolt 4, but we dont have it speaker, intake and then a micro hdmi out again tested. This is 4k. 60. Is all im able to get from this and then along the top here, weve got our exit vent, so theres a fan in this? It is actively cooled and, yes, you do hear it. When youre on the battery, the fan barely ever comes on its just on ac, when you push it hard, its a 25 watt part. So there is a bit of heat thats being generated, and then our volume up and down and power buttons made out of plastic along the bottom. Well, there is nothing now. The screen in this 11 inches fully laminated 2000 by 1200, is the resolution. Now it is fully laminated, so you dont have that ugly gap between it. Now this ips panel brightness tops out at only 266 nets. For me, thats not good enough. It should be at least 300, especially being a glossy screen that is so srgb coverage.

Here is 98 ntsc, that is 69 adobe rgb is 74 and p3, so thats, not too bad, but its just that brightness. I really wish it was a lot brighter than what it is so indoors. Its fine now touch response and accuracy has been okay. I wouldnt say it is the absolute best. A few times i have had a little bit of difficulty. You can see selecting some things there we go and ill just close this its taking me just a few attempts to do that, and i do find that thats. Quite frequent now were seeing a lot of flicker here right now, whats going on well thats to do with the brightness when it is down on lower levels, it does exhibit pulse width, modulation, flicker. You can see quite bad there, but at higher brightnesses its not really doing it as bad, but i can still see it flickering a little bit and then that touch accuracy definitely needs work. Ive jumped over to screen capture now because its just a lot easier for us to see everything clearly and ive increased the scaling to 200 percent. Here now the bios has everything pretty much locked down to us so thats. Why im not showing you that, because theres nothing of interest, it does support windows, 11, of course, because it is running windows 11., so its good to see now were getting products from china, shipping with windows 11., its windows 11 home.

Now you will notice that with the ram we do have the very fast speed. So, im really happy about this because its the top speed, this core i5 supports and youll, see here that its the 4266 megahertz, although it does say, 67 right there, so thats great performing and if i check in the device manager youll notice too, that our wireless Is the intel ax 200 and one? This is a very good wireless chipset, so it can get speeds of about 1.2 1.3, with my router and in theory its supposed to be able to do a lot better than that too. So very quick there when it comes to the wireless performance, bluetooth 5.2 is on board, so in general i wont show you document spreadsheets stuff like that, because it is a fast system. Okay, the core: i five that weve got with this just go over a little bit that its a step down from the core i7 version that ive reviewed in our laptops, but theres not too much of a difference. Four cores eight threads instead of a four point: eight turbo maximum on the core i7. This is 4.2 and its 28 watts and ive confirmed this with hw info that, yes, it is running 28 watts there, which is what we want and, of course it has. The iris xc graphics now this has 80 executional cores. We get 96 with a core i7 version, so minor difference, and that means yes, the core 7 slightly better with the graphics, but not too much of a difference between them.

So we do have an nvme drive on board with this too, and these are the speeds, so not bad. I mean its not the fastest ive seen with pcie, i mean you can get a lot faster from some of the samsung 970 pros and stuff like that. However, for an included model, its not too bad, the only issue here is 256 gigabytes, of which we get about 204 3 on first boots and not a lot to play with and only 8 gigabytes of that super fast memory with this 2, which is another area. So i do hope they have a 16 gigabyte model with 512. Gigabytes of storage would be really good with this kind of spec here. So i have run a couple of benchmarks that i will show you. I wont go too overboard with this, because it does get a little bit boring, but you can see here that its performing as it should here with cinebench r23. We are looking at here just slightly less than that core i7 model that i talked about the 1165 g7 okay, not too bad there. Single core score as well, is a bit slower there, but so its still very good for a tablet as thin as this and 11 inches. We are getting reasonably good performance there out of it, and everything is mentioned. Windows just feels very quick and snappy doing everything here, not a problem. Bringing everything up, theres, no lag that i can see so open cl score just over 15 000, its a step up, definitely from the uhd graphics.

We had on previous generation, so iris xc ill get onto gaming soon and how it does perform, but a lot better than the previous generations and our geekbench 5 score. So this score here with the core i7 version, is just over 1500 points and we get around 5600 off the top of my head here with the core 7, so its still very good performance for what it has been. An 11 inch tablet, video playback now. So i have a couple of demanding files. I always test out, so this is first, a 60 frames per second hevc sony, swordsmith and ill just go into the middle here because it starts out in slow motion, see that took a few seconds and its running. Well. Okay, so the iris xe handles these kind of video files without any problem jellyfish. This is 140 megabits per second htvc, 10 bit 4k, very demanding clip and again, oh nothings, showing for some reason thats a problem with the codec because i had to well. I have to buy it. Is it not going to work for me? Okay, thats a codec problem, but it does work too as well, so any video files you throw at it smooth performance on this iris xc does really well native decoding, of course, for hevc and vp9. Now my chrome test here in youtube im just going to play this demo clip and ill set it to the 4k preset with quality and ill enable those stats here.

So we can see just how is this going to perform and will it be dropping frames which its dropped two of so far buffer health is looking pretty good for my very poor internet connection that i do have okay and its a very slow start there. But look at this again the iris xc for video playback, very good here, so no problems with 4k youtube and it will handle 4k 62.. Just fine, this spec, the 11th gen core i5. Now, if theres a real weakness, that is super obvious. It is this right here, the webcam. Now you can hear what sounds like the fan, because it is in fact the built in fan, because those two microphones are either side of the webcam. The fan isnt too far away from it. You can hear the fan and it scale up in the rpm through those microphones and this webcam quality, well its pretty much downright terrible, so not good in the webcam department, all the microphones. If that fan is running because youre hearing it im hearing a tiny little bit of bass coming out of those stereo speakers left and right, but they are simply not loud enough. They should be a lot louder than this and gaming performance so with the iris, xc graphics, with 80 executional cores and 720p. I thought that cyberpunk 2077 might actually get a playable frame rate here, but, as you can see no and were using up all of the ram, i think the ram is the issue here, probably why its so slow.

So this games too demanding for it and just far too choppy. I could not play the game like this at only 12, 10 frames per second cyberpunk 2077 way too demanding, but with the core i7 version of this chip, it did all right. It managed to get around 30 frames per second, but i had more ram. I had 16 gigabytes grand theft, auto 5 now performance. I do have it on 1080p and it is just the normal settings like right in the middle with all the bars and everything. So it runs at about 40 frames per second, as you can see now that its down to well 30, sometimes so it can get a little bit choppy now its not because of my capture card ive actually tried it without the capture card, which is simply just All it is, is display out and its just duplicating the display or even on the device. It makes no difference. It really is about the same. It could be maybe with me outputting via the type c port here, a two frames per second loss, so the performance at 1080p um yeah – i was expecting better – i really was. I was expecting this to be at least about 50 frames per second 40 frames per. Second, uh and just be able to be a bit more playable, but it really is, as you can see, a bit of a choppy mess at 1080p. So you need to run it at 720p, so disappointing performance here from the iris, xc, graphics, thermals and fan noise.

So this could explain why the gaming performance wasnt, quite as i expected, because it has hit 87 degrees celsius which, in a thin tablet like this one, i kind of expected that with a 28 watt processor in there, so that means it did actually pull. Yes about. 29 watts maximum, but it did trigger thermal throttling. So this is why i think, maybe it throttled down a little bit on those clocks thats why the gaming performance it just couldnt, the iris, xc, graphics, turbo as high as it would really want to because of those restrictions there with our thermals. So the fan noise. It has been slightly loud when definitely pushed you hear that fan not as bad as the webcam sample. I gave you before, but it does get a little bit loud and its definitely one of the cons that when pushed hard, you hear the fan light loads, its quiet, but it does go up to the higher rpms, but at least it does drop down. So if you wanted a completely silent tablet, unfortunately, this isnt it battery life on this tablet. Just how is it well im really struggling to get more than two and a half hours. It is because it only has a 29 watt hour battery in this, according to hw info paired up with a powerful 28 watt processor is not a good combination at all. So, as i pointed out, the screen has well various minor. Well, not really minor issues there.

Well, one the pulse width, modulation, flicker under 50 brightness is quite bad, at least on camera. You see a lot of it in person at certain angles. I can sometimes see it shimmer a little bit and normally im not actually sensitive to that at all. Brightness tops out at only 266 nets. It should be higher than that touch accuracy at times is frustrating not really that good and then the webcam wow. What an absolute disaster that is not only the webcam quality but the microphones. The microphones pick up that noisy fan. Thats inside there – and i dont think theres any way around this at all unless they were to move the microphone to a different position, but youre still going to get it. So the fan yes, can be noisy when you push it very hard. The iris xc graphics, with its 80 executional cores paired with that faster ram, i was expecting better results and even though i repeated a lot of my tests there, i think it was because it did sometimes trigger thermal throttling. Those temperatures were holding back the turbo speed on the integrated graphics here so thats, another area, a plastic frame around the outside the keyboards okay. But, as i pointed out with this style of keyboard here that it wobbles around a bit and tapping away at it, it bounces back everywhere and not so great. The other style keyboard is certainly a lot better than this one.

So is it a tablet that you should really be considering if youre after something like the microsoft surface pro 8, even though its got the same chipset, i would definitely go for the surface pro 8.. You have with that model. Much better quality youve got to cause microsoft support there. The hardware is superior, the screen superior battery life will be a lot better and the performance, too im sure is going to be a lot better than this. So now you know the full story here of autocubes. I work gt my honest take on it here. I hope you did like it.