I play eight t. Eight inch tablet that hit the market at the start of the year and i’m proud to say i was one of the very first people to acquire this device here in the united kingdom, and i gave you my initial thoughts and uh. I wanted to update those. After literally two nearly three months of daily use and heavy use, i might add, not half an hour a day if i had to estimate five or six hours, intense usage of the device a day, and here it is folks – and i am literally using this – as My main daily uh tablet device for all sorts of purposes. Uh except gaming and i don’t do gaming and i must tell you, i don’t think, if you’re into gaming, this would be the right device for you but i’m going to keep this short and tell you what i feel after three months of daily heavy use and First of all, let me address the big issue, which was that i advise people that this tablet, which was advertised as you know, having three gigabytes of ram, was only running on two when i received it. That was true, but what happened was that, after about three weeks or so, a wireless update was made available by aldo cube. It popped up on the device that there’s a wireless update to install this was in january, but there was trouble installing it at first. I was informed that this would fix the software problem that was preventing the device from utilizing the inbuilt three gigabytes of ram, and in fact you know it is – does have three gigs of ram, but it was only running as a two gig device and that’s.

What all of the analysis was telling me from all the apps and everything else? Well, the first update there were problems, it wouldn’t, install it kept failing to install others had the same problem and then one day i don’t know why perhaps they adjusted it it installed and immediately. It was showing as having three gigabytes of ram brilliant, so basically uh. It has got three gigabytes of ram as advertised, but because it wasn’t configured properly, there was a problem. There was, you know they hadn’t got it all right early on, it was being sent out and only working as two gigabytes of ram, but now running on three gigabytes of ram, and hopefully yours from the factory will be set up for three gigs of ram from The get go interestingly and impressively about a month later, another wireless update came through and i installed that no problem, but no idea what it did, because it didn’t really change anything. But as soon as i got it running on three gigabytes of ram, it perked up. You could tell it was a little bit more speeding, so that’s all good. Now, let me tell you about the the best thing about this tablet. Is the battery life? No question of that. I i mean 10 12 hours, no problem. It goes on and on and on downside quite slow to charge. You are looking at about three hours to charge this from scratch to a hundred percent, so it’s not the quickest to charge, but you only have to charge it every couple of days or so even on heavy use, because the battery is a massive, i believe, it’s A 6 000 milliamp battery and it you know it with this processor and low res screen it lasts.

Now. Let me talk about the processor, and this is the weak point. It’S got a unisock uh a unisock 9832e quad core 1.4 gigahertz processor. Now that’s, not a quick or you know the latest processor and to be quite honest with you that’s the weak point. It is a little bit laggy in certain areas, it’s, so it’s! Fine, for you know, if you want to look at stuff on the internet and your youtube, videos and emails and all the usual stuff i mean no problem. I’Ve got loads of apps on here. Let me tell you loads of apps all fine, but it’s. Just a little bit of lag there it’s, not the you know the three gigs of ram, because that’s good it’s, it’s limited by the quad core, 1.4 gigahertz, processor and that’s. Why i wouldn’t recommend this device for gaming purposes now uh the screen brightness is really good. I mean it’s only got a low resolution 1280×800 screen, but of course, that’s. One reason why you get so much good battery life and the screen brightness is really very impressive. It does get you know quite bright, i’ve usually got it turned down a little bit from the maximum indoors and at night i’ve got it well turned down outside. You know it’s, not really for outside use that none of these sort of budget tablets are but screen. Brightness is very good now one issue with a screen that over time i have picked up it’s, quite a bright sort of white screen, and it hasn’t got one of those eye comfort modes where you can adjust the color temperature to make it a bit warmer and Less glary – and you know personally that would have been a nice feature.

I did try and install an app that would sort of do that for me, but it’s limited by the fact, it’s running android 10 go edition and it keeps telling me that you know the device won’t won’t. You know accept that particular app. So we start with what we got: it’s fine, it’s, good, it’s, clear and for a 1280×800 i have to tell you it’s a decent, decent, decent display. It really is um. Now what else can i tell you about it, usb type c for the charging? A lot of you like that, so you’ve got that on here. First class. You know it really is um. Now uh one little thing i’m, not too keen on is the volume. Now it gets quite loud, it’s it’s, fine, the quality’s. You know acceptable, but it’s not very well graduated. If you know what i mean, you’ve got it on maximum and you turn it down and turn it down, and it goes a bit quieter and quieter until you get nearly down to the bottom and then it suddenly goes off. You know to nothing to silent and there’s a big step from if you like, the lowest volume setting that you can hear to it going completely quiet i’d like to better get it just a notch quieter. I don’t think that sort of graduation on the volume is quite as well optimized as it could be, and the other issue i’d mention is the wi fi.

Now this is a 4g tablet, but i use it around the house on wi fi. Now it always connects and i haven’t been aware of any dropouts really, but the speed is a little bit. You know up and down it’s, not quite as stable. I find the speed as certain other devices that i’ve used um. I don’t know why that is, but you know it’s sort of sometimes it’s, really quick and other times. I notice the wi fi speeds a bit down on here and i check it with another device and you know it’s fine. So this is a little slight bit of a question mark over the stability and sensitivity of the wi fi connection and antenna in here i’d say. But you know: okay um. You know i think that’s just about it. I mean obviously the cameras aren’t much good, but you know for this money. What do you expect? I mean i wasn’t expecting anything fantastic in that department, so basically that’s about it. I mean i think you can pick this up for incredibly good prices. The aldo cube. I play 18 and then for all of your websites and internet and shopping and banking and emails and youtube videos. It does a lot no problem. I say i got about a hundred apps on here and they’ll work. Fine, no problems. I don’t particularly like this android. 10 go edition because there is the occasional thing that you know it.

Doesn’T quite want to do for you, but nothing really particularly problematic, and you know there. It is have a look at that. I don’t know the latest price auto cube. I play 80 8 inch tablet budget three gigs of ram, but you’re not really getting the benefit of the threes around because of your quad core 1.4 gigahertz processor personally would have liked it if they’d perhaps just put a little bit on the price and stuck in A quicker you know, processor, so we could really take advantage of that three gigs of ram, but hey ho that’s life. Now i paid about uk pounds. It was about 80 pounds for this and you know the prices go up and down a little bit. But if you can pick one of these up for that sort of money, 80 pounds or so i’ve got to tell you you can’t go much wrong. I mean it. Hasn’T gone wrong and hasn’t missed a beat fantastic battery life, good, clear screen, um, you know, i use it on the you know the bluetooth thing and i can cast things to the music and cast the youtube videos to the smart tv, no problem it all works. I mean i don’t think you can. You know i’ve got to tell you overall rating i’m going to give it seven and a half out of ten no i’m, not i’m gon na give it an eight out of ten, because you’ve got to bear in mind what a competitively priced device this is and That’S about it so three months on, is it a good buy? Yes, am i happy with it? Yes, very good that there’s two wireless updates come through from aldo cube in the first three months, great that they’ve fixed the ram issue and now got it running on the three gigabytes uh disappointing that they perhaps i think, what they did.

They launched it to the market in a rush to take advantage of all these people who need tablets so they’re. You know the pandemic and lockdowns and kids needing these devices to do their school work. I think they rushed it into the market a little bit quick and they should have taken just a little bit longer to get it all optimized and set up properly so that when it was sent out that everything was working properly with the three gigs of ram. But you know let’s give them credit for not abandoning the customers and rectifying the situation, sending out a wireless fix that sorted that out, and you know that’s that’s the that’s the score um order cube. I play 8t yeah, no problem at all good budget tablet and, finally, let me wrap up here by just wishing all everybody who’s watching the video all the very best let’s hope for better times ahead, and you know we can all get out of this business. I know it’s worldwide if you’ve got listeners and viewers all over the world in you know in south america right over there in brazil and uh, probably in germany, i should think and and maybe even in thailand and all over the united kingdom, ireland, all sorts of Places, you know to varying degrees, it’s a you know, bad situation for everybody and all these restrictions and everything and terrible terrible. You know the number of people who you know get who’ve been ill and are dying and everything – and i just want to say you know to everybody out there – let’s all hang together and hopefully better times are ahead and all the best i’m checking off.