5 inch display those are our main specs we’re, going to learn more as we go here’s. The tablet itself comes wrapped up pretty nicely okay, so this is a nice aluminum back. The top here is plastic, which i’m not a fan of, but other than that first impressions, those bezels look decent, even slimmer than apple’s. Mid range ipad. Wait. Actually, i think the back is plastic. Yes, the back is plastic, my bad. In the box. We have our charging cable, which not a very nice presentation, that’s in that bag and stuff, and in this side we have our charging brick and a manual oh and a sim ejector tool. So i guess this takes an sd card. Okay, it says sim and and sd card. So okay, this tablet is cellular, so you can’t put a sim in this. If you wanted to that’s that’s, pretty cool the first tab that i ever owned, that has a uh sim slot. Okay excuse the mess now it’s powered on if you have their own animation, that’s, pretty cool, okay, nice, so, first impressions, the display looks very nice, almost apple, like quality, so i’m gon na set this up and get back to you all right. The tablet is all set up, as you can see i’m installing apps right now, um. It does feel pretty quick, so you know locking it. So the tablet is pretty quick and that’s thanks to our helio p60, which is a great ship for me for mediatek.

But look at this, the sim slot it’s always protruding a tiny bit, and you can’t put it back, so it just keeps snotting back and forth, so that is pretty annoying, but not a huge deal now, since this is a tablet, we do not have a fingerprint Sensor but let’s see if we have face unlock and we do so here. You go it’s called face, authentication, so we’re gon na set that up and see how it works. That’S, funny, okay, it did not work. It captured me to move my face to the middle of this of the thing, but i did check this out. Look center, your face in the circle. I did that nothing’s happening so i’m going to bring you close up the same thing. What, if i do it like that face unlock just ain’t working, i think the camera is just so bad. Not even the face id can register my face properly, so i’m gon na try restarting the tablet, see if that fixes it. Okay, this is just not working. So we’re just gon na skip this. As expected, the games run flawlessly thanks to our chip, and i don’t even have to disable ads. I mean i could and it would run even better so knife. It runs good we’re gon na go straight to win rather because i don’t want to waste anyone’s time and wow. Look at how smooth it runs. I mean you guys: can’t see it on your end, because i’m recording at 30 frames per second, but take it from me.

This is like running no lag, no stutter at full um frame rate 60 fps, a very, very enjoyable experience. Okay, pubg is low. Okay. There. You go all right, not bad. Wait, let’s see what graphics we have frame rate high. Okay, we can pump the graphics to hd. Even so let’s do that: okay we’re at the highest graphics. This tablet supports and, as you can see, okay kind of fluctuates, but for the most part it runs pretty good. Okay, there you go now it’s better, so pubg is definitely playable on this phone yep all right, so light games heavy games. This tablet can do it all okay, so the speaker doesn’t get the loudest. We don’t have uh four speakers. We have two down here: wait. Are they two Music? Yes, we have two uh bottom firing speakers which they do a decent job, but it would have been nice to have two extra speakers on the top. But then again this is a budget tablet. So i guess this is a bit forgivable, but the video viewing experience is not bad at all. I kind of like it. I like the typing experience. Usually tablets are too wide for me to type, but, as you can see, it’s perfect for me, even when i turn it to landscape mode, sorry, auto road, it was out for some reason so yeah, even in landscape mode, it isn’t bad. I mean it’s, i mean yeah typing in portrait mode is better, but as you can see, you know browsing the web is a pleasure on this device, so the camera layout is it’s, pretty dull.

To be honest, so front cameras, five megapixels, rear cameras, eight megapixels, your video is full hd front. Video 720p, so yeah let’s take our first selfie with hdr Music let’s go outside we’re facing video on the alde cube. I play 30 i’ve taken a few pictures. Just now they aren’t the best, but for the price it’s perfectly fine, i mean, especially since the fact that you’re not gon na, take much pictures and bid on this thing anyway, unless it’s like for voice chat or video chat, so yeah i mean okay has a Focusing issue but yep front facing video on the alley cube i play for the 720p okay. I cannot be seen at all there you go there. There you go so yeah, it looks pretty decent. I mean not the best quality but forgivable for the price and for video calls. It should be. You know perfectly fine and honestly, i don’t see any problems with the camera, so yeah that’s what i think: okay guys, that is pretty much it so some extra things before i round up my thoughts, so the feel in the hand it feels premium, despite it being Plastic all right: this is like a high quality plastic, so it doesn’t feel cheap in the hand at all. It feels like i’m holding aluminum and actually might be that uh. I do not know for certain. The battery life is already at 89. So when i first unboxed this not too long ago, it was a hundred percent, so the battery life isn’t the best, but it is livable.

I mean it’s gon na it’s, hard to say now, but feel free to ask me in the comments a few days later about how the battery life is settings. This is um pretty much stock, android 10, so nothing special in the settings. So this is a very pleasant device to use. I just want to show you how fast this thing really is so messages duo play store. Okay, i didn’t. Let do a load, my bad, but settings it’s. A very fast tablet, very satisfied. So should you buy this tablet for 150 280 yeah? I think this is definitely worth it. You know the display is nice. The speakers there’s room for improvement, but they are pretty decent. Overall cameras are fine. Performance is great, better life man, but i really do enjoy this tablet. So if you, i think this is a great alternative to like apple’s, cheaper ipads, and why am i not connected to wi fi and it even has cellular. You can put a sim in this and i did not expect that when i first got this thing so yeah.