9 inch tablet as the Alldocube Freer x9 it’s selling for around about a hundred and sixty nine us and it’s got this lovely display on it it’s 2560 by 1600 resolution. So the panel as you’d expect for that kind of resolution in 8.9. Inches is very sharp. It has a maximum output of 540 lux, which is very bright now it’s, not fully laminated. So the blacks won’t look as deep. There is a gap between the panel, the digitizer glass on the top and then the IPS below, but overall, very good screen. The touch is also responsive works well, and it is fluid. So a minor complaint is the bezels on this aren’t exactly slim. They are a little large and you’ll notice that down the bottom. There is what looks like a fingerprint reader right here, but it’s not it’s, just a home button, that’s it’s only function, which is sad because they did have the space there to put a fingerprint reader. So there’s, no hardware, navigation, keys, either side. You just need to swipe up and bring up the software navigation keys, so the ROM on it is both a pro and a con here now. The reason I say it’s a con is because, if you check out the version of it it’s running Android 6, so this isn’t exactly the latest. That you’ll find of course, we’re up to now. Android 8 and its security patch level is from the 52017. So not exactly recent there either, but the good thing about it is that if you have a look that it has zero bloatware and the rom performance is really quite quick too.

So the only accessory you get in the box is a USB type c cable and banggood at least did supply a charger, an EU one rated to 5 volts 2 amps. So the tablet is 8.3 millimeters, thick and 772 grams light, which is quite good, making it very portable and as a pre applied screen protector over the glass. Now it is glass, not plastic, and the front facing webcam is a 5 megapixel one. The whole rear is made out of this metal unibody, giving it a good feel, and the edges of it are curved, as you can see, they’re making a little bit more comfortable to hold the rear. Camera is a 13 megapixel one autofocus. It takes a very average photo and can shoot up to 1080p video. I honestly would not really be using it for photos only for things like Skype calls which it works. Ok, so on the very top there are two antenna lines: a loudspeaker and a micro SD card slot. Now the micro SD card slot it’s a bit of a pain to insert cards into. I had to use a tiny little screwdriver to push the card right in, because my fingernails at the moment are really short. You will notice to along here that there’s this little strip, that is plastic for antenna reception for the wireless AC. It has then, on the bottom, a type C port for data charging. No video out. I could not get that to work at all microphone.

3.5 I’m, going to be the headphone jack. Now the audio quality out of this jack is reasonably loud and it is clear and then our second loudspeaker, my only complaint with the build is this right here. So our power and volume buttons they are made out of plastic and they don’t have a particularly quality or good feel to them, especially that power button on my unit. They feel a bit cheap. So the tablet has 64 gigabytes of EMC storage, four gigabytes of RAM and the chipset is a media. Tick. 81. 73. So it has two arm cortex a 72 calls on there and then another two which are the a 53 which clock slightly slower. The GPU is a power via rogue GX, 60 250 and for sensors. Well, not a lot to report on here only has an accelerometer, so no gyroscopes, no GPS, either scrolling speed on a heavy website like my own here with lots. Images is reasonably fast. You will now and then notice a couple of little stutters and I do have some things going on in background also, which will have an impact on that. But overall it’s, most of the time generally smooth unless you’re on a very demanding website. And then you will notice those tiny little stutters here and there so the table that has those speakers left in right, so good stereo separation, they’re not very loud and at 107 volume they do distort and of course they lack bass as expected.

But I’ll give you a sample of them now now what about YouTube? Can it playback 1440p without any stuttering or problems? Some of the previous generation chipsets, the other media tech ones. The weaker ones had a lot of trouble with that, but at least 1440p here my testings working perfectly fine. It is smooth and no issues here with YouTube, playback video files and ebooks. They look good on the screen because it’s so sharp that performances as a large PDF file, then testing out here, is recently good. It’S sometimes takes a while to load and the pages, especially if you skip ahead really fast. Like you see now, there will be a bit of a delay there, but overall not too bad for the price of this tablet now on to a few benchmarks that I always test out with these tablets. So this is the end to to score and see it’s. Nothing amazing. I have seen scores of 70000 of this exact same model on retailers, websites, but that’s. The score. I got there’s 64000, and here is the Geekbench full score. Single core score is actually quite good, that’s, faster than a polar lake and 3450, but the multi core score isn’t a little bit slower, and here is the compute score. So this is using the GPU. Now. The internal storage is one of the weaknesses here of this tablet. Only 34 megabytes per second reads and sequential 34 writes isn’t exactly fast, but it doesn’t seem to slow the tablet down at least now wireless range and speeds.

I found to be good it’s, not the fastest wireless AC, that you’ll come across, but still decent speeds here, and I did test it out from the other side of the apartment and it seemed to perform well, probably because they do have that plastic on the rear. Where the antennas are located, battery life is never a strength of these smaller tablets because they have smaller size batteries. So 5500 milliamp hours is good for around 4 hours of heavy use, 3 hours of gaming and about 6 to 7 hours of light use of light. We abuse with the brightness down on the lowest setting is about the best you can get out of this tablet, which I would rate as being ok, it’s, not really the greatest. Is it. You want a little bit of gaming, so Mortal Kombat is one of those games that will scale up to the native screen resolution. So this is running at 2560 by 1600 and, as you can see, it is very fluid and playable. So Ashwell that you can see is playable. This is another game that is running at the full resolution. It’S, not super smooth. You can see some slowdown to be expected from this chipset, but the main thing is: it is at least playable modern combat as well as playable, but it does have a little bit of slowdown as well, and this last title I’m, having a look at this as Heroes of incredible tales, another demanding game – and you will see now and then and some tiny little micro stutters but I’ve – seen that even on the Snapdragon a35 s.

So this wraps up my time here with the free x9 overall it’s, a decent tablet for the price. So you have an amazing screen on this. Well it’s, not fully laminated. I don’t see it being too much of an issue because it’s really bright the gap between the IPS and then the digitizer glass is only around about one millimeter or even less there. So it’s really a non issue now the brightness on it gets up to 560 lux, which is super bright. In fact, I find this screen to be too bright. I mean that sounds crazy, but for late night time use the lowest setting is way too powerful. Just burning out your retinas almost so I have to go in to download a store application there. You can get certain apps that will actually put a filter over the screen to help you lower the brightness and that helps out there. So at least it’s fixable there. So the Android ROM Android 6 from March the security patch that has on there that’s, not good. I mean we’re late into 2017. Now we should be at least on Android 7, and the other thing too, that the ROM list has no below and it performs really well it’s fast we’ve got the full gigabytes of RAM. The EMC storage is a little slow. The wireless decent speeds good range on it and I haven’t had any issues with that. So that’s, the main thing and that’s another thing to know bugs and the ROM that I have seen on my time using it and testing it and there’s nothing’s crashed on me.

Everything seems to be working, fine, Playstore of courses on there and overall, a good experience on this tablet. Even when it comes to gaming with demanding games on this really huge high resolution for this chipset, it actually works fine, which is good. So the battery life is probably the gray area of this tablet. Here I mean the book quality is good, but the battery you’re looking up to seven hours. It all depends on your use. So if you game on this solidly because of that resolution and the five thousand five hundred million hour capacity, then really you can only get about three hours gaming on this. If you take it easy on, then you’re, just looking at a bit of YouTube and you’re. Looking at some PDF files and Internet, then you can squeeze out your six to seven hours maximum. It all depends on how you have that screen brightness as well, because of my testing. I had it on the lowest seating and which we just mentioned. You know is quite bright anyway, so overall, yes, 460 us it’s, not a bad tablet at all. Okay, it’s missing a couple of things like we have no video output from this and no micro HDMI. There fingerprint readers, not there, there’s, no gyro, there’s, no GPS, but again, if I mean for this price, you can’t really expect to have that.