We just hit 1K subscribers and we couldnt have gotten here without you. Thank you for subscribing, thank you for liking. Thank you for engaging with us in the comments section engaging with each other in the comments section we we could have gone here without you and were humbled and appreciative of everything youve done for us and so um. I dont know what else to say other than thank you so much and were going to continue on and hopefully get better as we go along so anyway, lets talk about this. Alienware x15r2 comes with an I9 12900h processor comes with an RTX. 3070 TI comes with a 15.6 uh, 1080p 360 Hertz screen and then its full HD and then one terabyte, SSD and then 32 gig gigs of memory were going to unbox. It were going to check out the chassis were going to check out the i o. The keyboard and the trackpad and were going to weigh it and were going to hopefully be able to crack it open. So we can check out the internals uh some initial thoughts at the end lets get into it. Foreign were going to go ahead and unbox. This cut ourselves put it down gently okay, I like this right here, probably cant, see it, but it says were game right on the bottom of the lid there. Okay, lets go ahead and see if we can lift this guy out foreign power, brick and cables, and it looks like we have a dongle here lets check that out real quick.

While we have it in front of us all. Right looks like our ethernet dongle there. Its great put it back in there real quick lets, see if we got anything else, it doesnt, look like it does it. Okay, the propaganda must be in the laptop box itself, so well go ahead and shut that all right lets check out the power. Brick here has the barrel connector and I like the way they did that, and this is looks like 240 Watts. So nice long, cable, Music, probably dont, need to slide this out Music, all right, okay, and then we got our dongle here. Im going to set these kind of off to the side here and lets go ahead and bring the laptop over and lets check it out. Here looks like I can just maybe pull this Music open. I wonder if itll, let me slide it out. No, probably not foreign Music, Music. Okay were gon na pull this tab open this up, like that, a lot X15 boy that is nice and thin. I really like that a lot so, as I expected its a propaganda, lets open up the pouch here and see what we got. Alienware looks like sport and then, if you open it up, tells you how to use the dongle power it on probably and then uh has the service tag, location and all that so great great to have marching safety information. Oh alien, head stickers. I, like those silver color that is really cool.

I, like that, a lot and then it looks like weve got uh some information about Alienware in 1996, which sells out to build the most Innovative and high performance computers. I remember back in the 90s, when Alienware was its own thing and uh, then they were bought out by Dell and their competitor back then, when they were just Alienware, was Voodoo laptops which, coincidentally, was bought out by HP. So all right set this off to the side. All right lets jump into the laptop here: Music, Music, very, very nice. I really like the luna light. Color lets see if I can lift it with one finger here: yeah no problem its been a long time since Ive um checked out an Alienware laptop. I think it was at the beginning of the year Ill have to check all right well lets check out the chassis here and were just gon na start with the top of the lid here, uh very little Flex. Until you start getting towards the middle, I get the Alienware head Im. Guessing that lights up um. You got the whole exhaust back here in the tail and then once you lift it up here, lets check out um. You got kind of this soft texture on the keyboard deck here, uh Palm rest, I kind of like that feels pretty good and I dont see any uh fingerprints at all, so thats great go around the keyboard, no flex whatsoever. Very very rigid, uh track pad very, very smooth good clicking action.

Thats, not oh. I do see some fingerprints there its starting to collect a little bit. Okay got your power button here, probably lights up, lets check out the keyboard. Oh thats, really nice a keyboard, uh good, clicking action, good return! I like that a lot good spacing I like that, a lot um. It looks like we got some speaker, girls here and then some uh airflow. I really like it. We got a camera up here. You cant see it uh well check that out in the benchmarking video, but so far so good. A really nice look feels very durable uh. Its an Alienware so anyway lets go ahead and check out the screen wobble a little bit and the screen Flex. That feels pretty rigid, very little Flex in the screen at all, so um thats great all right lets check out the i o so lets go ahead and check out the i o. Well start. On the left hand, side here looks like its pretty minimal. We got some venting, we got the barrel, connector um power, adapter port and then on the right hand, side weve got some more venting and then we have a headphone jack Port there. On the back, we have a USB a USB C Thunderbolt um, and then we got a mini SD card slot looks like we have a USBC uh thats, also a DisplayPort plus power delivery and then an HDMI port venting exhaust out the back Music put it on Its top here upside down and it looks like we got some screws, so we can get into the chassis hopefully and check out the internals.

And then we got some air intake here and some rubber feet to keep the laptop off the desk to keep it cool. While playing AAA games so all good stuff go ahead and flip that back over lets, go ahead and weigh it and then well check out the internals so were going to weigh the laptop by itself. First and weve got five pounds, 2.9 ounces and then were going to include the cabling, the power brick and the ethernet dongle, and that all comes out to six pounds: 9.9 ounces. Okay, so um there are six screws keeping this bottom plate secure to the chassis, and I got ta tell you: Alienware made it pretty easy uh to remove this plate. Uh theyre Phillip head and the two down here in front dont come out, but they lift the front of the plate up, so you can get underneath there with your guitar pick or your tools to pry it. The Clips off anyway uh see the honeycomb here. All right, so, the first thing you see here is 87 watt battery and uh. The other thing that you notice is the cryotech its their patent design for uh their cooling system, which incorporates four fans, and then you got liquid metal over the CPU and GPU um, and so that is a really neat neat unique design, uh its to get air Flow underneath and out the back and its supposed to keep this really cool up playing AAA games well test all that out in the benchmarking video.

Another thing that you notice is that there the memory is soldered on the motherboard, so you only get really one chance to configure this with the memory that you want and because, after you get it theres no going back so uh you have the swappable Wi Fi Card look swappable, and then you have the initial SSD that the laptop came with and then it looks like you got an extra slot out there for another SSD for more storage so thumbs up to that, but its really too bad about the memory two downward facing Speakers on the left and the right – and that looks about it, so they made it really easy to get into this and do a little bit of upgrading around the storage and the Wi Fi card. So there you go a little bit of backlight bleed right at the bottom and the two bottom corners there. Obviously that depends laptop from laptop, but anyway, okay, Im, really loving how thin this laptop is very portable, uh gaming on the go a couple things I really did like about it: the fact that most, the iOS in the back for better cable management – and I also Liked the fact that you could get into the internals very very easily and the keyboard was really great. You know I mentioned that the trackpad was good, a great clicking action. It was smooth, but after using this for a little bit, I now realized that I wish the trackpad was just a little bit larger for the amount of palm rest you got here.

I think this can be extended out just a little bit for more surface area. For the trackpad, the only other glaring issue is the fact that you cant upgrade the memory on this particular laptop. I mean even Asus has a 14 inch gaming laptop and you can at least upgrade one dim, but I understand why its liked as to make it to where it can be so thin, uh anyway, uh. Those are my only real complaints about this laptop were gon na. Do some performance testing uh some benchmarking, some gaming and well bring all that to you as soon as possible, uh! So look for that if you like this video go ahead and hit the like button.