This is the one that i had ordered. This has the mechanical cherry, mx ultra low profile keyboard with the 1.8 travel of key distance. This thing is really nice. The one thing i will mention is that the cherry mx – this is a little bit um, not as quite as good as this travel path as the full keys, but again it’s compact, into a laptop, and i believe these are 1.5 or 3.5 millimeters. If i’m remembering correct, i could be very wrong at that, but um this wasn’t necessarily going to be a review on the spectacle terms, because all of you can go to the dell website and review that this is going to be a more so um review. Of. Actually, looking at the keyboard and there’s, not too many videos out there, that i’ve seen on youtube, i’ve, actually physically seen this uh, most ones, i’ve seen were all just reviewed on a screen kind of going over it. So this is the cherry mx keyboard. Now a couple things i’ll give you my pros and my cons that i like about this keyboard um. I definitely like that. It’S very clicky um. These switches do not come off, so you can’t, you know, take them out and exchange them. Um. Maybe they’re going to develop something like that in the future, but for right now this is what you get um, some pros and cons. I mean the keyboard, as you can see, when it’s off is really beautiful, if you’ve noticed they’ve centered everything so in the other ones, the shift is over here or the lettering so on the mechanical.

Everything is centered and you can see here that these have. You know each other function now. This is the one thing that i don’t, like necessarily about this, so we’re gon na go ahead and turn it on and the escape all the way up at the top here. These are still membrane keys, so these are not actually mechanical. When you press them, they feel exactly see. There’S, no click, but if you click like a six, so these are still membrane up here. But my biggest complaint about this keyboard is the fact that when you have it lit up, your secondary keys do not light up as they do in other models. So that is something to be aware that if you are looking at the cherry, mx it’s important to notate, that our symbol keys do not light up. Our multimedia keys do not light up and our other keys over here, such as the page down the arrows. These do not light up the actual keys themselves light up, but the secondary options do not, and if you’ve seen any of the videos out there reviews of the other models that have the other two options: the membrane style, keyboards everything lights up now. I believe this is due to the fact that there’s actual springs inside of these switches, so getting an led diode in there might have not been as easy, so they got the main keys to light up, but that is something to kind of make note of.

If you are somebody who uses this computer in the dark a lot, i will tell you right now that in the dark, it is next to impossible to see these keys here without actually you know getting up close to them, but again, at the same time, how Often, are we really going to use those keys and then to more so put the icing on the cake under daylight, it’s, still a little rather difficult to see, but when they’re off let’s see if we can turn them off here when we turn them off? If, oh, no, they don’t want to go off. Okay, maybe microsoft word is being difficult. Okay, we got ta load the alien command center um. The alien command center is very buggy, and i think a lot of people can kind of vouch for that one um. I know yesterday took me about four different times of reinstalling. This thing just to get it to. Finally, allow me to change the thermal controls um, but sometimes you just got to go into fx and honestly. I just load it up and then usually there we go so as you can see, with them off everything lights up great, but the minute that you put light on to them uh those secondaries become a little bit more invisible. This is a little bit better zoomed out more up close, you know the camera picks it up, so it is showing them pretty pretty accurate or not accurately.

It is showing it pretty decently on the camera um, but i am in a lit up room, so that is something to kind of make note of. As far as gaming goes on this thing, uh, this does do a really nice job. Key travel is great. Just typing with it overall i mean you can. I was typing we can type a word, but now i’m, just typing random keys, but you can see, has a very nice click to it and um overall, it definitely is a nice keyboard now, i’m, not sure why, if you go to the dell website, as of Today, uh, they don’t have this option listed, so i don’t know if they had a limited supply or, if they’re out of order. I know some of the other products that dell has on their website if they don’t have it configurable for that computer or it’s. No longer available, or maybe it’s out of stock it’s grayed out, but this is completely gone um. So, overall, my pros that i like about this keyboard is the precision is definitely there. I can take a very small point of a screwdriver and i can let’s for an example. We use a space bar and just to show you we’ll we’ll, tap it in the corner. It gets an even press. You can’t even tell that the point of pressure is right there in the corner, as the whole key is moving nice and evenly.

So this is really accurate and it has a really nice feel to type on. It really does have a lot going for it. The cons, i think, outweigh the pro depending on if you’re needing light, but if you are not needing light, then your lights will work just fine, but uh. Let me know if you have any questions and um yeah.