I was interested in checking out the Alienware booth, as quite a few of you have been asking me to do a review of the new and 15 gaming laptop, and I can quickly see why the classic Alienware design has been updated to what you'd expect a more Modern gaming, laptop in 2018 to look like it's, got thinner, bezels, 8th, gen, Intel, CPUs and, of course, some much thinner body compared to the previous thicker designs, although I'm interested in seeing what the temperatures are like compared to those thicker models prior to packs, I did Actually ask if it would be possible to get one of these and 15 laptops for review, but was told that Alienware needed them all for packs, and I can see why now everywhere, you look. They'Ve got em 15 units on display for you to test out and with any luck. Hopefully, one can make its way over to me. In a few weeks, I, like this cool, display they heard of one of the laptops fully disassembled. It gives you an idea of the components inside I mean I would have preferred to have gotten that one for testing myself but hey. It still looks good, along with the new and 15 laptop dorothea, of course, had some other classic Alienware favorites on display, like the Alienware 1705 gaming laptop again another. I still really want to get my hands on and the Alienware 13. R3. So far, the only Alienware laptop I've actually had for review and also the only laptop I've tested with an early display.

Otherwise, they also had some of their external graphics enclosures on display which allow you to hook up a desktop graphics card to your laptop over a custom, PCIe port, essentially allowing you to upgrade to desktop great graphics. Although it would be interesting to test this and see how much performance you'd actually be looking at after you account for various bottlenecks, there were also some desktop PCs and, while I'd definitely be interested in checking those out too. I didn't spend a lot of time. Looking at packs, as I figured most of you, would want to see the laptops they also had their keyboards and mice hooked up to various systems and, of course, some Alienware monitors which i've always personally liked. The look of i've reviewed one of their 240 hertz gaming monitors in the past, but would really like some time with one of these larger 34 inch models to right next door to the Alienware stuff. There was a smaller section for the del gaming laptops where they basically had what appeared to be g3 g5 and g7 models available, although I've actually already got reviews of all of those on the channel. The cool thing about all of this is that you can actually sit down and play some games for yourself to see in person how the laptops perform. Definitely a big plus if you're looking to pick one up as some models can be difficult to actually find somewhere to test them out.

I think that pretty much wraps up things for the Alienware and Dell booth at pax Australia. 2018. Again, let me know if there's anything in particular, you want me to check out, but I should have videos like this on all the major laptop brands of the show this year so get subscribed.