Anyway. Today we have the hs a jazz epo maker, whatever k620t in gorgeous white. This is a 60 keyboard designed for use on the go, so it has a pretty large 4.4 amp hour battery and bluetooth connectivity with up to three devices. So you can have your phone plugged in you can have your laptop or tablet plugged in anything really up to three devices works over bluetooth, pretty awesome and of course you can also plug it in over usb, as we can see here, i’m going to start with A quick look at the packaging in case you do want to pick one of these up in the store, no matter, if you have the white or black keyboard, it has the black keyboard on the front image and the white keyboard on the back. You can see that it’s about 800 grams 30 centimeters wide and 14 centimeters deep, so that’s, pretty small, although for a 60 keyboard it’s, actually pretty big, it has 61 keys on it. Um in this little box, you do get a instruction manual in both english and i guess chinese and the tiniest letters ever even with these instructions. I still struggle to figure out how this actually works, because it’s so hard to read you get three colored keycaps, so you get an escape key. A green enter and a yellow space bar they’re really well made, but actually the space bar seems to be stuck on. The switch or something because it doesn’t actually come back up when i press it down so that’s a little strange, and you also get one of these horrible little plastic keycap holes, of course, there’s a 90 degree angle, the usbc cable included as well.

This makes it look very clean, but of course the usb port is on the side. So that is something to keep in mind for your cable management, but let’s actually look at the keyboard itself. Instead of the sort of stuff you lose in about two days time again, this is the white model and i actually really like just this. The clean, simple minimalistic look of it. The keycaps are exactly the same white as the keyboard itself, and this little gray slot for your phone or tablet in the top seems to match the gray knob pretty well, although this is more of a metallic gray – and this is a slightly softer, more rubberized slot For your phone but it’s not super grippy as well, so your phone will still slip around in there, but if you’re, just on a desk, it shouldn’t matter at all. Really now this matte white frame is split into three areas. With this slightly glossier white line, i don’t know if it really picks up with lights in here, but there’s a slightly glossier line. I kind of just take the look of this keyboard. It’S super minimalistic and even the like the caps local light over here. The bluetooth connectivity light let’s put it into bluetooth mode there, whether or not it’s charging and your battery almost that sort of indicator. It’S just super nice looking now, because this is a more portable keyboard, i mean that’s why it has bluetooth and a phone slot i’m.

A little bit um disappointed that, on the back the feet don’t come out like at all, so they’re always sticking out like this, and you can’t flip them up or down, so that actually takes a fair bit of room in your backpack or wherever you want to Put it now, the sides are also very minimalistic. Looking overall, the keyboard is just very nice looking and then over here are the buttons so it’s a three position dial so forwards puts it into usb mode slide it backward to go into bluetooth mode and then, when you just wan na, have it completely off. You set it to off now. I guess you could also just leave it in usb mode. If you really want to and then over here is your usb port, it should fit most cables. But you’ll want a 90 degree connection, because if you don’t, then the keyboard will have a weird cable dangling out of the left that’s just my two cents on this. Now, if you want to know how quick it is to actually connect to your phone, for example, when you have it on bluetooth, let’s put it into bluetooth mode and see how long it takes for a notification to pop up there we go. We are already connected, although it doesn’t really do much so it works, and then the tablet section, of course, is limited to a 12 inch tablet. So you can’t just stick anything in there and even if you have something a little bit bigger or heavier it’s, just going to tip the keyboard over so just ipads and stuff is definitely about as big and heavy as you want to go with something like this.

Anyway, let’s dive a little deeper into this keyboard. I want to start with the keycaps something that’s really hard to show. I guess is the profile on this keycap so i’m, just going to pull out the g and i’m going to pull out the f as well as you can see, they appear to be double shot. I’Ve read that they are dye sublimated, maybe that’s. True for the black model, but the white model is definitely a double shot keyboard. I really like how sharp the lettering is, and overall they’re, just very nicely profiled oem profile keycaps. I just really like them and what’s strange, but really hard to show on camera. Is the little bumps aren’t the only thing to help you find your f and your j key they’re, also a little more concave than the other keys in the same row, so that’s something to keep in mind but yeah. I just really like the keycaps, although there is some weird stuff going on. So if i take out this backspace, for example, you can see that it almost looks like this is just broken brand new, but i wasn’t able to find any sort of plastics left over. So if i also grab the enter key, this one doesn’t have it, but some of the bigger keys have these like lines in them and others don’t. So i don’t know if it’s actually broken from the factory or, if it’s designed this way.

Overall, though, the key caps are really nice and they kind of accentuate the sound of the switches in a decent way without being like too annoying, because these are clicky switches. They have this sort of bluish, look to it like uh cyan, almost color blue. They say first blood on them. Does that mean anything not really it’s, basically just in a sherry, mx, blue, but cloned by the chinese, of course, but it feels good uh for an mx blue i’ve i’m used to mx blues. I like mx blues, unlike some people um, they are very high, pitched sound wise, so let’s just do a quick, sound test and i was able to type something without needing these that’s awesome. Spacebar sounds pretty decent for mx blues with you know no modifications. So it sounds good. It feels good. The keyboard frame is very stiff, there’s, just no flex to it whatsoever. I’M. I’M. Pretty sure this will last a very long time if you don’t spill your coffee into it, but yeah i’m, really digging it so far. Next up are the stabilizers. Now we have stabilizers here here here and of course, in the space bar now they are pre looped from the factory. But well i find very weird and again this is impossible almost to show on camera, but there’s definitely lube on the spacebar, but once we move to every other stabilizer, i can’t see any lube on there. So maybe they just overdo it or it’s, still not very consistent or they forget to put lube on all the stabilizers, but they don’t feel bad it’s.

Just you notice it when you’re just staring at the keyboard, trying to find something wrong with it. And while i really like this keyboard, it’s, not all great so let’s talk about the manual and, more specifically the lack thereof, it’s, just this little pamphlet and this little bit of text will have to do so. If you want to change between your rgb modes and there’s 19 of them, you do fn and the pipeline, and then you get your different rgb effects. Uh i’m, not really that big, a fan of the whole rainbow stuff going on there’s, also some like reactive modes of course, but i just want a fixed color, now it’s, really nice – that the light right now is like the same blue as our stems. But i have not been able to find out how you can change to a different sort of fixed light i’m. Actually thinking you cannot change the standard backlight. If you just want a wide backlight, you can’t get it and what’s. Also, weird, is these keycaps, which again they’re really good keycaps, but they’re not shine through so what’s, even the point of having rgb on there or having lights on there? If you can’t really use it to see which key you’re pressing in the dark, if anything, the backlight is going to make it harder to see what letter is on the keycap and there’s more um there’s, no programmability, so i’ve been able to connect this keyboard.

To my television and it’s awesome on a television, but something my ducky can do, for example is i can press my fn and then use wasd as a mouse. This one does not have any sort of those features. You also can’t program macro straight into it. So if you want macros, you’ll have to use auto hot key, for example, to program your macros. Are these big deal breakers? Probably not? I don’t think most people will need that sort of functionality, but for those who do and for those who are interested i’m mentioning it in this video now big thanks to geek buying for sending this keyboard out to me, i’ll put a link, and perhaps a coupon In the video description so go check out their webshop and if you want to buy one, buy it from there, because they were nice enough to send me this keyboard for review. Of course, they have not been trying to influence my opinion on this keyboard in any way, because if i hate it, you may actually just buy a different keyboard from there, but i actually like this keyboard it’s, just a shame. I can’t go with white backlight, but it’s. Definitely something i’m going to keep on using it’s, probably something i’ll put at work um. So i can wirelessly have everything. Look very nice on my desk to kind of make a statement towards my colleagues to have your desk nice and clean, but yeah.

This has been it for the where’s, my box, i can’t find the box so we’ll. Do it with the manual that’s, been it for the ages by nekodex that’s? Actually, the first time i see that k620t bluetooth, dual mode mechanical keyboard, a really good keyboard at a really really competitive price – i’m. Digging it, and as long as you don’t want any macros or fancy colors. This is the thing to buy.