I’Ve been reviewing a few now that have had say the ryzen, 7 or they’ve been using, say, cable, lake, r or coffee lake chips in them. They’Re not more expensive, more power, consumption too, as well! Well, this a little one here from aerofarad it’s called the aero 2 got this from amazon. This one here can sip away at just idle, using only about 4 watts, which is basically nothing for a windows 10 pc. So this is powered by the celeron. The j 4125 it’s a 10 watt processor 4 cores maximum turbo is 2.7 gigahertz it’s paired up with 8 gigabytes of dual channel ram. It has a 256 gigabyte, sata 3 ssd on board it, and a very, very small compact size, as you can see so in this in depth, review i’ll be putting it through its paces. We’Ll, take a look at the thermals, the kind of performance you can expect with more real world tests that i will be doing and, of course, my pros and cons. Now, after using this for a few days inside the box, you will find a user manual, an hdmi, cable and our power supply. This is the uk plug, as you can clearly see now, this one is rated to 24 watts, which is all we need for this low powered system looking at our design and build quality. So we have this alloy housing all around the outside, with the plastic that’s. On the front and back here so on the left side, we have a little vent right here, vga.

So if you were going to be running, say cathy ray 2 with some emulators, then you could do it, of course, having that connection right here – and this is well the front, so we just have a status led right there and on the right side, our power Button two usb 3 ports full size, sd card reader; normally they are micro, so that is good to see a full size one and then on the back of it right here we have all of our ports so dc in, of course, to power it another. Usb 3 hdmi 2.0, a gigabit lan and then our audio out and microphone in combined 3.5 millimeter jack right there and a reset button to there as well on the top of it. It just simply states aero fara, and this is made out of an alloy 2 on the top. The build quality and the finish is not bad at all, it’s, actually quite good and along the bottom. Here we just have four rubber feet, and here we have the internals of this fan called a mini pc, so tiny little fan here very large heatsink, which is not too bad considering. This is only a 10 watt system on a chip. This one here that it’s running that j 4125, so the hot air, is blowing out the side there that i showed you before where the sd card reader is right. There it’s blown out from there and nothing’s upgradable apart from well the ssd, so it’s an m.

2 sata 3 ssd, this one’s 256 gigabytes. So you could upgrade to say 512. If you wanted to go this far and open it up, it is a little tricky. You have to remove, of course, all the rubber feet on the bottom of this and then slide it out and try not to damage the antennas as well, which are right here on this part of course, that’s. Why we have the plastic on there to aid. The wireless range and reception there it’s a reasonably good layout. The wireless card is soldered onto the motherboard, as well as the ram so it’s just that ssd that’s, the only thing that can be changed on this mini pc and before i jump into windows. A quick look at our bios here, so we do have eight gigabytes of ram here and there is the speed it is running at so 2.1 gigahertz. Now we don’t have any settings advanced settings at all. Here. We’Ve only got a few that we can change to do with the boot configuration boot order and then a boot override. So what is missing is power limits advanced settings like that? No, they don’t want us touching anything there and before we get windows set up, we do have the following: pre installed languages as part of this windows 10 image. So this mini pc is running windows, 10, home it’s version 1909. So, yes, you will have to run windows updates to get yourself up to the latest version, all those security patches and everything.

So here we have eight gigabytes of ram, as i pointed out before, uh, but what we have usable is 7.82 gigabytes. A little bit is dedicated to the uhd 600 intel graphics that this does have. Now. I have confirmed with hw info that it is running the ram and dual channel, so we are not missing out on any bandwidth if it was single channel which some of the mini pcs have been so this particular chip here has a 10 watt power limit, which Is four more watts than the six watt limited the n4000 series that i used to review and i stopped reviewing them a while back because well, this is too many of them anyway and it’s kind of boring, but this particular chipset a little bit faster as well, Because it does have the base clock of 2 gigahertz and a maximum 2.7 for the two bow. They had a single thread on all four of the cores, so it’s four cores, four threads. It can hold a 2.6 continually because it has been cooled. The thermals tend to be right and i’ll get onto the thermals later on in this in depth review as well. So the internal storage that sata 3 256 gigabyte ssd gives us 200 gigabytes free space that we have on first boot, and these are the speeds of it here. They are not too bad for sata iii, they’re, okay, okay, the rights could be maybe a little bit faster, but we have reached what is basically the read cap here for a sata 3 drive so not too bad there and then under the device manager.

Here just a couple of things to also point out so there you can see the cpu listed four times, of course, because it’s, a quad core for threads network adapter. This one is the dual band wireless ac, 3165 from intel very, very common it’s, not actually too bad. It does have bluetooth 4.2. I think it is off the top of my head, so not bluetooth. 5.. Maximum throughput is around 400 megabits per second connected up to my current router here and you’ll notice that the range here has been good, so it’s full strength. For me, where i am and no issues with the reception there, it has been performing quite well and not a problem there and when you’ve got the disk drive well, it is their own branded, one that they are using, which is the aerofara and, of course, m.2. As i showed you before, when we looked at the internals now the lan port on there, you can see that that is listed. That is very common again real tech’s gigabit lan. So if you wanted faster and better latency and ping rates – and things like that, then of course use that, maybe you might be using it as a file, server, media server or something like that. Then you’re able to do so with that one there as well and to take a look at our general performance now, so these mini pcs. This low spec is all about power savings because they’re, just low wattage, of course, and just general computing that’s.

All you would really want to do on these and that’s all. I have the power ready to do and i’ll give you an idea what you can expect so video playback here this is a demanding file. This is the jellyfish 140 megabits per second 4k hevc 10. Bit and i’m gon na open this one here with the media player classic and i’ve got other things running in the background. So this is a multitasking test as well, so you can see that actually plays back really well no problems. We do have that hardware. Vp9 decoding of video and also the hevc that’s why it handles all those files really fine, so as a media mini pc for playing the files back, not a problem, very, very good for that, so the start menu normally pops in pretty quick. I do have, as mentioned some things going on in the background and general performance. Around windows is good. It doesn’t bog right down too much now. What i will also do is bring up just our performance here and this task manager right, okay and just to show you what is going on right here, i’ll just minimize that – and in fact i needed that always on top. But we can see there that the cpu is pretty stressed out as it is, but it will hold those cores so 2.6 across all four cores. No problems the whole time and the thermals have been really good.

No matter really what i’m doing it doesn’t seem to go over 78 degrees at the moment, so that is, that is great there. So i’ve got some documents open. So this is what this is really ideal for these kind of mini pcs. This kind of spec emails browsing youtube documents things like that, even though this is a huge amount of pages 859, it did take about a minute to load. Everything in it did take a while i’m still able to do these edits and this without it bogging down and getting too laggy. Now it has a little bit of lag. Sorry i was just pressing on the wrong keyboard there too, so that doesn’t help so it’s, not perfect some layer going on here too, but that’s, because i’ve got also other things going on the background. Just to give you an idea of what you can actually do with this one now spreadsheet is open here too, as well. You can scroll through that and loading it up, it’s starting to bog down a little bit and we’ll see performance here, it’s getting close to the 100 there i’m, using about half of the memory available too, as well with this. So steam is downloading here. In the background counter strike – and i just wanted to show you some real world performance on the downloads that i’ve actually i’m actually impressed how this is performing, i have a very poor connection here at home, it’s uh well, i’ve got two four g connections together, uh With my router and set up and i’m pushing a maximum or peak of 14, almost 15 megabytes per second it’s, not too bad.

Now i can get a lot more out of this router, but that’s just with my internet connection here, so that performance is, is not bad that’s going on. In the background installing – and this is all again a multitasking test just to show you stressing it out what it is capable of, ideally, if you want the best performance, you would be closing things down, of course, and just run one thing at a time, but we Can do this a little bit of multitasking and what about benchmarks too as well? So i have run here. I’Ve got as you can see. Geekbench 5 that was running. You can see very low end, okay, so single core scores not even getting close to a thousand at all here, geekbench four score, so over the 2000, with this one 6000 for multicore score seems about pretty much spot on what i would expect out of the j 4125 with this, and just a couple other things too as well, i have a one terabyte drive connected up, no problem, it can power it all. The usb 3 ports are working just fine now, the micro, sorry not microphone. So i used to say micro sd, but the sd card reader. This one is operating and it’s only really at about usb 2 speed. So watch as i just transfer this file over to the desktop from it and i’ll show you that it’s yeah about 26 24 megabytes per second it’s dropping down a little bit.

So it looks to be wide up via a usb 2 hub there and that’s. Really. The maximum speed you can expect out of the sd card reader, unfortunately it’s, not an ultra high speed, one and now for a chrome tab test. So i just want to see how many chrome tabs can i run realistically with the 8 gigabytes of ram so i’m. Just going to search search cats before – and this will be dogs this time, let’s make it fair. Okay, so i’m, just going to open up a lot of different tabs and we’ll see exactly how the performance is and remember, i’m still multitasking, because i do have counter strike installing in the background there. So this is that’s not enough. I need more tabs here. Okay, let’s just search cats too, as well. Why not make it fair, no one’s, feeling left out, then all right, so i think that’s about enough with our tabs here, so this swapping over to these different tabs, not too bad memory. I still have plenty here and i don’t have tin tabs open, but everything seems to be loading in fast enough that, as you expect so, decent kind of performance here with the 10 watts, is a lot faster than the six watt gemini lakes from before, and even They could run this and do this test just fine, so you can see swapping between those tabs still quick scrolling, although that’s a light page isn’t it this one’s a little bit heavier scrolling.

Things are loading in just fine there so again for this kind of light performance, light work. Sorry should i say these mini pcs are ideal for this, just for your basic computing documents, spreadsheets media consumption and just not triple a titles, so once counter strikes installed, i will then get onto a little bit of gameplay there just to show you what this can Do if you wanted to try and game on some older, lighter titles like counter strike? This is on the lowest possible setting 720p, of course, to try and keep that frame rate up so we’re, looking at around 40 frames per second mid 30s, not really ideal, but it’s doing okay, considering the spec but wow a huge bit of lag right, then, from The smoke and i just thought i was going to die there too, but no, you didn’t get me not yet yeah. That smoke was a bit of a problem and there’s still a bit of a problem there with some lag coming now through from the flames down into the 20s. So let’s see if someone’s going to come running out. Oh, the heat was in there now, the other guy got him now i’m, just going to go charging in oh dead. I lagged before. I even saw him. Basically, i had no time to react. That was that was slow, yeah, so not ideal gaming performance, of course, from this low end hardware. But yes, it can play these older, less demanding titles, so checking back on our thermal, so 83 degrees celsius maximum for gaming power consumption at the wall.

With my meter right now, all i’ve got is an sd card plugged in and my wireless receiver for the mouse and keyboard 3.9 watts only at idle, very, very good and general kind of windows use about 8 watts, 7 watts gaming 14.5 watts. So this is very, very low on the power consumption now touching it. It is barely warm, so very good and that’s, probably because of the heat sink in. It is quite large, as i showed you and the fan is constantly on. So, yes, it does make a little bit of light fan noise, it’s, continuous it’s, always on. So if you want a hundred percent fan free, no noise system, and sadly this does always have it there and it’s it’s, not really that bad at all. It’S very light fan noise, but yes it’s there and it is continual and, lastly, a test here of linux mint. So yes, this can run linux, mint, no problems, wireless bluetooth, audio everything is working, which is great, no problems whatsoever and it runs actually runs better than windows, yep it’s a lot smoother and seems a little faster too. So now, on my time using this mini pc, i think it is actually very good if you’re in the market for a mini pc, that does have reasonable performance for light computing, and let me stress that, okay, this is just for light computing. This particular chipset. I wouldn’t really bother trying to edit 4k video with this.

You can super light, tiny edits. Okay, i wouldn’t really go to grading or anything like that, because it’s become it becomes painfully slow and it’s not designed for that. This chipset either. Okay, the sour nj 4125 is like computing, so media consumption very good for that playing back. Your video files, too, is great, because it’s got the vp9 hardware native video decoding support hevc as well high bitrate files, 4k handled with ease even 4k 60 frames per second files, not a problem for this one as well too, which is really good to see, and Then your spreadsheets documents, internet browsing with chrome and internet explorer and edge, and all that very fast, it’s fluid it’s, not bad for that at all. But if you do stress it out with a lot of multitasking, it doesn’t take too much to tax. Of course, the tiny little four cores that this particular model has so the thermals they have checked out very good. It only gets up to about 83 degrees celsius when pushed very hard gaming, and that then brings me to really the only con factoring in the form factor. The chipset it has is the fan noise. It is not really loud, it’s, just a continual fan noise. However. Very minor but it’s there and it’s not passive. So if you don’t, like your fan noise, this does have a little bit of continual fan noise, all the time and that’s just really the only thing another couple of i wish it had things too, as well.

With this that instead of the vga port, i would have preferred another hdmi, so i could run two monitors another hdmi 2.0. It would have been okay, that would have been good and then a mounting bracket support would have been good for this visa mount bracket. So i could put this onto the back of say, a monitor or a tv that other models do have, but i really do love the size of this thing. It is so slim and tiny, really really good there and overall for the spec of mini pc for as mentioned the light computing, it does a decent job here. So that is the aerofara aero 2 review from me, and thank you so much for watching.