. It was bought brand new in early 2010 and its seen a lot of use over the years., Even though it hasnt been my main computer since mid 2015. This computer was still used quite frequently for a few purposes.. Now its not being used so much so I decided to try something special on it. Over the years. The hardware on this computer was upgraded too, something which is not possible on new Macs.. The memory was upgraded from 4 GB to 8 GB and the slow hard drive was replaced with a solid state drive.. The battery was replaced too.. The latest Mac OS. This 2009 Mac can run officially is 10.11 El Capitan, which is not too old yet, but, unfortunately, some applications are already starting to drop support for it. Like Firefox., You can unofficially upgrade it to 10.13 High Sierra using dosdude1s patch tool which improves app support and usually works perfectly since this 2009 Mac is very similar to some supported ones from 2010.. But what if you want to go all out and try something? Much newer Thats where the OpenCore Legacy Patcher comes in.. It works a little differently from the regular OpenCore used for running Mac OS on a non Apple computer, but its still about Mac OS on unsupported computers.. There are plenty of videos explaining it so lets. Just look at the result., Yes Mac, OS Ventura is right around the corner, but Apple made even bigger changes that may finally prevent it from running on these older, unsupported computers.

So lets try Monterey while its still recent., I did a clean installation on a secondary drive. Partition., It was a bit slow despite the SSD, and it heated up the computer a lot, but eventually it worked. So heres, the 2009 MacBook Pro running El Capitan … still running strong, even though Im not using it that often anymore. Now lets shut it down. … and prepare the USB drive, which I have OpenCore with the legacy patch on. Plug it in …, Well turn it back on while holding down the Alt or Option key …. Yes, one of the speakers in this computer is blown. Anyway. We can plug in that USB drive now and select the EFI Boot option with the OpenCore icon. And that launches OpenCore.. Now we have the option for the partition with macOS Monterey, which it automatically picked and now its booting up., And we get this message because OpenCore is not installed in the internal drive.. I dont think anyone is using an external drive that isnt USB to boot up OpenCore., I mean sure theres, FireWire and stuff, but I think everyone uses a USB drive for this., But this is a test installation Im, not keeping so its okay for me to plug. In the flash drive every time I want to boot, up, Monterey. So well select Cancel and we can eject the flash drive now. Its booted up. So we no longer need the boot loader for now.

. You can see on the top right. I installed an application called AlDente which can limit the battery charging just like charge thresholds in ThinkPads and some other computers. And believe it or not. It actually works on this 2009 Mac. Previously, I was on El Capitan, where it obviously didnt work, so it charged to 100, but with this app running and the charge limit set to 80, if I plug it in it wont charge above that percentage.. So that means its a software thing on MacBooks, not a hardware thing., Although thats pretty cool for people who usually use a laptop plugged in its not really worth installing this unsupported OS. Just to get this feature. Too bad, it cant be backported to older Mac, OS versions like El Capitan., But anyway, since I dont want to set a charge limit. Now we can turn this app off.. In fact, we can turn off the Launch at Login option. There. You go, AlDente is turned off now.. Also, sleep mode makes correction made this computer crash, but I was able to prevent that from happening again by running this command on the terminal.. The truth is that this computer has 6 GB of RAM at the moment. One stick with 4 gigs and one with 2.. It used to have 8, so I didnt just straight up lie, but I decided to balance out the memory with my ThinkPad T410, which takes the same exact type of RAM and only had 4 gigs.

So now that one has 6 gigs too. Putting back those two extra gigs here would improve things a bit, but not by much, especially in this new test. Installation.. The fan is running at a high speed, because the CPU is quite hot.. I installed Macs Fan Control, so the CPU fan kicks in much sooner before the computer gets too hot. Id like to rate the app, but I think it requires an account which I dont have. Yep. Cant do that now, but maybe I will another time. Anyway. I set the fan based on the CPU sensor.. It starts speeding up when its above 45 degrees and runs at the maximum speed when it reaches 75 degrees Celsius of course.. We can set it back to auto, so it doesnt make so much noise …, but then, of course, it will heat up a lot more. And thats the thing. With these newer Mac OS versions, they use a lot more CPU. Hence why theyre so slow, despite having an SSD., But at least it works.? So as you can see its already at 85, 86 degrees., Thats, quite hot, for a laptop CPU … or any CPU in general.. So youll have to forgive the noise, but at least its not that loud. Heres the About This Mac section. Thats, the El Capitan partition and thats the El Capitan recovery partition.. In fact, I think we should unmount them. So well, eject these … and now theres.

Just the Monterey partition, which is called BOOTCAMP, but I did not install it with Boot Camp. I did the partitioning manually. Like I said. I downgraded this computer from 8 gigs of RAM to 6 gigs, but in this case it doesnt make a huge difference.. I dont think Apple is happy that I installed such a new OS on a computer that they are considering vintage or even obsolete.. I mean, of course, its a bit old now, but its far from vintage. And the usual links here. See now its cooled down a little bit. Although the fan is still running at a higher speed than normal.. It looks very similar to Big Sur, which I tried on my ThinkPad T440s. So this is not entirely new to me, but its a bit different than El Capitan. Lets check the software updates … and it is up to date.. For now, We can set it to dark mode …, but light mode looks better on camera., Honestly, the novelty wears off quite quickly.. This recent Mac OS really doesnt, perform well on unsupported computers and makes them feel older than what they actually are.. This is more like a party trick, much like Mac OS on a non Apple, computer., Its usable, but its a lot slower than El Capitan or even High Sierra. Graphics. Acceleration is quite unstable since this graphics card doesnt support Apples, Metal API. But if you dont have a newer computer and you absolutely need something that requires the recent Mac OS at least its possible.

. This shows how versatile the x86 architecture can be. Even if installing such a new OS on this older computer is not a good idea, it can be done. And if you absolutely need a supported OS and you dont care about Mac OS, you can install Windows 10 or a recent Linux distribution on this computer and Take better advantage of this hardware while still running updated, software., Maybe the next OS I should try is another one that doesnt support computers more than a couple of years old, like Windows, 11, Leave a comment if youre interested in seeing that or if you have any Other feedback for that matter. Lets try streaming some online videos on it. Like lets: try an open source, video …, 60 fps, 4k …, but well, stick with 1080p or below. So right now its playing at 480p, 30 fps. And its perfectly smooth, but lets increase it To 720p 60., And even though this video is being filmed at 30, fps … believe me when I say its still smooth, actually So thats surprising., We can check the stats. And it is dropping some frames, but it still looks mostly smooth.. We can try 1080p at 60 fps, but I think thats also bad on El Capitan, so … not really worth it, especially if watching on the internal display, which is lower than 1080p. Yeah. This is unwatchable. Too many dropped frames.. It got a little better for a while, but still not good.

, And you can also see that its using up a lot of power.. This MacBook has a third party battery, which I installed in summer 2016.. Here are all the apps. I copied GarageBand from the El Capitan partition, and I copied iMovie from my other computer running Mac. Os Catalina. Ill. Try editing this video on it, but I already know editing 1080p video on this Mac, even on a supported OS, is quite slow. So if its too slow on Monterey, I will have to stop. Another app. I installed is Shifty, which lets you customize. The Night Shift feature to disable it for some apps or for a certain amount of time., Now its not night or the evening, so its not turned on, but we can force it to turn on.. So you can see what its like. Now it looks weird, but it does help in the evening and at night. And also theres a shortcut for the OpenCore patcher. After the installation. You have to patch it, but in this case its already patched., You may have to patch it again after doing some updates. But I havent done any updates. Since the installation. – And here we can also install OpenCore to the internal drive., And if we go to the sharing options …, we can see this AirPlay Receiver feature which is new to Mac OS Monterey. But even though its enabled for anyone on the same network, I think the hardware on this computer is too old, because if I get another Apple device, try to look for the Mac via AirPlay, it doesnt show up, even though its in the same network.

. Even if we look here, the Mac wont appear., Okay, so an update for Mac OS Monterey just came out recently so lets install it.. Of course, I left the USB flash drive plugged in and I left the default option selected in OpenCore, while it was applying the update.. It took its sweet time, but now its done, However, notice that the menu bar and dock are no longer transparent, correction, translucent. Thats, because, as I hinted earlier, we have to patch the system again after applying an update. So lets go., I didnt start GarageBand. I dont know why it crashed. Anyway, now the patch is being applied. Anyway. The Mac OS update did get installed. Successfully. Lets see if the patch works. – And here we have it. The transparency is back.. Of course, the CPU fan is quite hot, because Macs Fan Control, wasnt running during the update. There, its done.. Unfortunately, every time I try to edit the video with iMovie on this computer on this new OS, it crashes. Ill try again so Reopen and then do Create New Movie … and it crashes.. This is iMovie 10.2.5. I dont know if it can be updated. See. We have a movie here, but it doesnt open. Lets, try to create one again … and nothing.. Well, I wanted to do at least some work in here, so I downloaded Audacity and imported the file for the narration. I did.. I recorded this with my phone put.

It in the SD card and imported it here so … Before doing any editing lets, try exporting it to see if that works.. If it does, I think its safe to edit this audio file in here. And it seems to have worked., Obviously, audio editing. Doesnt require as many system resources as video editing. And since Im, using an open source piece of software here. How about trying Kdenlive? Because it is available on Mac, OS. Just thought about it now so lets try it Only for Intel … Seriously. Ive never had this happen before. Can we open it without verifying it? Now we get the option to open it anyway. And it started up So Ill. Try editing this video., I dont know if its going to work but Ill write, either in the video or in the description. What I end up, doing. Hey, want to see something cool. I actually managed to edit pretty much all of this video using just this 2009 MacBook and Kdenlive., And although the preview was a bit choppy … video playing on computer And it started up So Ill, try editing this video.. I dont know if its going to work. …, However, it wasnt very slow – and I was able to edit about … Fixing the bad sound by holding my phone correctly And I was able to edit about as well as I do on my newer computer.. The only issue was getting used to the trackpad gestures.

Like you scroll up and down to go left and right.. If you try to scroll left and right, it goes all weird., But all the keyboard shortcuts are the same. To delete. You have to press Fn Backspace, because the Mac keyboard doesnt have a Delete key.. The only thing Im worried about is rendering.. I selected a little part of the video and rendered it. 2 minutes and 37 seconds for a 27 second video. Ill upload. This deleted scene on Twitter., If I end up having any trouble rendering, maybe its too slow and theres a mistake, and I have to re render again. I may have to take this project to my newer computer and render it there., But otherwise the entire video editing was done, here. Its, not super complex, but there are a lot of edits, so thats, pretty cool. And by the way you saw me using the MacBook On my bed. Theres, actually a laptop cooler under it., Its not turned on because it cant suck air from the soft bed, but at least its a solid surface.. And while this computer was on another solid surface, not this bed with the turned off cooler. While video editing the CPU was around 70 degrees., But it didnt get too hot.. Of course the fan was running at full speed because of Macs Fan Control, but it wasnt dangerously hot, so thats good., So thats about it.. Thank you for watching So heres.