Eight o’clock a.m so it’s, 7, 51, 8, o’clock, 10 minutes more before the drop, so twelve thousand pesos for the adults. Eight thousand three hundred for kids and infants. I think i think that, with this kind of uh srp price here in the philippines, 12 000 pesos us is 200 resole. Pressure in the philippines can be around 15 000 pesos 300 up to 350, 17 000 pesos, and i think i think this is very limited. Commonwealth did a raffle and this slides are all sold out there. You go sold out and some youtubers are saying that they changed the materials i don’t know. How true is that, but i’m eying to get the pure and we’ll check the difference from the original or from the previous 2020 release? 8 o’clock. You are in the waiting room, the drop is about to start. It is 8 26.. Someone posted this in facebook. He got one he’s selling for thousand pesos eighteen thousand. Oh eighteen thousand. I think that is the highest resale price of the dark slate i’m. Still in the waiting room – but probably this is already sold out because someone is already selling it in facebook – hey guys, what’s up, welcome again to another video today we’re going to talk about the yeezy 450 dark slate now. For me, the 450 is a model that is not balanced, but at the same time it gives a new type of design. Since you have an upper that is very minimal in a chunky midsole that looks like an alien claw or whatsoever, something that is new and fresh in the yeezy lineup that’s.

Why i like this? I want to try it and considering this colorway, which is black. Everybody loves black. Definitely, you will also have a hard time copying. It guys definitely 100 percent, since it is a black colorway. Now, i think the volume of pairs, even though it’s a full family size run, is very low and the opportunity of copying it is also low, but i think the result price if someone will sell it to you let’s, say around 320 16 000 pesos. That is a steal. I think the price of this will increase over time. Probably after this one it go, it can go up to 400. Now the og collar weight goes up to 400 to 500. That is the range now. I think this dark colorway next year will also go up to 500. That is just my recent prediction. Considering that it is considering, it is a all black colorway and i think they will not do the the the release, mechanics like what they did with the foam runners and the easy slides. I think they will try to maintain the limitedness limitedness of this model. In my opinion, guys, i think they will try to make it not as general compared to the foam runners and the slides and the 350s. So far, there is a probability that this can be. One of the must have easy, since it is very limited, in my opinion, guys i think the mnv and the 350s, the 380.

There will be the regular normal release, but this 450 guys it will uh. There will be another colorway. The recent color will, according to easy mafia, will drop, i think, fourth quarter of this year. So that is the reason why this is a must have this model this model in colorway? And yes, i want to try it. I will probably buy it with a higher result – price but i’m still thinking so there you go. That is just a quick update about this release.