5 million downloads, its time for mark mark mockingback. So now, im pretty sure steam has sent a hitman to take me out because their front page is plastered with a game called muk. Oh god, what have i done so now? My only choice is to fix my game and make it good so steam doesnt. Assassinate me please, dont hurt me. The first course of action is to listen to the players, feedback and adjust the game accordingly, because thats, what a good game developer would do, which i am not but lets see what people are saying anyway, game hard game is so hard. Okay, i hear you loud and clear and youre wrong, so instead of a linear difficulty curve, which is way too easy exponential curve, now its borderline impossible, no, you cant just make the game harder when its already too hard the difficulty curve go, but if we want To make the game even harder, we need more enemies, because currently the only boss is big chunk. Oh so i modeled a big green guy in blender, gave him two anime swords and uh. Hes too strong also tried giving him a sword, throw attack but um a table yeah, but its fixed now and the table gone and gronk is now done. Oh boy, i cant wait to introduce my friends to gronk theyre gon na love him. Oh theres, a sketch challenge gronk! Oh god. What have you done? Oh, my god! What the next up were gon na make a wolf enemy.

Now, you might say: hey thats, not a wolf. It kinda looks like a seal. Well thats, where youre raw hes got a point, though it uh it does kind of look like a seal yeah. Maybe you should stick to just programming youre, not really the best artist, and eventually it turned into a wolf. At least i tried so now we just need to find a free, sound effect for the wolves, how about uh? How about this one? You know now that i think about it. I dont really think we need sound effect for the wolves, its fine, its fine anyway, a new problem has arised. People are speedrunning muck. Why? Why is it the second most speedrun game of speedrun.com theres, literally a category for collecting a rock as fast as possible, which is done in a millisecond, apparently how? What the for some reason, people just speed around my games when theyre not meant to be speedrun, like my other game, carlson, is still pretty high up on speedrun.com. Oh you dont know what carlson is carson is just a little game, im working on, which is currently like the 17th most wishes of the game on steam, so smash switch is now gamers, so now im not only being assassinated by steam, but also by speedrun.com. So my only solution is to add a story and ending to muk, so you can actually speedrun the game. First off we find a random position around the island and then move that position towards the center until we hit the island where we spawn our boats.

However, if you look very closely, our boat is actually just a big square, so i hopped on into blender to make an actual boat model and there we go whoa gamers. Is it just me or is that a boat looking kind of thick, so you find the boat? You finish the whole thing Applause, but oh, no! You need five gems to finish it. Ah, how are we gon na find those new boss, of course, who will drop a gem once he dies, but since you have to kill five of them, i made them pretty easy to fight, so you can collect all of the rocks without so i im, i Might have made him a bit too hard, but its much easier with more players, so im gon na play with a bunch of my friends so were gon na. Take him down and collect all of the gems should be pretty easy. There is a guardian on me. Oh, my god run you fool, so once you collect all of the gems and finish your goddamn infinity gauntlet, you can leave muck right. No, you thats too easy. So i made a huge goddamn dragon made some sick, ass animations and we now have a final boss. Fight which is a dragon flying around shooting, fireballs and periodically coming down to do some close quarters attacks, wait but isnt that exactly like my favorite game minecraft, i cant believe youre copying minecraft. Why would you do ew i stepped in? But what do we call this dragon? I mean its the final boss, so surely something epic like like drogon or viserion, or maybe bob no like a dragon name.

It should be kind of cool or epic. You know son of a bop alright, so you can now actually speedrun muk, since there is an ending, which means i only need to focus on steam. Not assassinating it is me steen hitman, oh no, wow see. That was a close call. The muck is already in steam, recommended its in top 50 played game right now, its rated 10th best steam game of 2021.. We must act quick and finish much before its too late boys. So all good steam games have achievements which are basically just virtual medals. You can earn by playing the game, so i sent a message to my good friend. Jeremy at steam supports hi jeremy id like to add achievements to my game. How can i do this thanks and he responded quickly. Thanks for reaching out achievements can be blah blah blah blah blah thanks, constant hi, constant, more like youre, constantly being a wheres jeremy. And what did you do to him? Cheers danny? We have lots of different support agents. You wont always get replies from the same person best regards andrew hi andrew what they never replied back strange so were gon na forget about jeremy for a second and start working on a bunch of achievements. But that sounds like a bunch of work. So i just went on my discord server and asked my generous supporters to give me some suggestions, which is a nice way of saying.

Thanks for the achievements, idiots, yoink and yoink and um, then i made art for every single achievement. I want to die set up. Some stats on steam programmed everything needed for them to work and finally uploaded all of the achievements theres about 40 of them in total, heres. Ah heres, some of my favorites big mistake, play muk. For the first time the red plumber, man lied, eat 50, red shrooms. Without growing bigger, oh you dont know what carl says: Music muck beat the game using only a rock taking no damage and using no power ups yeah its its literally hell. If anyone can actually do this and upload proof, i will literally destroy a carton of milk. Anyway, muk is finally coming together, but currently theres only two songs in the game which suck because theyre made by me so lets kindly ask evan king. If he would like to compose some more music for muk Music. Do you want to make some music? Oh okay? Great thanks, evan very i really dont have time, and i dont man hes such a nice guy and after a while evan was finished with a bunch of awesome. New music for muk, which he did completely out of his own free, will, of course, make sure to check out his channel. You can listen to all the music he made there. Oh and he changed his name to context sensitive in the middle of recording this. So thats, why it doesnt say evan king, if youre confused, because cool another feature, a lot of people have requested is trading.

So i made a new mob which for now is just kind of running around and slapping you, but i mean its just one guy, so lets give him a little whack on the forehead. So i made them friendly unless you attack first and kind of have them running around in an area, but its kind of empty, so lets make a bunch of different things. We can place around like barrels and huts and stuff, and just like that, we can now generate some trader camps around the map, which you guessed it you can trade with some of the people in the camp so yeah. I also added a new boss, called chief hes like a village chief or something i dont know he doesnt actually spawn in the camps, though so it doesnt really make much sense, but yeah shut up, but hey you can also swim now, which looks really good. I worked for hours and getting those good swimming animations and for some reason you can swim at like mach 10., but its really fun to swim at mach 10. So i would just keep it in the game because i can its my games. I can do whatever the hell. I want to yeah how about that and finally, muk is starting to look like a finished game. All thats left to do now is build the final version of muk upload it to steam and publish all of the changes for everyone to play and that my friends is the story of how steam almost assassinated me, which, based on a true story, not really thats.

A lie anyway, if you want to download muck and play with the boys its completely free link in the description down below this will probably be the last update. I do, though, because i have other projects that i want to work on and muck was never meant to become as big as it has become, but hey microsoft. If you want to buy muk for 2 billion dollars, im all heirs, you know okay thats about it, though thanks a lot for watching smash like if good and dislike, if bad, actually only zero percent are subscribed. So if you like and watch – and you can always um later so thats cool as always drink, your milk hit, billy and dont beat your will Music.